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hotmail changes

1 Jul

london 10.14am sunny 18C sunday 2018

i wonder if anyone else has experience of the new outlook hotmail format changes.

yesterday my outlook hotmail account, one of them, changed to the new update that they have been telling me for some time. i have not opted for it, as i was happy with the old way. i thought i shall let them force me into it and yesterday it came.

as usual i was confused by it. they split the screen so that when u click on a email message, instead of it opening full screen to show its full message, it uses half the screen and it was so small you cannot read it. this one really put me off, but fortunately after clicking around, i found the setting button, and that allowed me to select to hide it…and that seems to make it open full screen like before.

the other change was a ‘favourite’ folder, that they put on top ahead of the usual folders which contain all the usual ones. which to me is just a extra bit to overlook. fortunately, i discovered a way to get rid of it. 

then an old thing that they introduced long ago which i could not get rid of when it first came out.  the inbox has  a ‘focused’ , and ‘other’ section. it was a bother, because the ‘other’ section carries an ever changing advert as an incoming email. but in fiddling around , i found a way to get rid of it. i now have just the inbox for all my emails that are from my stored address book. all other emails from anyone else goes to the junk section. and today when i got messages, that advert that always comes up in the inbox has gone as well. so it is a good thing, this new change . it allows me to find the buttons that got rid of the changes.

and not all the changes are bad…there is  one that i like, it is a button on the top left, that allows you to get rid of the side bar containing the folders… so allowing you to read the messages really full screen.

simon told me he lost his hotmail account, because he did not send messages from it and it seems that counts as it being inactive. i thought all you have to do to keep it active is to go into the account at least once every 3months or so… i go into it everyday and delete messages. i have two accounts, and i do send messages because john has my two hotmail addresses and he sends messages to both of them and when i reply i seem to have fulfilled the active account requirements.

i think also, they have reduced the size of the account. from 15G to 5G. they informed me of it a long time ago, so that is not a recent change…but since i am ruthless in deleting anything that is sent to me, i dont use up a lot of space and so it does not affect me.

oh, there is another change, they have removed the block button and replaced it with a spam button. in the past i have great satisfaction in blocking the junk messages everytime, and if you wish,  you can block the domain , so that all emails from that domain is blocked as well, but now with this spam button, i dont think i can do that anymore. perhaps it might be more efficient and not allow spam to get in  at all. gmail is very good at that, but hotmail is really hopeless at it. but maybe with this change, it might improve. 

oh another change that i did not like. they have removed the ‘delete all’ button. it is one that i use to delete everything in the junk. and it is great because it does not send  into the deleted section but disappears into the unknown. haha. and another thing, in the past, when my inbox is empty it says’you’re finished’, now it is more polite, and say ‘you’ve fully caught up’.

2 Nov

london 7.11am 7.8C sunny thursday 2017

have you notice that hotmail has changed their email presentation? just now when i went into my hotmail mail box instead of the adverts on the right hand side, and quite unobtrusive, they now put it at the bottom, and occupy almost a third of the screen. horrible.  as you now have less space to see your emails.

and they still allow spam to get through.

unlike gmail which never gets spam in all the time i have been using it. and it has no adverts either. or if they have, i have totally missed seeing it as it must be very unobtrusive.correction… i just noticed that my magnification for the page is 150, and when i brought it down to 125, the whole thing reverted to before, with the advert at the bottom disappearing to be replace with the usual ones on the right hand side. hmm, interesting that. well, i am glad they did not put the advert at the bottom for the lower magnifications. in fact, i find out that if u reduce the magnification to 50, the advert takes up only half the right hand side, but of course the words are so small, it will be difficult to read your emails. i find 125 is a good magnification for me.

added. i noticed on the top, they ask me to try their beta. haven’t noticed that before. it must have been there for a long time, but i dont see it. i have trained my eye not to see adverts so that i now dont see any new stuff they put on the top line now. haha. i dare not click on it to try their beta. i just know it wont be good.

added 12.57pm 12.5C cloudy . i went again to get the free sandwich at shoreditch. and who was next in the queue,but my friend whose hobby it is to go to these freebies. his lady friend was not with him. he said she will be joining him tomorrow for this. its nice to meet a regular on these freebie jaunts. i told him of the free tea that this company is giving out today… tea pigs they are called and they have a pop up in a shop called west elm near goodge st. they normally charge £2.50 for the tea. it is tea bags in a paper cup. hmm, it would be nice if it is in a teapot, with loose leaves. but i guess it would be very expensive to do, all that crockery and washing up to do…

just tea by itself is not very satisfying, unlike coffee. with tea somehow you want to be eating cake or something with it. haha. or in my case something fried and oily… i was thinking  pisang goreng (banana fritters) will be perfect accompaniment to boh tea. 

well, i did not know of these places till they give out this promotion. so i guess it serves its purpose if they want to let people know of them. they have a lot of teas, i thought the rhubarb and ginger sounds interesting… but it is not really very nice. haha. we get all these speciality teas with their strange combinations but eventually i think we all go for the tried and true, plain teas … i myself just use darjeeling. maybe that explains why tea is not such a big market as coffee. and why they play so much on the ritual of the process of the tea making… when u finally get to drink the tea, it is not distinctive really. partly because if it is strong it is bitter, and if it is weak it does not taste of anything really. the aroma might be distinctive… but when i drink my tea, i dont smell it first…or rather i simply smell it if i happen to breathe in when i am sipping it…  funny that… to me tea leaves just colour the water and remove the tasteless taste of hot water. haha. and make the water look nice. 


bargain foods

2 Jul

1.7.13 monday

written yesterday
I got an email with the address outlookwemail@outlook.com

(it shows what a fake address it was because my laptop refuse to create a link on the whole address but insists on just highlighting the email@outlook.combination ) don’t click on the link for heaven’s sake as it is a fake and a scam address.

