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14 Aug

london 1.26pm 20.2C sunny. sunday 2016

i thought i read somewhere that there will be a indonesian festival in trafalgar square to day… but when i went there, i see no stalls or stage… so i quickly took the 88 back. just as well i ate my sandwich in my margarine box earlier on the bus. haha.

i pity those who have to travel far to get there, because it will be a wasted journey. it is unusual to have a indonesian festival, only one country involved. only malaysia as far as i know do that when they hold malaysia day festivals in trafalgar square. in fact, they do it twice a year, but then malaysia does promote its tourism seriously.

normally they have a divali, or a eid festival, that will allow a lot of countries to participate. i googled it just now and saw a notice put up 2days ago saying the indonesian festival has been cancelled. perhaps no takers. there cannot be that many indonesian restaurants to put up stalls, nor do i remember indonesia govt ever are active in the tourism promotions for their country. it was supposed to be for sat and sunday , a weekend event. though i only heard of the sunday event. a 2 day event might be too ambitious. friday or saturday are better days to hold trafalgar square festivals. sunday is usually quiet, too quiet. 

quite a subdued oxford st and regent st in terms of shoppers this time, when i went through it on the bus about 1pm. perhaps it will get busier later in the afternoon, most people tend to lie in on a sunday dont they? it was quite cloudy earlier this morning, but now i look out of my window and see the clouds have dispersed and the sun has come out.

i saw these very colourful lunch boxes for kids in the tesco yesterday. they have insulation inside. no compartments and no small containers inside. i would think they should have provided small containers inside, with the same theme pasted on the containers. that would be worth it.

 i use a margarine container to keep my sandwich. i find such containers which people discard ideal because they are small that is the biggest plus. so really there is no need for these lunch boxes in tesco which are bulky and costly. you can also just use takeaway plastic containers that u get with every takeaway u buy. also no need to buy these compartmentalised lunch boxes. but i suppose if u want to please your kids, or if they nag u a lot, u might end up buying these. haha. that is the cost of having kids. the hidden cost.

added 8.51pm 20.9C i have been seeing the videos about petty street robberies in rio,one by young people against the tourists. i have just been wandering about london without any fear of being robbed, or mugged, and seeing the videos reminds me how nice to be living in london.

rio is out of control. with the people so poor that they would mug, and so many of them doing it that the police are powerless to stop them. and the muggers so desperate or so lawless that they would even mug the police officers. the city is out of control.

 frankly i think people must be mad to even consider going there as tourists. i think the olympics brings out the thieves… or rather people have become a lot poorer and desperate because last time, long ago, when i was there for mardi gras, there was no fear of being mugged. i felt very safe. but it seems not any more. 

 it is once in a lifetime; every thief all over the country should be in rio now, to make hay whilst the sun shines. and hopefully to rob enough to make profits that they can feed on for a decade. haha. this is the time to make hay. i bet in thief folklore this will come down as the most famous event and will be talked of for years and enter mythical status. 


Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer

3 Nov

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer.

a very funny article poking fun at the govt for trying to dictate what the supermarkets can or cannot put next to the checkout counter.

mitchell was taught by his parents that people who impulse buy sweets at the checkout, are foolish, and if only all parents taught their children this there would not be this kids screaming at the counter because the parents said no.  it is common sense really.

i always wonder why parents always have to answer all the questions asked by kids. if the child asks for sweets, say nothing. such questions are not worthy of a reply. and faced with no response the kid will just forget about it. but say no, and it is like waving a red flag in front of that bull of a kid.


i also read this article in the same paper, about a woman journalist who is worried about being cold. she is so used to getting warm from a central heated house, she has forgotten that u can be warm with clothing alone. no need to warm up all the air inside a house to keep warm. and the govt is no better and feeding on this fear by saying the house must be kept at 20C.

As a consequence of her thinking that the only way to keep warm is to central heat the house she become anxious and fearful… a state of affairs that seem to afflict even normal people nowadays. people seem to be anxious about the smallest things these days.