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calling all curry chefs

23 Aug

london 1.45pm sunday 2015. raining 20C

seems there is a shortage of curry chefs, they tried to set up a college to train them but it seems the locals dont like the job. even polish migrants dont like it. it seems. which goes to show it cannot be a very easy job to do. long hours i think and pay is not that great. the only ones to do it are immigrants flown in from poor countries. it takes skills to do a poppadom.

he is asking for short term visas. 


13 Apr

london monday 2015 1.52pm

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

dont know what plant this is. but it is the only one that is blooming like mad around here at this time.

a friend of mine who i told about the malaysian curry powder in chinatown, and who bought it that day, told me the chinese store in slough sells that curry powder for 75p, as opposed to £1.45 in chinatown.

well, i never knew it can be cheaper in a place outside chinatown. somehow i got the impression  to expect chinatown to be the cheapest for groceries. i think in the past, it was, but not anymore what with rents in central london so high.

anyway i told my friend to keep it in mind, for when i finish this new pack i bought. he suggest i go there and browse to see if other things are cheaper. i might go too, though slough is like 2hrs away. haha. 

it started me thinking whether southall may be cheaper for indian groceries… i have never been to southall, as it is a train ride away and outside the london zones.

added. i found out southall is in zone 4. taking the train from ealing broadway westward. hmm might be worthwhile to go there and see what it is like. 

i have been to brick lane for indian groceries.that was a long time ago,  i might go and see if the selection of stuff and prices there are as good a bargain.  i cannot recall another place which is full of indian businesses, can you? i am sure indians would know where to go. 

brick lane is our little india. though i think as in chinatown, the indian businesses are being driven out by rising rents. 

added. 16.4.15 3pm closer pic of that plant, maybe google will identify it better. garfieldhugs says it is yellow thistle.

Added.9.07pm. i was just trying to figure it out, saying to myself what is the simplest name i can give this flower, and the thought came to me…what about yellow carnation. i googled it and here is what it looks like. have a look at the link, it looks very much like what i saw. though this must be a wild variety, and not the cultivated one which grows on a long stem. what do u think? is it yellow carnation?


Digital StillCamera