Telling me to update my account with hotmail or it will be deactivated in 24hrs.

It looked very convincing, except I am always sceptical when it goes into my junk mail folder instead of into my inbox.

If it is a legit email from hotmail, it should land in my inbox folder.

I am using windows live mail.
I don’t know if it is still operative or they intend to replace it with outlook.com;
microsoft keep changing the names of these things all the time, so I am not sure if they intend to replace hotmail.com with outlook.com

Anyway I copied and pasted the message and send it to the outlook.com feedback section which I opened… not via the link in the email but by typing it in my laptop’s whatisname… we shall see what happens if anything.

Though I doubt they will reply to me as I have not got an outlook.com account haha.
The puzzling thing is when I log onto my hotmail.com , it tells me it is called outlook now.

And I did not tell them my email address in my feedback message to them. I actually put it down, but erased it when I read a statement in the webpage saying don’t put anything personal on it.

Idiots really, one wonders why they want feedback from strangers.

That is why I use google chrome instead of explorer. With chrome I don’t ever get messages saying shut down your computer so that whatever program can be updated.

I still use hotmail, because I am so used to it.
So far they allow me to access both my hotmail accounts using windows live. So I don’t have to log on individually into my two hotmail accounts. The windows live log on automatically and grabs any messages in both the accounts at regular intervals.
They don’t allow u anymore to automatically log on from one account to another.

I suppose the day they close down windows live will be the day I move elsewhere. I don’t mean get rid of my hotmail address, but get another program that will do similar function.
I am sure there are other programs similar to it, a kind of gatherer of all your email addresses in one place.

I have been having a lot of fun buying bargain veg and meat.
First off I go to Brixton for the 50p garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions.

Then to aldi to get their reduced price lettuce .49p , cucumber .49p. They also have 4cloves of garlic for .49p but I did not buy those.
If u fancy English strawberries, aldi is selling them 400mg for £1.39. A good price. I did not buy them though.
I got cooked frozen prawns200mg for £2.

Though I have become less enthusiastic about frozen prawns as it seems to have so much ice in them.

I enjoy the bus rides which I get to do free as I move from one supermarket to another.

Even rode on the 24 service, which is all new open platform at the back of the bus, like the old route masters. They have a conductor there just to remind u to pay which I think is a waste of a conductor really. Someone told me they are drivers and they alternate with each other to play the conductor role.

I think come winter they will shut off the open platform at the back and do without a conductor and revert to an ordinary one -man operation.

This open platform is for tourists really, and so will operate in summer for the benefit of the tourists.

I find the ride is very rough , if u sit upstairs. Some how there is more rolling and rocking upstairs than in the ordinary double deckers. Not suitable for you if u get car sick easily. Haha.

Later the night I went to sainsburys to get bread. Now they are reduced to 34p . I wonder if I shall ever see them reduced to 10p each. Those were the days. Haha. I saw a guy there taking the Crank brand wholemeal loaves, and got chatting to him. I spotted more of the loaves which he missed on the shelf and pointed them out to him, and he took all of them, with me taking one for myself. He said he loved them and considered them cheap at 34p. I told him it used to be had for 10p each. I noticed the milk powder is now back to its old price £1.01 glad they have decided to drop it from the £1.40 it rose to. 


Then at the Tesco I saw a big 2.2kg unsmoked Wiltshire gammon ham for £2.59 , reduced from £10 something. It is bacon. I intend to freeze it and eat it over a period. It is lovely to have bacon and eggs now and then.

Life is lovely. And tonight for some reason, there is no pollen in the air. I really wonder why… perhaps it was a still night, so no wind to blow pollen from the fields outside London into the centre of London. Or somewhere there was rain and it washed the pollen before the wind arrived here. So I came back without sneezing and snorting… haha.

I caught a tv program called unwrapped food… and it was talking of cornflakes, with added iron. It seems during the process of making the cornflakes they strip the maize of its kernel where all the goodness are,(because the oil in the kernel makes the flakes go rancid very quick and so cannot be stored for long) and then they add iron filings to it. What a laugh. Basically u are eating iron filings, which will most probably run right through your gut and never get absorbed and u shit it out. So much for your daily dose of iron.

Sometimes I think we are too gullible and believe whatever these people who make our processed foods tells us. First they strip the food of its natural goodness and then they add these man -made chemicals masquerading as vitamins etc and tells us it is the same thing. Rubbish of course, no way is iron in spinach or liver, or beef the same as the iron filings they add in. or the naturally occurring vitamin C in fruits is only ascorbic acid. I daresay the difference is the ease of absorption by the body of naturally occurring iron,vitamins, etc in these foodstuffs.

And guess what, it does not surprise me to hear that processed cheese, the ones in flat squares, may contain only 10%cheese. What a laugh. Now u know why people keep telling u don’t eat processed foods.