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simon bought a new laptop

9 Nov

london 8.52am monday

yesterday, he came back with this. bought for £250 from currys. the review .

 his old laptop just stopped working, he says because he keeps dropping it so many times. haha. his old laptop is a very heavy thing, this new laptop he bought is lighter but not as light as my chromebook.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

 compare the size with my chromebook. prices have really dropped a lot . my chrome book was £230 about a year ago. but i still like my chromebook. 

short nap turn out to be a long sleep

12 May

london 3.32am tuesday 2015

i thought i will take a short nap at about 5pm (yesterday) and wokeup to find it is 1.30am the next day. amazing really. usually i wake after a 2hr nap.

i missed all the tv programs that i have circled to watch. though nowadays that is not really that bad anymore as we got online tv that allows us to see them later. that is one thing that has influenced our tv watching. no more recording of these things anymore. that makes the video, or dvd recordings obsolete.

its no wonder this report saying we watch tv online more these days. it also asks people what gadget they missed most. for the young it is mobile phones, for older it is tv. for me, it is my laptop.

well, it certainly was more useful than the tv at this time of night, or morning. nothing on tv, though of course i could see catch up tv, but didn’t feel like it. it is too passive. but the laptop and the internet is available 24hrs and it is more appealing because it is a more reactive medium.

i also caught this article about google making it easy to order food via their search engine. so if u are searching for restaurants, and u see one u like, there is a link that allows u to order food from them. google does it via the online takeaway websites that abound now. so far it is a service only available on google in usa. i dont order takeaway for delivery to my home. but it seems it is getting popular. it might be u can run a business without any premises, just have a kitchen and  just linking to these internet sites. but i would advise any takeaway place to get online and link themselves to these websites. in fact, reading of all this takeaway food made me hungry so i just warmed up some leftovers in my fridge and ate it. and it was just as delicious.

i know if i were in malaysia and waking up in the early morning i would most probably jump into the car and drive off to the all night mamak stall and have piping hot  food cooked fresh there, it is the way we are so used to in malaysia. we would never dream of cooking it ourselves, as there would be no food in the house at all. 

having said that ,living in london as i do,  i doubt i will take advantage of the takeaway services as i dont order take away food at all. it is so cheap to just cook more food than i need when i cook my meals, and make them into individual portions and freeze them to eat later, that it seems silly to order takeaway. but i know people dont live by being sensible . haha.

ah well, i think it is time to get back to sleep.

added 7.56am. i woke at 7.40am just now. it was 3.40am or so when i went back to sleep for a 2nd time. so i got a lot of sleep. at first i was surprised because i usually dont sleep that long, until i remembered the night before i slept at 2am and woke at about 6am. so i am only catching up on sleep now. that would explain it. it is just so nice that i am not working so i can just enjoy it ,sleep whenever i like, and wake whenever it happens;  instead of having to wake up to get to work.

i was seeing henry hudson at sothebys yesterday, his art using plasticine, a far cry from what i read  now about picasso’s les femmes d’algers version ‘0’, sold for a new world record $179million. £116million. bought for $32million in 1997. u can compare it with his version ‘H’. you could say the version ‘o’ seems the culmination of the series. i guess u can see why the rich buy these art. its value can only increase with time.

the beauty of google. haha. u can see here all the versions that picasso painted of that scene.  seen all at once, it gets repetitive. best to see them when they come up for auction at about 15yr intervals. haha. picasso is a past master at hiding and hinting at breasts and vulva in his art. so the viewer can get secret pleasure at finding these and pretend only they are the ones to see it. haha.

all this talk of money is very deceptive. for eg, this so called world record, is only the prices bought at auction. private sales are higher, paul gaugin for $300 million

When will you Marry? (Nafea faa ipoipo), Paul Gaugin, £197 million
In February this year Gaugin’s 1892 oil painting sold at the highest price ever for a work of art: $300 million, or £197 million. It was sold privately by major Swiss art collector Rudolf Staechelin to an unknown buyer.

