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found a lovely fleece blanket and a kitchen wooden chair

6 May

london 1.46pm 11C cloudy early May bank holiday monday 2019

i thought i shall walk pass the recycling bins to see if anything turns up, and i saw 4 kitchen chairs, with wooden seat with a soft cushion tied to the back rest. i took one, as that is all i wanted.

on the way back from the supermarket, all of which are open today even though it is a bank holiday;  though i did not buy anything, i again pass it on my way back and saw a bag containing a fleece blanket, next to the chairs. no one had taken the 3 remaining chairs. 

the blanket was a pale orange/yellow colour with a flower print on it, looks like a lily. 

the picture of it does not do it justice. it appears brown in the picture, but it is actually orange/yellow.  it feels very luxurious, with fluffly fleece which has such long strands that it gives a sheen when you stroke it one way and then another. i really like it a lot, a lovely fleece blanket. i put it in the spare room.  i find myself constantly going  to look at it and to handle it. it has a fascination to feel it and look at it. strange really.