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birthday krispy creme

4 Jun

london 3.17pm thursday 2015

very sunny day 23C. i got an email from krispy creme people singing happy birthday to me haha and saying bring this email to any krispy creme place and i can get a free doughnut. recently i subscribed to their facebook by accident really. and the people at the kiosk in victoria station were real nice about it, saying they do these birthday treats , with even a tray of doughnuts decorated in various ways on the counter. i chosed one and took it with me to eat at the victoria place … stopped off at my hsbc branch to get a free coffee… haha. 

i found out the one i chose was called saltedcaramel cheesecake. a limited edition it seemed, but it is a doughnut, not a cheesecake, inspite of the name. something sweet goes very well with bitter coffee. a match made in heaven haha.

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the friendly krispy creme stall in victoria station