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Why it’s a terrible idea for women to shave their faces – HITC Lifestyle

11 Feb

Why it’s a terrible idea for women to shave their faces – HITC Lifestyle.

i first saw the daily mail article depicting a woman with shaving cream on her face and a razor poised on it. but did not think anything of it, nor did i read that article, until this morning i read this article. so was that dailymail article advocating that women shave? how strange haha.

dont they know that shaving will start u on the road of no return? from the start u will be doomed to shave for ever till you die.

though that might be better than having to exfoliate for ever till you die for women. i did not realise that women keep their hairless look by artificial means, and to think that here i am, thinking it is all natural. haha.

women shave their legs too. what a revelation, and what the heck, they are like men. i think women should exfoliate their legs. shaving will make their legs bristle. not a nice feeling to rub against that woman’s leg and get that sandpaper feel. urg.

but that is me, what do i know huh? a gay man!! not that i will want to find out for myself. no thanks!

do all you straight men really like the feel of sandpaper legs?