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instant noodle for 10p each

22 Jun
london 6.05pm 23.8C cloudy (high of 25.8C) thursday

hmm, i see wordpress is changing the appearance of the editing bar that used to run across the page in two lines before but now they have made it into one line and it is a very long one, runs out of my screen in fact so that you have to use the scroller to move it along.

its cooler today, and very pleasant in fact. i prefer it like this. i did not have any hay fever, though one of the chinese guys is suffering from it now. strange when this cooler weather should bring the pollen down. he said he had hay fever once, and then it went away for a long time, but now he is starting to get it again. 

went to a meet up of ex lyc members, a club for chinese-caucasians that have long closed down but the old members still meet up to talk of old times. though now the topic tends to be old age concerns like death, strokes, disease instead of love life. still, it was nice to chitchat. and to meet the other chinese guys who i have not known when i was at the club in its heyday.

afterwards three of us chinese guys went to chinatown to buy stuff. one bought me to ‘see woo’, as he wanted to show me their fresh meat section. it is new, because i have not seen it before. full of fresh stuff even live crab, live lobster… anyway i did not buy anything. he bought fresh chicken livers… then we went on to ‘new loon moon’, me to find if they have any reduced instant noodles. which they have at 10p each for 70mg packs. and these have different flavours too. i bought 15. (and have eaten one as soon as i got back, red curry one and it is very nice indeed.) there was lots of it, so u will still be able to get this bargain if u go now. as usual, the reason why they are selling it cheap is because they expire next month.


quite a lot of variety. though sometimes one must not get too carried away with all these labels because they might all taste the same. haha. but the first one i tried, the red curry , is very nice.

added. 8.59pm 23C dry . went to the tesco to buy reduced foods. it is pot luck really, sometimes i get nothing but today there were loads of mince beef reduced. 750mg to 75p, (from £5)at 5%fat too. though next to it was 15%fat 750mg from £3.50,for 88p, and i bought that too even though it is not as good a bargain. there was also   500mg angus beef 15%fat minced at 60p. i bought that too. ah well, it just goes to show the power of association. when two things are side by side, and you are not paying attention. still, i got lots of minced beef now in my freezer. i also got lamb liver for 29p. after seeing my friend buy chicken liver, i too was starting to crave liver. i thought i will only be able to find bread reduced today, so all that meat is a bonus. i got wholemeal bread800mg for 5p, and two loaves of 400mg each for 4p each. i went at about 8pm. so much of these things are pot luck. if no one went earlier to buy these things, and so clean the shelves before u get there;  or the shop dont reduce the price until very late, so all the bargains are snapped up before you get there , you can sometimes come back empty handed.  but today was rather a feast of bargains.

it is similar to the time when i found so many chillis on sale. i have since eaten some of them, and they are really very hot. i cannot imagine the british liking these chillis, they are so hot, maybe that explains why so many were unsold, necessitating them to drastically reduce so many of them when their sell by date arrives. those chillis are from kenya and indeed i am pleased to see some countries  still retain the species that produce hot chillis. local chillis are very mild, actually, too mild. like the garlic, so mild that it is useless really…

i seem to find free calendars

7 Jan

london 2.29pm 11.1C cloudy saturday 2016

i thought i shall drop by chinatown to see if there are any bargains. i was in the ‘new loon moon’ supermarket and saw this 2017 desk calendar.  it features the late thai king. there was no price tag on it, and i just asked the assistant how much are they and he said it is free. well, i was hoping they will be free. haha. maybe i looked thai…he did ask if i was thai. but i am sure foreigners too will appreciate it. perhaps they are only giving it to thais… it’s a very well constructed desk calendar. very strong and stable and look very good quality.

i did not know that the new loon moon supermarket have a facebook presence. it was mentioned along with their email and phone number and website on the calendar. that is interesting because i did not know they have this internet presence. in fact, it is only now that i realise they have changed their name. isn’t it strange that i have been going there for ages but never really take note of the name on the sign above the shop. it was loon moon before. i wonder when they changed ownership to the new loon moon.  well, this calendar certainly has done its job, if it is to remind people of this supermarket. i would rate it a successful advertising really. 

found this interesting link about loon moon.

this giving out free calendars to advertise your business reminds me of all those free calendars that shops give out in malaysia. showing the horse racing days… i wonder if they still do it now. those calendars have such big numbers that fill up the whole box each day leaving no room to write anything. 

and they have this pack of 24 instant noodles on sale for £2. 

