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a kettle

16 Sep

london 5.51pm 22.5C sunny sunday 2018

i found a kettle today. its been so long since i found anything, that it is nice to get that feeling of joy. actually it is a day i found something and kept it. it is not always so. like earlier today, i found some soup bowls and a milk jug. but did not pick them up. i dont have milk with my coffee or tea so a milk jug wont be very useful. and for some reason i did not fancy those bowls. kettles nowadays dont need plugs. in that they need to be put on a base with a plug. this kettle has no base but i got lots of bases at home, and it works with them. gone are those days when u have to put a plug into the kettle everytime you want to boil water. now you just put water in it, and sit it on the base. and what is more, there is no heating element, in the kettle. it is set inside the base of the kettle, so you dont see it. its a kenwood kettle. when you switch it on a blue light comes on inside the kettle, and the switch lights up blue too. its a pretty effect.


today, the light in the sky is very nice. the blue sky and the sunlight streaming in at an angle gives everything a lovely nostalgic look. it looks like the day  is slowly coming to a close, even though sunset is still a few hours away. 

Boiling point: redesigning the kettle for the 21st century | Business | The Guardian

9 Feb

Boiling point: redesigning the kettle for the 21st century | Business | The Guardian.

this is using induction plate, to  heat a iron rod in the cup of water to get hot water. it costs £80.

i was thinking why not use the microwave to heat the water in the cup?

funny enough i still use a kettle for hot water. even though i just use a small amount of water enough for a cup, it is quite difficult to get the exact amount and there is always some excess water. so theoretically i am wasting electricity heating more water than i need.

i wonder why i dont use the microwave.

added. 13.2.15 how strange, i said i shall use the microwave but i still havent. haha. it is so right to use the kettle that i think there is more to it than just convenience. there is a therapeutic benefit i think to using the kettle to boil water for tea or coffee. i call it therapeutic because i feel so good doing it. haha. such joy to get the kettle boiling and pouring it over tea or coffee. one of the simple pleasures of life i think.

maybe i shall start doing so from now on.

but the kettle does gives me psychological satisfaction. nothing like a bubbling kettle and pouring steaming hot water into my teapot or onto my instant coffee in the cup.