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better now

20 Nov

london 1.11pm 4C raining tuesday 2018

i am feeling much better today. it had been a rather ill 4days . i am on antibiotics, such a miracle drug group. what will we do without them. the one i got is nitrofurantoin.we shall be suffering a lot  more and longer if not for them. anyway life is more fun now that it is being sorted out. i am only on the 3rd day of the antibiotics, and allready it is working well. i had lost my appetite while i was ill, but now it is coming back.

recently i rediscovered how delicious egg on toast can be. its been ages since i ate one, but simon made it for me yesterday, and boy the taste sensations are wonderful. i can taste things again! so i think with the coming back of the appetite so has my tastes buds or it might be vice versa.

i had thought i can go shopping today, as i was craving apples, and clementines, and cucumber and an onion to make soya sauce chicken today. but it is raining now and so it would be difficult to use the shopping trolley and wear my ortho boot. how to carry an umbrella whilst handling all those other things at the same time? not to mention what will this added stress on the foot do to it?  will it flare up again as it did on saturday? i have learnt this at least … that it is crucial not to put any weight on any foot that has suffered a fracture until it is completely healed. 

with the soya sauce chicken it can be made without using onions. so i might have to do that. but i think i willhave to overcome my reluctance to ask simon to do the shopping for me. he is at work today. in the end, i find it is not that crucial to go out.

so i am back to crawling all over the flat like before. it does not look nice, haha. but it is better to be safe than sorry. this way there is absolutely no weight and stress on the foot. though my bony knees are not made for being walked on haha…. i marvel at how when we were kids we would crawl all over the hard ground and think nothing of it. yet now, i am groaning. i must put some padding on it.but what and how to do it? maybe wrap a small hand towel round each knee. if i can find a handtowel. anyway that is a small matter.