Digital StillCamera

i just now cooked 2packs of it, and found it is very satisfying. one pack is not enough really. even though at 60mg they are larger than the average size. they are reduced because of their sell by date which is soon. normally each costs 30p.

 and later simon woke up and i saw he too has cooked 2packs, and i saw him tucking into it.  and we both agree it is very nice to have these in the cupboard, in case we get hungry and just cannot wait . they are instant as it says on the pack. haha. they are eaten dried, rather than in a soup. it is made in phillipines. it is easy to throw in other ingredients, like cooked meats, veg, etc… and can make for a very satisfying meal. 

unknown unknowns

26 Sep


i am at the library, on another lovely warm day, and read in the times newspaper that sainsburys will stop offering a refund if what u bought fromthem is more expensive than the similar thing in tesco.

you have to buy more than £10 worth of stuff from sainsburys before the till will find out for you what is more expensive than tesco and give you a voucher of refund.

since i never buy anythng more than £10 at any one time, it is no use to me.

all i can see when i view the prices in sainsburys is the upfront cost and so many of their stuff is more costly than tesco. simple things like milk powder, basic instant coffee, basic spaghetti, etc, even basic bread… oats… practically everything really so much so that i stopped going to sainsburys.

i used to wonder when i was there how come it is so busy with people, when it is obviously more expensive than tesco, and i used to wonder how come i never hear of sainsburys profits being hit , like we hear so much about tesco’s falling profits and market share.

so now i know why. people rely on the refund that the computer will find out for them; maybe not realising that  sainsburys have upped their price knowing that only those who shop for small amounts will pay the increased costs and those customers are not really to be wooed anyway as they buy so little.

now according to today’s news article they say they will stopp the refunds.

so maybe people are realising it is better to go straight to the cheap supermarkets like lidl, aldi, rather than fluff around with buying more expensive stuff and getting a refund back, in vouchers what’s more that means coming back to the store to redeem it and only if u buy more of those higher priced stuff. that might explain why sainsburys is dropping that scheme.

Another unknown unknown i discovered is my cistern in my wc. sometimes it does not flush, because the water does not rush in to fill that gadget which house the plunger .

so i tend to leave it for a bit, and it soon fills up with water. this time something new happened. i can feel the inside of that gadget that cause the flush is full, but the water does not drain down to the bowl. i tried it a few times but it still did not work. so i press hard on the top of the gadget and whatever it did, it made the thing worked. well well, some unknown unknowns i have dislodged there. 

my problem with the washing machine double check valve may be solved. simon managed to fit one all by himself. the water engineer came yesterday to check it and signed it off.

he was the one who recommended this to be fitted to overcome the slight contamination of my water.

my initial suggestion that i disconnect the washing machine and not use it luckily is not needed now. i admit it is nice to be able to use the washing machine.

i guess it is nice to live with other people, who can take the trouble to fix it rather than live on my own where i would take the path of least resistence where it can lead to a bit of inconvenience. i would highly recommend living with others. 

from midday today there is a malaysian food festival in trafalgar square. it is to promote malaysia and malaysian foods sponsored by the malaysian govt. i shall go most probably just to see what is going on.

added later. well i have just been to trafalgar square and bought some malaysian foodstuff from the malaysiakitchen stall. 1kg frozen fish balls £5.50. dried instant noodles pack of 10 , 40mg each for .50p.each pack.  i bought 2packs. and then there is the 3 for £2 malaysian chili sauce.  i was not going to buy them but there was a guy there with samples to taste and i just happen to ask him what is the difference between them and he said one got garlic, the other got ginger, and another is sweet. well that kicked me into buying the garlic and ginger ones. as i must have bought the suger ones last year as it was so sweet and i was put off buying them again . so just goes to show u have to have someone tell you what it is different about them.

the frozen fish balls are really good value. they did not sell them last year.  normally 200mg cost about £2 fresh in the chinese shop in chinatown. these are about half price. i cant imagine how ordinary people will buy them as the fish balls will thaw out by the time they go home. i live nearby so i can go home and put them in the freezer and still be able to get back to trafalgar square later today if i want to. who knows maybe they will reduce everything as the evening approaches and they close shop. haha. they even have frozen roti chenai £1.50 for 6. i did not buy them as i dont know what to do with them or if they taste the same after thawing. i am quite attracted to roti done this way and i see roti king who i hear do quite authentic roti blatha. and was quite tempted to try them. it costs £5 though.

some western guys were buying it, but only the roti, no sauce. i said aren’t you supposed to eat that with curry sauce? one of them said yes, but you can chose how to eat it. i must say even though the customer is king… and we are all supposed to accept it;  but really how are u to get the real experience of eating roti blatha if u dont combine it with the curry sauce?? it is just not the malaysian way.

i glanced at the staff in the stall and i can see the guys in the stall kind of having a glazed look in their face. i guess they have learnt never to correct the english customers. haha. just let them do whatever they like.

i have noticed that about all this ethnic food being sold in uk, esp in london. they mix and match and just adulterate and add stuff that u dont associate with that dish.

that is why i am not surprised if one day an indian restaurant would serve curry and chips… if one had not allready done so. i can understand why some italian restaurants lament at how the british diner will add stuff to the pasta sauces and call it bolognaise, or puttanesce, which in the country of origin would never agree to it.  

