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6 Mar

london 12.58pm 12.7C cloudy wednesday 2019

simon and i both have been coughing for some time now. it can be so bad that it can wake us up at night from our sleep. i havent been to the doctor’s because i felt it is not something that u want to bother the doctor about really. we dont have any fever. and that is another reason not to bother the doctor.

apart from the coughing, which is not too frequent but it is persistent, we both feel fine. 

i had a phone call this morning from my malaysian friend cary, who lives in slough and he tells me he had this cough himself which lasted 3wks, and he went to the doctor and was told there is nothing to be done about it but to let it take its course.

but i have to cancel my activities that i have planned for today as i dont want to infect the others. first off, i cancel my circuit training, and then an over50s group meeting to see a john ruskin exhibition in temple place in the strand. it is a house that only opens to the public on special occasions, and it would be nice to see inside it, as well as the exhibition. but i did not want to infect the others. i might go on my own another day. it sounds like it might be worth more than one visit. 

i still go out and about, but i try not to get too close to people. the japanese will wear face mask, but i am not sure if it is effective and is only meant to signal to others not to come too close and that you are being polite to cover your mouth.  but i sometimes think it is used by some as a cover , that they are trying to prevent themselves from being infected by others and not that they are infectious. these will be those who are very germ conscious, and wear gloves and wont shake your hand.