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6 Feb

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interesting item of news i see. if u own a apple iphone 6, beware. installing the latest update ios 9, will kill your phone if u have it repaired by an unauthorised person. or even if it has been damaged slightly. it seems it affects the touch ID sensor causing the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated.

i can see why apple is strict about it, because the id sensor is the key to opening a lot of monetary transactions. if it is breached, all hell will break loose. and if is tampered with, that could lead to fraud. so any attempt at altering the workings of the apple phone, by unauthorised people will be suspect.

i think if u are going to pay so much money for an apple phone, u should go the whole hog and pay for an authorised apple dealer to repair it. if u cant afford it, then u really cannot afford an apple phone …so go back to the peasants queue with you.  haha.

it is like a guy buying a rolls royce and trying to be stingy with the upkeep by taking it to an unauthorised repair shop. though some argued that they were in afghanistan and there are few apple authorised people there. haha.

makes me think…what a ponce, going to a poor country flashing their expensive gadgets at them. it makes me think that they give an impression to those people there that they are just very rich people come to the country pretending to be poor and using up all that countries free hospitality from locals that are dirt poor.

 perhaps another lesson is not to download their latest upgrade. 

added. 3.12pm i had a chance to think about it, and my advise not to download their upgrade wont be practical. 


iphone 6

22 Sep


I had wondered how much it costs. well this morning i am at the library and saw an advert in the times from 02, they are willing to offer people a iphone 6 16GB if they pay upfront £29.99 plus £25 monthly for the phone for 2yrs. total cost £629.99, which is the same cost to buy the phone outright. 

if u go to the apple store and buy direct with them it is £539 for iphone6, £619 for iphone6plus

In comparison, the Apple iPhone 6 starts at $650 without a wireless contract, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched with an unsubsidized price of $650 as well. Bigger phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 typically cost $100 more. have you noticed?its always so much cheaper in the usa.

then there is a airtime plan of £18 a month to march 2015, rising by RPI%(retail price index is about 2.7%,1% higher than consumer price index.) every year after that to march 2017. so it looks like u can get an iphone 6 for £30 plus £43 a month tariff 2GB data;  for the first year but commit to 2yrs contract.  it is quite a lot of money to pay for a phone. and that is not the end of the cost. u have to get on a data plan, 2GB is not a lot of data per month, (for eg, currantly i have unlimited broadband but i find i easily can download 40GB a month or more. and i am not using it constantly. unlike if it is a phone when u are carrying it around with u all the time so the temptation to roam the internet is always there.

so u might exceed that 2GB and i bet it will cost hell of a lot more if u do. £43 a month is a lot of money to give to them every month. as it is i think it rather a lot allready when i have to pay £15 a month for my broadband package including landline rental. but i get unlimited broadband so there are no other hidden charges.

the advert does not mention anything about calls, so would that be extra if u call people or text them? no mention of any  free minutes for calls or texts. so i bet u have to pay that too.

i have been using my mobile pay as u go sim from lebara, i put in £4 and still got a balance even after a year. so i get all the convenience of a mobile phone, (able to contact people and them contact me esp when we are going to meet) without the costs. why bother with getting online with a smart phone when u can get online with a chrome book. and it is so much easier to type on it too. so the craze for this iphone is way beyond my understanding. 

added. read this blog which says why she is such a convert to using a smartphone. after reading it are you convinced? and here is a link to 50 reasons why galaxy s3 is better than iphone5.