 and since these prices are in $, the exchange rate with the £ means when u translate it to £, the figure can rise and fall all over the place.

added 2.04pm it seems christie’ is also selling picasso’ pottery. it shows off his artistry . this one i like very much.

picasso plate

added.12.57pm 13.5.15. it seems this potteries have been sold at auction as recent as march in sothebys, with prices around 1,800. (forgot if it is in $ or £). and now the buyer has turned it round by selling it online. clever. that plate when i last looked is $5000. 

i got my sound back in my laptop

17 Apr

london 11.43pm

oh a rather nice thing happened.

i switched on my laptop just now and the sound has come back.

recently the device to produce the sound became uninstalled. it happened when i updated the drive for it from a website i downloaded.

that website was supposed to improve my laptop performance.( i got the defragment function from it which i am rather glad of, as my own laptop’s defragmentation software is not working.) but in trying to upgrade the sound driver, it caused the sound to be uninstalled. but now it has come back. 

Makes me think that the best way of solving problems with the computer is just to let it be and switch it off and sooner or later when u switch it on it will correct itself.

Maybe that is a good way to deal with life problems as well. give it time, don’t do anything and it might just resolve itself.

the mystery that is the internet

31 Mar


i have windows vista and we have two users in this laptop. simon is the main administrator and i am the added standard user. The funny thing is this… 4 times now the laptop has said it is unable to access my part of it.

i dont know why. my solution is to go into simon’s part of the laptop, and delete my account, and reinstate another one. then i go back into this new account and reinstate the windows sidebar where i have notes of things to do, mainly reminders of when my books need renewing.

After the 2nd time it happened and all my files disappears, i have learnt to put them in dropbox, or do without. luckily i use chrome now and i can get back all my stuff when i log onto my chrome account and so the disruption is minimal. but i wonder why it happens.

ah well, i suppose i shall carry on until even simon’s part of the laptop becomes irretrievable , then i shall get a new laptop. I am really glad of google chrome, as it is quite fast. But now i find i cannot get back to using explorer. for some reason this laptop is very slow to open explorer. maybe because i have not kept up with their updates. it might be my laptop is a source of viruses and worms which have penetrated my laptop security because it has never been updated as i have not used explorer for ages. maybe that is why they keep shutting me down. and maybe that is why i get phone calls from this chap in india who tells me he is from microsoft and pleading with me to let him solve my problem.

Maybe there are plenty of people like me, ignoramus who are the biggest unwitting sources of those scammers who can take over our laptops to send everyone else denial of service attacks or scam mail. i have AVG, but maybe it cannot stop attacks that are exploiting windows vista weaknesses. Well, lets hope by deleting that old user and reinstalling this new one, i have stopped whatever is happening.

My laptop is slower and slower. haha. now and then it perks up and gets faster. i have no idea how and why it does that. so far i dont have need to get a new laptop, and just as well, because i cannot make up my mind to get a 15″ screen like this one, or a chrome book with a 10″ screen. i like chrome but the small size of the screen puts me right off. if only they make a big screen chrome notebook. i think in the end i shall chose the one with the big screen. 

For some reason, my wordpress wont let me chose the color of the text anymore. i have to post it and then edit it , then the color button becomes operative. Ah well, perhaps it is another of their ‘improvements’. I am not complaining, because it is free after all. And I am grateful to them for providing a free platform for blogging. 

