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the abduction, jonathon holt

16 May

london friday

I read the book last night till 3am. it is a gripping tale and mixes facts with fiction and weaves them together very well. we might well see the invention of a new genre, which for want of a better word, i shall call  faction. a combination of fact and fiction.  I can see a lot of new authors using this because now that we got the internet and freedom of information , we can access old records that have been kept hidden and can quote them verbatim and be able to gather together various facts and weave a story round them.  he writes well, which helps make it readable and enjoyable. the danger of course is that the reader can be quite affected , as i was, and confuse the fiction with the facts, and the facts to be fiction. you know the old saying, facts are stranger than fiction, and in this book, some of the facts are so unbelievable, and yet at the end notes, he mentioned those facts and i find it hard to believe such things can happen.  

It is possible to discern his modus operandi in writing faction. garner facts from the real world, for eg in abomination, he uses human trafficking which goes on in the real world and weave a story round as many of these facts and real people as possible and use his  imagination can conjure as many permutations and interactions that sound plausible to make up a book. Or in his case, a trilogy.

the writing style is everything of course as u can take as many of these facts as u want, but if your writing style is heavy handed it wont be an enjoyable read. 

I would love to write in more detail about the book, but i dont want to spoil it for you. it is best u come to this book cold and not know what to expect. it is more fun that way. i could not put it down , it was that good. 

living in london pt 6

15 May


I went to the charing cross library and found this book, the abduction by jonathon holt. it is the 2nd book of the trilogy which began with the abomination.

one of the joys of living in london for me is to be able to borrow the latest books from the library.

I could not believe my luck in finding this book there . it must have just come out. i shall enjoy reading it as i love the concept of this trilogy and he writes really well. 


I also found the 2nd book of the trilogy , insurgent, which started with divergent. the first book has been made into a film and after reading the first book i did not think i will want to read anymore of it. but i sat down and read a bit of this 2nd book in the library and realised there is more to it than i first thought. so i borrowed it , even though in a review i wrote in goodread, i said i wont bother to read the other books. ah well, it wont take long to read them just to find out how it ends.

thank goodness i dont have to buy these books to read them. haha. i just love living in london for that alone.