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changing habits

3 Sep

london 7.38pm 12.9C, thursday 2015

i thought it will be difficult to change my habit of taking the bus everyday to the library. but i find it is not that difficult. i used to walk to the library, until i got my free bus pass, and so began to take the bus instead. but now i have reverted to that and find it was a nice habit, that walk to the library. it is enjoyable to walk, i get to see new things and observe more variety of people than just those who take the bus. of course for the two days i have been doing it it has been dry. i wonder if i will feel the same way about it when it is cold and wet. haha. i sent an email to the library informing them of the wifi situation. and got a reply today from them. they are looking into it, are aware of it, and can only ask that i use windows for now. well, my chrome dont have windows, and today in the library, a woman also could not use it, and she was using firefox. but the librarian switched her to safari, (she was using an apple laptop and seem to have all these other browsers installed) and it worked with safari.

ah well, i used the library computers when i want to get online, and i use their chrome installed in it, and it works so maybe it only do not work with chrome in private laptops.

i use the library computer to put in the daily mail unique numbers.

interestingly, my chrome wont allow me to log into the mymail website even when i am at home using my own broadband. i wonder why. it worked on my previous chrome browser, but since i had this new one installed, it seem to have blocked that mymail website, and only that one so far. well, that is the mystery of the internet for you. fortunately it is not crucial.

you could say that will teach me to use chrome, haha. if i had windows this would not be a problem. i guess u could say that, but for a lot of other reasons, i am still glad i got chrome.

the papers were saying they got a survey from agatha christie readers asking them what is the most popular story they like, and it seems ‘than there were none’ came first. it was originally titled ’10 little niggers’, but u can bet that must have raised a ruckus, and was soon got rid of.

it so happened after i read the article in the papers, the library return section got the paperback with that title so i borrowed it. rather good, as i have not read the book.

i have seen a film version of it on tv. quite a old film.it was in black and white so i know the plot. but it will be interesting to read her version. 

the book  was first published in 1939, and the characters seem to like calling everything ‘queer’, haha. 

today, i decided to walk to the library instead of taking the bus

1 Sep

london 3.59pm cloudy with sunnybits, 17.5C tuesday 2015

following that article i read in the papers finding that walking for 20mins a day can lead to good health, i decided to walk to the library from now on and resist the temptation to take the bus. it’s a pleasant day, not raining, when i set out, so it was a nice walk.

just as i got out of the block of my flat, i saw my neighbour who lives across the hallway on the same floor as me, (there are only two flats on each floor) and he was pushing a double decker pram, his baby girl on the lower deck, and her older brother on the top deck.

i asked him where he is going and he said, spelling the words, the zoo. he said the boy does not know it, but that is where he is taking them. not sure why he does not want the boy to know. the kid is at the talkative stage and very independant. 

i said with surprise, its in regent park, isn’t it? you are not walking there are you? he said he walks everywhere, because it is his only chance to keep the boy quiet and not have him wander off, as he has to ride on the pram.

our path soon diverged, so i branched off. i did not have time to ask him where the au pair was. or have they decided to release her and take turns, mostly him, to look after both, now that the little girl is older.

at the library, i got to read not only today’s newspapers, but also yesterday’s, because even though the library was closed for the public holiday, they still get the papers delivered. it even got the sunday times, the only paper they order on sunday. this library closes on sunday but still order the sunday times.

there is something about yesterday’s news. somehow it is not so interesting as today’s news. i daresay it is psychological, but nothing i think is as stale as yesterday’s news. haha.

i noticed the library wifi has the same problem with connection as saturday. my chrome wont allow me to connect with it. saying it is unsafe, something about their license has expired 3days ago.

i went to the desk and told him about it, and he was puzzled why. we found a lady sitting nearby and asked her, and she said she could not get online either. the librarian did not know why. 

but later, a  chap came ,sitting next to me, i found after peeking at his screen that he was online. so i asked him how he did it, and found out he could not get online using chrome but could do so with microsoft windows. 

i walked back, it rained whilst i was inside the library because i can see the roads were wet, but i missed it, so the walk was a pleasant one. you would think it would be cold, 17C after all, but it was not. really very pleasant even though the sun was not shining, the clouds were blocking it, but it was still quite bright.  i think because there was no wind. 