I am reading lawrence osborne’s ‘bangkok days’. or rather i am re-reading it. It talks about his time in bangkok. I am always curious to know how people spend their days and it gives a very good account of his thoughts and what he do when he lived there. i think it is semi autobiographical. it was with surprise that i see an article in the 23.3.14 copy of culture magazine of the sunday times, ( I found it thrown away in my local library in their trash bin. i retrieved it and took it home to read) talking about him.

the article was written by robert collins, headed ‘late flowering of a modern graham greene’ and mentioned two books of his ‘the ballad of a small player’ and the forgiven. it mentioned Osborne in his mid 50s producing a superbly compelling novel ‘the forgiven’ about an english couple in morocco, who knocked over a local man on their way to a lavish weekend party attended by wealthy westerners. it is fiction, like his other book , the ballad of a small player. 

the bangkok book may be fictional too but it reads quite real. the characters might be amalgams of others, but reads true. He lives in a block with other foreigners, some of whom he becomes drinking partners with. his days are filled with drinking and walking the streets at night. eating the local foods, even the insect food, and describing various parts of bangkok. he becomes involved with a local woman prostitute. that is as far as i got. i have forgotten how it ends, so it is like i am reading it for the first time. but now i am searching it for finding out what people do with the spare time in a city like bangkok.

He is a straight guy so there were none of the gay adventures that gay guys can get in bangkok.  haha.I mean the  brief encounters and unexpected shagging. i have first hand experience of that myself. I would have thought that,  to me,  would be the biggest attraction to living in bangkok. though i am realistic to know that that kind of life will soon get a bit too much if u live there a long time. it is a  great city to visit, esp if u are horny, but not a place to live full time and long time. At least that is what i think now, but who knows. it would be lovely to read of someone who lives an adventurous gay life there. though i remember reading of such a blog once upon a time, and after some time of reading it,  it can get quite repetitive, the sexual trysts. i am sure it is more fun in the doing than in the reading of the descriptions. 




is microsoft that caring?

2 Dec

I had such a strange conversation over the phone just now. A woman with an Indian accent phoned me and said she is from Microsoft about my laptop. She says there have been a lot of warnings to my laptop from Microsoft because it is an internal problem with my laptop and she is here to tell me of it.

She asked me to type in eventeve on my search box and it came up listing the numbers of warnings and other things that have been sent to me.

There were certainly lots of warnings.

Now I think of it it must be related to that outlook express problem. I have since found out that Microsoft had been sending out a blanket warning telling all who have this to download a correction. But because I have been using google chrome, I never did get these warnings, and recently they pulled the plug on me and stopped my laptop from opening that user.

So I guess that must be all the warnings that I see now.

The woman on the phone told me Microsoft wants to tell me of that. I thought she can get into my laptop by some alchemy of the internet, but she said no, she needs my permission.

Well, long ago, I would let them, and did… in those days we were so innocent… haha.
We think it perfectly reasonable to believe that Microsoft , this big company would hear of our problems with our laptops and call us personally to fix it, all without us asking or paying for it. Haha.

A bit like believing in santa, haha. Or God. Heehee.

Now of course I ask how do I know u are really from Microsoft? And even told them why should Microsoft, a big company like this call me, a nobody to fix my laptop when I did not even know I got a problem and never asked them to call me to fix it?

Well, she said she will pass me on to her technical superior, but I decided to bring the phone down on her. As I don’t really want to let anyone access my laptop.

And they tried to call me a few times, always getting my answer phone, and not leaving a message and I could hear a lot of background noise. Once I heard a man with an Indian accent say, is this the phone?

Of course, even so one wonders if it might be a genuine offer, and that i have refused something legit. the good thing about having an old laptop is that nothing they do can make it go faster or improve it, so i dont feel too bad at refusing this help, if it is genuine. It is like someone coming to tell me of a great investment offer that will make me lots of money, but since i have enough money and dont want any more, i can tell them thanks but no thanks. haha.

Ah well, I think it is related to the outlook express , but that is solved already as they pulled the plug on my access to the laptop. while i am posting, let me post this picture of the infinity scarf i found quite some time ago. 



Luckily simon is the main administrator , and I was able to get into my laptop using his part of the laptop and create another user.

My advise to everyone who buys a new laptop is to do that and create another user and use that to get into the internet. so that if anything happens at least only one part of the user gets blocked whilst u can access the admin part to open another user. That way u can get into your laptop and use it. Otherwise the whole laptop will go blank and u cannot get into it at all, which is what happened to past laptops we were using.