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is microsoft that caring?

2 Dec

I had such a strange conversation over the phone just now. A woman with an Indian accent phoned me and said she is from Microsoft about my laptop. She says there have been a lot of warnings to my laptop from Microsoft because it is an internal problem with my laptop and she is here to tell me of it.

She asked me to type in eventeve on my search box and it came up listing the numbers of warnings and other things that have been sent to me.

There were certainly lots of warnings.

Now I think of it it must be related to that outlook express problem. I have since found out that Microsoft had been sending out a blanket warning telling all who have this to download a correction. But because I have been using google chrome, I never did get these warnings, and recently they pulled the plug on me and stopped my laptop from opening that user.

So I guess that must be all the warnings that I see now.

The woman on the phone told me Microsoft wants to tell me of that. I thought she can get into my laptop by some alchemy of the internet, but she said no, she needs my permission.

Well, long ago, I would let them, and did… in those days we were so innocent… haha.
We think it perfectly reasonable to believe that Microsoft , this big company would hear of our problems with our laptops and call us personally to fix it, all without us asking or paying for it. Haha.

A bit like believing in santa, haha. Or God. Heehee.

Now of course I ask how do I know u are really from Microsoft? And even told them why should Microsoft, a big company like this call me, a nobody to fix my laptop when I did not even know I got a problem and never asked them to call me to fix it?

Well, she said she will pass me on to her technical superior, but I decided to bring the phone down on her. As I don’t really want to let anyone access my laptop.

And they tried to call me a few times, always getting my answer phone, and not leaving a message and I could hear a lot of background noise. Once I heard a man with an Indian accent say, is this the phone?

Of course, even so one wonders if it might be a genuine offer, and that i have refused something legit. the good thing about having an old laptop is that nothing they do can make it go faster or improve it, so i dont feel too bad at refusing this help, if it is genuine. It is like someone coming to tell me of a great investment offer that will make me lots of money, but since i have enough money and dont want any more, i can tell them thanks but no thanks. haha.

Ah well, I think it is related to the outlook express , but that is solved already as they pulled the plug on my access to the laptop. while i am posting, let me post this picture of the infinity scarf i found quite some time ago. 



Luckily simon is the main administrator , and I was able to get into my laptop using his part of the laptop and create another user.

My advise to everyone who buys a new laptop is to do that and create another user and use that to get into the internet. so that if anything happens at least only one part of the user gets blocked whilst u can access the admin part to open another user. That way u can get into your laptop and use it. Otherwise the whole laptop will go blank and u cannot get into it at all, which is what happened to past laptops we were using.