I call myself a malaysian but even i am confused with the various names for the roti. i know it as roti blatha, but i have heard it called roti chenai, prata. are they mean all the same thing except for dialect difference?

added. 7pm. i went there again at about 5pm. i cooked a noodle dish with the fish balls and noodles and it was very nice. i bought another of those noodles at 50p after i chatted with a malaysian student who said he was here only 8days having just arrived to do his university degree which will take him 3yrs. he pays £100 a week for a room share with another student. i told him about the noodles as it is quite ideal. i told him he can use a stock cube to get the flavour. and then add whatever he wants like mince beef, or frozen cheap fish, or fish balls, veg etc. and that is a meal allready. he bought 3 packs. 

and i got the address of their shop. it is quite a long way away. chuang lee unit 4 meridientrading estate,28 lombard wal4l, london se7 7sw. nearest station is charlton station. or go to greenwich station and take bus472 or 486towards thamesmead centre and get off at peninsular park road. i think it is too far for me to go considering i only buy a few items. i will just have to wait next year when they come again to trafalgar square. 

I also got to see a chef doing a masterclass of roti chennai making. the dough was already prepared so we dont get to know how it is done. i guess we shall have to buy his cook book, but he demonstrated how to toss it. and then it is fried . alot of oil used. video  

Anyway afterwards i asked him why is there so many names for it? he said roti prata (or blatha) is a singapore invention. the original name is roti chennai, (or they spell it cennai,) from a place in india.

the spelling is all over the place, it is also spelt roti paratha, roti canai.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

added.13.10.14 i just read in the metro newspaper today that chennai was formerly known as madras. so the name roti chennai must be new, i think roti prata, blatha, paratha, must be the original name. i know it as roti blatha, a corruption of prata and paratha i think. i wonder whether it exists in madras anymore. if it does maybe they call it a diffrent name.

added again. 14.10.14 found this …(from wikipedia)

‘Changes to the local name of cities in the indigenous languages is less common. However, a change in English may also be a reflection of changes in other Indian languages other than the specific local one. For example the change of Madras (Hindi मद्रास Madras) to Chennai (Hindi चेन्नई Chennai) was reflected in many of India’s languages, as well incidentally in English, while the Tamil endonym Chennai (சென்னை Chennai) had always been Chennai and remained unaffected by the change.’

so perhaps it is an old phrase and means ‘tamil bread’. south indians are the main people who settled in malaysia, and most south indians are tamils.

snake year

10 Feb

It is 7.04am Sunday 10.2.13. it is Chinese new year. Or at least in London it is. You might already have finished with it if u live in Malaysia, or u might not even have it yet if u live in usa.

I have friends sending me emails with new year greetings showing white burmese pythons to illustrate their card. scary!! 

Not that I celebrate it even though I am Chinese.

I noticed that unlike the western new year, where each year have a date and so we know the time has gone by and we can measure it, the Chinese new year don’t tell u the year, but what animal it is.

So unless u know your Chinese animal calendar very well u cannot tell how old someone is nor can u get an idea of the passing of time.

Maybe it is a good thing, because being constantly reminded that time has moved on can make u aware of growing old.

Anyway, I was at the amoy food van in Gabriel wharf on the south bank of the thames, yesterday, and was eating the very small sample noodles that they were giving out.

A woman standing near me asked me what I thought of it.
I said it could be better. The noodles were too soft. I prefer them firmer, I said. She said like al dente. Yes, I said.

I said it would be better if the noodles are undercooked before they are stir fried. I was thinking they used dried noodles and so can control how long to soak them in water prior to stir frying them. But I found out later that they used ready to cook noodles.

Then she asked me what animal the new year will be, I said snake, she asked me what a snake year will be like, I said , I have no idea. Haha.

She told me she is a monkey. I know she meant she was born under the year of the monkey.

I commented that well, if u don’t want people to know your age, don’t mention what animal you are. Because someone who knows his animal calendar will be able to know your age.

But u are safe with me I said, as I don’t remember the animal sequence at all.

I mentioned that some people may be able to fool even the animal expert If they look 12 yrs younger.

She ask me to guess her age, I guessed late 30’s or early 40’s and was pleasantly surprised when she said she is 56. So here is one Caucasian lady who looked younger than her years.

I have noticed that people are stir frying with instant noodles. And amoy is capitalising on it by selling instant noodles too. I remember them as selling soy sauce and such.
They were giving out a booklet with recipes, and 50p vouchers off their sauce and soya sauce and instant noodles.
(added. I had a look at the vouchers, and realise they are selling ready cooked noodles, not dry noodles. So the soft noodles are a fixture, and u cannot control the softness of it. )

Anyway I think even Malaysia hawkers are using instant noodles. I wonder whether the woman in a noodle stall I used to go to still make her own dough and pass it through a noodle cutting machine operated by hand. She must be a minority now.

Instant noodles are a staple of a student diet. And a young person’s faithful standby for a quick snack. I wonder what those powder in the sachet that comes with it are made of. They are strangely addictive. The secret ingredient could be msg(monosodium gluatamate).

I have found out that u don’t need to use the powder . Just use half a stock cube. Instead. But nowadays u cannot just buy the dry instant noodles without the sachet. Or rather u might be able to but they cost the same as those with the sachet.

Nowadays even the basic ones cost 11p or 12p. They used to be 9p each.
Whilst the more fancy ones can be 40p each or more.