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today i got my new chromebook

21 Jun

london 11.14am 19.2C bright clouds longest day tuesday 2016

its been a week since i have been without my chromebook.

i got a call at about 4pm yesterday from john lewis, saying they cannot repair my old chromebook so they are giving me a replacement up to a value of £199.95 or refund. so i went immediately to the store in oxford st to get it. unfortunately they did not have a chromebook in store, and their refund mechanism got a glitch, so i asked if their other branch in sloane square got one. and he called them and reserved one and i went there to get it.

i thought i got a 11inch one when i checked it on the bus back, and that is why i did not use it that night intending to replace it the next day , because it looks so small and fitted so loosely inside my backpack. the old one strained the seams of the pack.

so i took it back to the store this morning but to my embarrassment, it was 13inches. and measured it diagonally with a ruler to convince me of it. they have given me a new model which is much smaller in size but the screen is 13inch. 

so now i got a brand new model toshiba chromebook 13inch. even though it was listed as £229.95, but i did not have to pay the extra. hope they dont come back to me asking me to pay that extra, but i was told they wont.

so i have to say all praise to john lewis for their customer service and guarantee… that 2yr guarantee is a huge plus. most manufacturers give a 1yr guarantee and u have to pay the  postage and pack it yourself to send it to them, whilst u can just hand it to the john lewis store and they take care of it all.

later, i got from the repair desk shop assistant that the report of the repair was that the parts to repair my old chromebook cost more than to replace it new. i wonder how common this problem with overheating of the chromebook. it is not meant to generate so much heat , that is why it has no fan. well i am hoping this new one is better built and so i wont get this problem 2yrs from now. i was told the new guarantee is for one year, the manufacturer’s guarantee. after two years of use, i am a strong fan of the chromebook and would use chromebooks from now on. even the new adaptor is smaller and more powerful , charging seems  to take a shorter time. and all my favourites and bookmarks were intact inside google chrome, all the saved passwords too… so it was a dream to get set up and ready to go. 

yesterday i asked simon to use his windows laptop, and it reminded me how awful it was. so slow. i lost patience with it. he said when he bought it new it was very fast then with each new what is that word, where microsoft insists on adding new stuff automatically, the laptop got slower and slower. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a statue in chinatown. i did not notice the mice until i see that photo now. it makes me laugh and remember all those tourists who jump out and click furiously taking pictures of the grand canyon, and then all  hurry off to their next port of call, as if to say dont bother to see it now , we can see it all later with the pictures.

today is the longest day, summer solstice. or is it tomorrow?

Jun. 21, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 4:43 AM BST 9:21 PM BST
Length of Day
16h 38m
Tomorrow will be 0m6s shorter.

and very sunny it is too. i was missing getting online everyday during the first part of the week when i was without , but as the week wore on, i seem to have adjusted. so if u have asked me at the beginning, i would have really missed not being online, but ask me now i would have given a different answer. it is funny how the mind adjusts to circumstances and find other things to occupy itself when one avenue is gone.

but it is nice to get online again, to read other blogs and find out what is going on with other people’s lives. 

added. 9.45am wednesday 22.6.16 i have looked up the model on google. it can support the google android apps. the old one wont let me get on skype, this one might be able to let me get that as well as onto whatsapp. right now i am not bothered, but who knows, one do not know what one has missed until one gets it , then one cannot have enough of it.

added 30.6.16 unfortunately i found out from the google chrome help in curry’s the electronic shop, that my chrome dont support the apps. so that is that. haha.