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25 Jun

london 1.39pm 21.4C cloudy sunday 2017

it was very quiet on the streets round chinatown…i went there to see the film , jungle book 2016 version. the boy was played by an actor, whilst all the animals were cgi images and voiced by people like bill murray, idris elba, etc .

its actually quite a nice film and with lots of shock effects that made me jump. i enjoyed it, but there were very few people in the cinema room even though it is free. the seats are very comfy and can be tilted back, and it was such that the people in front never obstructs your view. and the screen is big. 

it is a pity that there were so few people seeing it..maybe they did not advertise it much, or it was a spur of the moment inclusion in the pride events, as it was not mentioned at all in the pride events website.added. i see they have added it in now but too late to get people to the cinema to see the film.

pity , because it is a nice film. when i got out, after the film, i saw there is quite a big public space in that cinema complex…bars, and lounge rooms and eating places. i never knew it has such a lot of space inside there.

 in fact when u first walk in, i thought i got into a restaurant, and walked out again to go round the corner thinking that is the entrance to the cinema. but it was the entrance, but u have to go up stairs to the box office. there did not seem to be any lifts, but i suspect it must be somewhere at the back, but it was not obvious.

its strange that they dont make it obvious that there was a cinema there. no posters of films or anything like that. at least not that i notice.

there was a westend live show featuring all or almost all the theatres in trafalgar square going on for the whole day which might explain why there were so few tourists on the streets round leicester square. it must cut down the footfalls to all the businesses round that area, as the people seeing the shows are trapped inside the square and not likely to be out and about buying things or eating.

oh, i was early for the film show so i went to wait in leicester square, and saw there is some kind of premiere showing of despicable 3 and lots of kids with their parents queueing up to see it. so that might explain why so few went to see this film, they are all there to see that other one. i cannot say why the despicable films get so much popularity with viewers. but i am just an old fart and so not the target of the film makers of that francise. haha. 

added. 7.20pm 21.4C. it occurred to me whilst i was seeing the end credits, that there are a lot of backroom boys for these films. it was so long listing them all, that it took considerable amount of time to go through the list of people involved in the process. must provide a lot of work and jobs for people.