i went into the underground carpark underneath the sainsburys to emerge inside the store right next to the toilets so an easy route to the toilets. i found this route when it rained one time, and to escape it i ran into this underground cave like area to find that it is a great shortcut into the sainsburys above. that time there was no one at the gates, but this time there was a man,at the in gate. ( i wonder if they charge to park there, or is the charge offset by a sainsbury receipt. but he let me walk through, just greeting me. i greeted him back. 

i had all the shopping i need, so dont need to do any so did not bother to browse the shelves further into the sainsburys after my toilet but headed straight out and walked the rest of the way home.

there was a summary of august weather in the papers, and it seems it was a wet august and less sunny too. and it was making fun of the met office prediction that this summer will be hotter and drier than most, when it looks like this august may be the wettest for cornwall. the el nino effect it seems.

from personal experience i dont really notice that it was raining so much , not consciously, it might well have rained a lot but if i am not caught up in it at that moment, i wont notice it. and if i am indoors it is a strange thing, but unless i look out of the window i am not aware of it raining. i cannot hear it , the rain here is very quiet, unlike in malaysia where it does make a lot of noise, thunder and lightning and noisy roof, and noisy gush of water from the guttering.

to me it was a nice august , not too hot and no hay fever, because the rain washed out a lot of pollen from the air. 

reminder by my library to renew a book

23 Mar

london monday 2015

i have been with my library for ages but today first time i received a email reminder from them. i think it is marvelous of them to send an email on the day a book expires, saying ‘dont pay a fine, renew book and give me a phone number and a link as well as tell me which book is due.

i recall the librarian asking me to fill up a form when my library card will not allow me to borrow a book; can’t remember the exact date but it was late last year i think.  my library card was up for its renewal, it does that every 3 yrs or so i think; and i entered my email address.

i keep tabs of the renewal dates of course, marking my daily calendar which i hang on my kitchen wall to remind me to renew. so i am seldom caught out. even then, i was caught out once, so this service is rather welcomed.

nowadays with online renewal, to be caught out with an overdue book is rare and so it should be, as it is not the business of a library to gain at the expense of its users like this. 

the book that was due  is ‘delhi’ by sam miller.

i like that book very much, he walked in delhi and wrote about what he saw and his thoughts. it has copyright 2009. it is a book to savour and read slowly. 

sitting in the library, looking out of the window, and chatting online.

15 Mar


Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

a street lined with cherry blossom trees just coming into bloom, in sussex gdns. a lolita name for a shop which i find rather amusing, and a really strange building what is it i wonder.

i have been commenting on garfieldhug, and enjoying the exchanges with her; i dont do it often, but this morning finds me rather having a interesting chat with her about the things she posted.

and from it , it seems, i come to realise that london have a lot of freebies. being here, i dont know what is happening in other countries and from all these freebies i get in london, i tend to think that is also what other countries’ citizens get as well, but not so it would appear.

well, if any one else lives in a country that gives them free meals let me know ok?

they are genuinely free meals, no strings attached, no pressure to buy expensive drinks or even tip the staff. amazing, !!! i dont know how the staff feels about it, all that hard work and no tips because no one pays.

perhaps the staff dont mind because their pay do not depand on the tips,  unlike in the usa.

rules are changing

4 Mar


this library recently closed for a month to have refurbishment. in the past there used to be huge amounts of eastern europeans who use it to charge their phones.

well, i think they want to stop that because since it opened on monday, it has put up signs saying the power sockets are only for personal use, and someone who was charging his phone, was told not to do so.

so now the library is not full of people sitting around making conversations, and talking on their phone. at least not so common now. there is a sign tellling people to switch off their mobile phone. and another sign saying staff will ask people to leave if they have a lot of luggage, or smell, eating or drinking or sleeping. i spoke too soon, 4 eastern europeans have just walked in, i wonder how it will play out. well, the staff came to ask them not to charge their mobiles and this person got caught twice so staff told him if he is caught again he will be asked to leave. haha. so now they are playing cat and mouse, keeping an eye out for any staff and unplugging their phones. haha.

actually there is a way to get round it.

on the floor there are plugs to power the sockets on the table. it is easy to plug in the phone down there, and to hide it with a bag or something. the staff wont look under the table and if u are discreet, u can get your phone charged quietly. but i wont tell them of it. haha. my charging my laptop is allowed. in fact, it is the only legitimate use of the plugs. they allow use of laptops because students use them to study. it seems chrome books are now used by the schools as a teaching aid. 

a slow day in london

3 Feb


just want to chat really , on nothing in particular.

as usual i had a very enjoyable, pleasant day just pottering around my area. as is my usual routine i took the bus to the library this morning.

