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katie hopkins

31 Dec

london 2014 wednesday

I read this evening standard article about katie hopkins’ twit about the ebola nurse being investigated by police. i thought it was rather funny observation. and quite true in some ways, especially when the yes vote for independance has said they have a good scotland nhs and splitting from the england would make their scots nhs stand better. so why do they have to send that ebola nurse to england?? haha.

i have not heard of this katie holmes but she seems rather a funny lady , saying a lot of commonsense things in a very witty way . what she said about that fat woman who could not find a job blaming people for not employing her because she is fat. and not wanting to change herself. she made a very sensible observation.

 and what she said about M&S giving their muslim shop assistants the right not to serve customers who buy pork from the shop. i thought her comments were very sensible. if i were the other non muslims shop assistants i would resent these muslim assistants being given permission not to pull their own weight and getting me to do their job by taking over the till when a customer with pork comes up. they get the same pay and doing less work.

less than a year after the scottish independance vote and the oil price on which scots hope to get money to keep an independant scotland afloat has halved in price. an independant scotland would be in deep shit now if they had won the vote. 

more utubes of katie holmes here.