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being optimistic may make you live longer

6 Apr

london 9.25pm 14.7C dry night friday 2018

it’s the weekend coming up now so working people will be looking forwrd to it, the start of the weekend. that is the thing about working… you have something to look forward to when the weekend comes round. we who dont work anymore, would have lost that anticipation. just like holidays mean nothing to us now, since everyday is a holiday.

ah well, perhaps we trade that in for the joy of not needing to wake up early and do the 9 to 5 routine.

today i went again to get the free steak sandwich. i was not that attracted to the raw meat in the first sandwich i got yesterday…  but i had nothing else to do, and what is more important,  i could not read the daily mail in the library, as the chap who always hogs it was reading it and i know he will take forever to finish the paper.

so i took the bus to the restaurant, and arrived at about 11.30am, and there was a short queue, as i expected. even though it was later than the opening time. so not long to wait before i got my steak sandwich. 

this time i noticed they have cut up the meat and put it in a hot heated receptacle. so the meat was cooked a bit more than before, which makes it nicer. though i notice they dont give as much meat in the baguette as yesterday. yesterday i got a lot of meat , more in numbers and huge chunks of it too.

i decided to bring the food back to my flat rather than try to eat it in one of the benches in leicester square. so at least when i got back i could cut up the baguette into bite size pieces. and make a cup of hot coffee to go with it.

actually it has given me an idea for making my own lunch using steak in a sandwich. it is a good idea for a sandwich and different from the usual pork or  chicken sandwich. it is not common to have a steak sandwich. 

though i remember in australia they do it all the time and is quite a favorite. in australia they cook the slab of beef well done, and it is still very tender. i wonder how they do it. i think if they can do an australian style beef sandwich between two slices of bread in london it would take off and be very popular, rather than this way which is slices of beef in salad  and with a pate spread on baguette. i am not very keen on baguette because it is quite hard. the french baguette is even harder, so i should be grateful that the english dont bake their baguettes that hard. generally i prefer sliced bread. haha. (sigh, you know i am realising it is my age talking. all that about the baguette being too hard is just a result of me getting old. and needing a crown and that has become loose and now i am extra careful when i eat hard things. )

there is a tv program by michael mosley asking what makes people live longer, and it seems it is your attitude that will determine how long you live. those who are optimistic lives longer.

so to the question do you expect your future to be better, the same or get worse, those who chose the first two options live longer. i admit i have been getting more pessimistic because i keep hearing my friends having so many health problems, or financial problems, that it makes me really think it can only get worse… with old age. but i think i am going to twist that about and think that it will be better or remain the same…

when one of those old men in the survey was asked if he worries about the future, he said no. he does not worry about the future.  at his time of life he said, he lives day by day and takes each day as it comes.  he is 90yrs old at that time of filming. i suppose that is a good attitude to take.