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4 Apr

london 1.06pm thursday 2019 9C cloudy

i am feeling much better, so much so that i have started being interested in going to some of the freebies. yesterday i went to a opening of a new branch of gentlemenbaristas, near london bridge.they have located  in a new eating place, like a food court. in singapore and malaysia these food courts are in big shopping complexes, or, in malaysia especially, on car parks that closed at night and taken over by the food court. this one is made up of wooden huts housing the stalls selling various foods, with a central seating area. 

they were giving away 50 breakfast roll, and free coffee all day. when i arrived at about 9am, i saw steve sitting eating a roll, but he tells me the rolls have all been given out so there was only free coffee. whilst i was waiting for my coffee, steve came and gave me a voucher for a free krispie kreme doughnut. he had got it by answering a questionnaire on their website and the reward was a free doughnut. so i went to victoria station, to get that , and enjoyed eating it. the station has installed a free water dispenser, so i got water to wash it all down too.

yesterday i also got an email from john lewis , giving me a free voucher for £5 to spend at their store or at waitrose. it is part of the freebie i get for being a john lewis member. it used to be we get a free coffee and cake every month, but now i was told they have varied it, sometimes with coffee and cake, other times with a voucher if u make a purchase of a certain amount. i told them that i was going to buy a chrome book , so that is why they have activated the voucher.

i shall use the voucher  at waitrose and buy a croissant from them. it will be useful to see if their croissant(at £1) is as nice as the 35p lidl ones. and of course we can still get a free coffee from waitrose if u use your own cup. they stopped providing one-use disposable cups in the store.

 added. 3.36pm 9C cloudy. i went to the waitrose in pimlico, expecting to buy a croissant, but strangely, they were not selling any fresh made ones, only prepackaged. so i went to lidl in stockwell to buy one. even though i was ready to spend, having got the voucher printed in the library, i saw nothing i want to buy at that store. their prices are higher than in the other supermarkets. with the voucher, it is free money, so if there is something i really like in that waitrose store i would have bought it, but nothing caught my eye to tempt me to buy. 

added. 9.19pm. i had come back from the tesco. it had been quite some time since i went there late to see what reductions they have. today, i was in time for them to reduce the cabbage to 20p. they had earlier reduced it to 40p from the usual price of 79p; and i put one in my basket and then i moved to the reduced shelf and saw the staff reducing a lot of these cabbages further to 20p. i picked another 2 cabbages, and he even put a 20p sticker on the one i got in my basket over the 40p sticker. i want to eat a lot more vegetables now and had wanted to eat cabbage. i hadn’t bought any to eat for quite a long time, so this huge amount comes at a nice time for me. these are called sweetheart cabbages, it has a pointed head. i wonder why they call it by that name.