now that there is the online bus countdown, it is easy to find out when the next bus is arriving, and to just walk out near the time to catch it, so dont have to wait too long at the bus stop. this is a real good technology that makes life quite pleasant.

and buses come quite close to where i live, so unlike the tube, there is not a long walk to get to the bus stop.

and at the library i get to read all the papers while my chromebook charges up.

i find i like reading the paper editions as well as read them online. i find there are a lot of things in the papers that are not easy to find online. and also adverts that tells me about special offers in the supermarkets can be found in the papers, and not online.

it is also worth going online to read the news because there are items there that dont appear in the paper editions.

so the time spent in the library is well spent, and of course not to forget that there are books to borrow in the library. like today i found a georgette heyer book, ‘cousin kate’.

i find for nostalgia reasons, i like occasionally  to read, or re-read her books.

i came back by bus to have lunch before taking the bus again to victoria to catch the 148 to shepherd’s bush. i wanted to go to the morrisons there to see if they have bargain basmati rice. i just missed their special offer of £9 for 10kg. it was all sold out. so i went to the westfield shopping centre to get a waitrose coffee (still free if u takeaway) and enjoy just sitting under the glass dome in the shopping centre, and read the evening standard.

it is a very nice environment to while away some time. and you can see the sky and natural light shining through the glass on the roof.

i am afraid i did not buy anything there but there were plenty of people eating in the restaurants, and hopefully others patronising the shops as i do wish them well and have lotsof customers buying their things.

there were plenty just sitting about like me because this shopping complex is very people friendly in that they provide lots of seats. and with it being quite cold outside, it is very pleasant to be sitting there indoors out of the cold. i would imagine if u have friends it would be a great place to meet up and chitchat. 

shopping complexes in asia dont have seats so that if u are tired and want to sit u have to buy something to sit in the coffee shops. but this one is rather good about it. in the past there was wifi, but i could not get online today.

the bus ride there and back was very enjoyable, being able to see the life that goes on when sitting on the top deck of the bus. and we were skirting hyde park, practically all the way and it is rather a marvel to see the open spaces and trees of hydepark and u can almost imagine yourself in the country. just no snow though, and not likely to be much snow as there is no forecast of rain in london. the journey would be magical if the landscape is covered in snow.

it is thaipusam today but nothing to show it here in london, though in malaysia it will be observed by lots of people, notable for its  body piercings.

as i was browsing in my library…

31 Jan


you know how so many bloggers would be typing on their blog in a coffee shop and ruminating on their fellow coffee addicts, and/or drumming up coffee shop inspired philosophy, so i do it now but in a library, with all the down and outs and old folks coming in to read the daily papers, people like me in other words. haha.

i read in the papers just now about someone, writing in a article,  saying the costa manager was boasting that the library opposite his shop was empty and closing down, whilst his is full. and the writer went on to say well she got free wifi in the library and all the newspapers and dont have to suffer the muzak in costa. haha. wifi in libraries are really free, and u can stay on it for hours and u dont get charged. 

i wondered why people would like to go to costa and pay for coffee to get their ‘free’ wifi, when the libraries are free; until i look around me and see what is rather non trendy people in the library. most look like they are tramps just come in from the cold. haha. i guess i too look like that as well so i am not excluding myself.  and this is not a criticism, but a observation.

it is a fact that those who go to the library are not  trend setters , nor are wee the fashionable, up-to-the latest zeitgeist. and that is why a lot of people , esp those who think a lot of themselves, wont want to come here, they dont want to be tainted by association.

you would have noticed the coffee shop deliberately want to attract the attractive.  i bet if a homeless person goes there they will be intimidated not so much by words, but by attitude, from the customers and from the staff.

i think that might explain why waitrose have changed their free coffee policy in their cafes. as far as i can see coffee to take away is still free, though i have not yet tested it, but i did not even know that waitrose got cafes. i have never seen them. 

i have heard of this publicity going around a while back, about paying forward, in some coffee shop chain,(starbucks i think) for a free coffee to the next homeless guy who can ask for it, but have anyone seen it being applied?

they expect u to pay for your coffee whilst saying the one they are giving u is paid for by the previous guy. but just wait if u were to say ‘well i dont want to pay forward but i would like the free coffee please’, u will soon get short shrift from them. haha.

yet , libraries are closing. not so much because no one goes there, but from budget cuts by council. well, one of the good things about living in central london is that there are still lots of libraries open and the branches are very close to each other.