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14 Feb

london 6.12pm 11.6C (high today of 14.1C) dry night thursday 2019

quite a sunny warm day today. i went at about 12pm to a icecream shop in gloucester road giving away free icecream. they make their icecream using nitrogen to cool the cream, so that it is like frozen whipped cream. not the same as icecream made in the usual way… which i prefer. i dont suppose icecream would be popular now that we are in winter time. and this shop sells only icecream. and coffee. one young man who came in after us, and there were only 5 of us queueing up outside the store before it opened, and even then we all were early but did not queue up because there was no one starting the queue. we were all meeting up at the other places sitting outside on their pavement tables. waiting for someone to start the queue. in the end,no one did, and i and steve decided to go there and stand outside it,  at about 12.15pm with the closed sign still there.  we thought we better go there and stand around it, to make those workers inside realise there are customers and open the shop. haha. but this young guy came in after us and ordered coffee and i noticed that was all he asked for. i wonder if he knows there is free icecream to be had . there was no sign to tell you of this free offer, so unless you know of it from whatever social media they are in, you will not know to ask for it. 

only the strawberry icecream was included in the free offer. i dont think they add strawberry flavour to the icecream, because i did not get that taste of it, and the only strawberry i can see to make it fit its name  is bits of strawberry scattered on top of the icecream. its strange that they dont put at least a strawberry flavour in the icecream… nowadays you can get artificial flavour of any fruit you like, that can smell like the real thing, in fact better than the real thing.

i think there is a trend to finding quick ways to make a traditional dish… the aim is to make a substitute that tastes just as nice, but not involve so much work in making it, and hence less costs. this method they are using, some kind of gas to reduce the temperature rapidly is quite labour intensive. normally you see icecream vans dispensing their icecream from a nozzle, into a cone,and top with a wafer, and traditionally that was what it was in the old days when you buy an icecream. and it used to cost very little, until nowadays when they want to sell it for a higher price and the only way to get people to part with their money is to make it seem like it is special, make it gimmicky, and high tech. haha. i guess i should not be so cynical… i should not be so critical really. businesses exist to try to sell you things, or services and to create demand where none existed before. no body needs these things. but for society to run well, and the economy to thrive, we need such businesses to sell us things we dont need just to keep people in jobs, and demand to keep up and allow money to circulate. otherwise we will be living in a dead town, no jobs, no money, no nothing.

its a lovely day and the buses are running, and so is the tube, and the streets are cleaned, i saw a cleaning truck doing its job, sweeping and washing the gutters with those rotating brushes it is equipped with, and its spray of water. all this wont happen if the city is poor, or people are deserting it because there are no businesses thriving in it. so really we should be really happy that there are all these busy business activities going on all around us.