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my free birthday doughnut from krispie kreme

4 Jun

london 11.34am 17C rain tuesday 2019

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i got a email this morning from krispie kreme, to give me a free doughnut for my coming birthday. they do it every year which is very nice of them. they gave me a link to get the voucher to redeem the doughnut at their store, but i accidentallly closed it and it wont come up again, instead they ask that i just go to the store and show my membership card or show the app on my smartphonemobile. i dont have a smartphonemobile so i thought i have lost this offer. however, as i was looking around their website i saw that i could log onto my membership. i had forgotten my password, but they sent it to me in my email, and so i was able to use a new password and have it accepted. and then i found my membership number, so i hot foot it to the krispie kreme store in victoria station, showed them the number and got my free doughnut. i am glad i could get it, as i thought i had missed my chance. 

victoria station is very pleasant to hang around in esp so early in the day like now. it has benches with small tables at intervals along its length to rest the laptop, and whilst i was there eating my doughnut, a woman came right next to me, and stooped down in front of me, and started charging her mobile, and that was when i saw just by my feet there was a charging point, with a plug and usb socket. and there were quite a number of these points placed at regular intervals all along the bench. first time i noticed them. so they provide free charging points too. along with giving us free water to refill our water bottles, and free toilets, and free wifi , and this applies to all the railway stations in london now, i can see it is very pleasant to hang around train stations in london. haha. 

this reminds me of what some of my freebie friends have told me that they have noticed the companies are now trying to emphasise the smart phone apps and making them use those apps to get the free vouchers for any free food offers. it means i shall have to save any vouchers sent to me via emails,  as i might not be able to get them again once i download them for the first time.

many things are now shifting to smartphone apps. like recently i heard sainsburys is trialling a checkout app where u can scan an item on your smartphone as you move about the store and it will tally up the price and u can pay it via the smartphone, without need to go through the normal checkout in the store. so no need to queue up on the checkout tills. they can save on giving u a paper receipt too, something i noticed they are trying to wean the public away.

in london we have lots of restaurants offering free food to publicise their opening. i dont think other cities have this phenomenon, do they? london might be unique.

muslim countries might offer free food during end of ramadan. i read that egypt has won a guinness book of record by having the longest ramadan table giving away free food to the poor. it seems to be the custom and the only chance the poor will get to access free food. and it is only once a year.

i dont remember malaysia do it, but then i am not a muslim, so wont know if there are any free food going around at the end of the fast month. i am sure they only give it to fellow muslims and not the other races in malaysia.

interestingly this year there seem to be a disagreement amongst these muslim countries as to when ramadan ends. egypt , malaysia, indonesia and australia says it ends on wednesday 5june. but middle eastern countries like saudi arabia, etc say it is today tuesday 4th june. i have it noted in my google calendar as today ending.

i think astrologically, we can predict when the new moon starts and by rights if u follow the calculations, new moon should begin today. but if u follow tradition and use the sighting of the new moon, than errors can occur, as there might be too cloudy that night for the new moon to be sighted. but it does mean that this year, all the muslim countries will sit down to a end of ramadan meal at the same time, all over the world. this is because the time difference, makes the s.e.asian countries celebrate it on wednesday when it is still tuesday in the middle east  in uk. so all muslims this year celebrate it simultaneously as it were. perhaps they should make this a permanent feature from now on. haha.

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13 May

london 9.47pm 10.7C cloudy friday 2016

the minced beef offer from iceland is great. i bought 4 packs yesterday. it allows me to make hamburgers for so cheaply. seeing all those adverts for hamburgers can make a person start craving them. haha. it even made me crave it,  so even myself is not immune to suggestions… just goes to show the power of adverts;  and the adverts dont tell the whole story either, showing the complete hamburgers when they are only selling the meat. to get the whole thing u still have to buy the buns, the lettuce, dressings etc. and prepare them.

the actual meat hamburger is really very easy to make from the raw minced beef. and 500mg of it, costing £1 can make a lot of beef patties, and that is just using two thirds of it… plus a third left over for making other dishes, like bolognaise for eg, or just stir fry in fried rice. i like both so it will be a tough decision which one i do finally. perhaps i can have both…

(if u consider  the original price of raw minced beef (£2) i can see why a lot of people will just buy the ready made beef patties in that asda advert,as it costs the same;  just for the convenience of it, and i can hardly blame them if they do). 

i like that krispy kreme , it is from a hole in the wall, outside their shop in holborn. it is the only one in london where u get this. yesterday when i went there there was a long queue, but today, maybe because i went there after 2pm, so away from the office lunch hour, and also this time there were two guys there helping input the order, there was no queue.

 i got a code sent to me via email from the company so i get it free. normally it would be £2. it is a new krispy creme that they are introducing one with nutella filling. the filling has the texture of chocolate; and because it is in a box, it kept its shape, and did not get squashed which makes it nicer to eat. last time i got one it was given to me in a paper bag and i squashed it. maybe that was why i did not enjoy that… but this one i like a lot. it is nice once in a while to eat them, esp if it is free. i am glad i dont have a sweet tooth, so i can resist the temptation.  they are really doughnuts with sweet filling inside. it really is amazing how much they have caught on, i heard recently that a big private company have bought the krispy creme company for $1.35billion. if u buy a dozen assorted ones they are about £11. so these nutella ones cost about double the usual price. but the filling really does make it more enjoyable. what i would think is that it might make people go buy nutella instead and just spread it on their toast. haha.

i have not eaten nutella before and so this one gave me an idea of what it tastes of, and surprisingly it tastes very much like what chocolate should taste of. so u can get the taste of chocolate without paying the high cost of chocolates. i think if anything, this doughnut will bring more customers to nutella.