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scissors palace

4 Feb

london 12.17pm 8C rain monday 2019

4.33pm 9C rain

8.25C 9.2C dry

what a mild night, in fact, a mild day too, though it rained in the day. i did not go out the whole day, except just now when i went out to the tesco to see what bargains they got. i think there was no wind, that is why i find it pleasant, and did not feel the cold. i have really got acclimatised to the low temperatures when i can say 9C is mild. either that i have got wise to how to dress with layers to keep off the cold. 

i have just seen a scene in the first hangover film, it is showing now on tv, and i just turned onto it. and they were showing this scene, when the guys checked into the hotel in las vegas, and the guy asked the receptionist, this is not caesars palace is it? she said yes, and he asked ‘caesar did not stay here did he’? no she said. but it reminded me of my bus passing a barber’s on the edgeware road called scissor’s palace which made me laugh when i saw it. 



boaty macboatface

22 Mar

london 10.33pm tuesday 2016

it makes me laugh , which is so nice to be able to do, when there is so much grim news today.

it is a story about how the public voted for a name of a flagship research vessel, of the environment scientific body or other.  and this name was chosen. haha.

but the funny thing goes on, waterloo station changed the name of the station today, to trainy mactrainface. which brought a few laughs from the commuters. i could not find the image , maybe if u search twitter… but anyway it gave me something to cheer me up today. on a day with not a lot of that around.