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summer salads

29 Jul

london 24C sunny monday 2019

spinach 69p, celery 50p, lemon juice 26p. i am thinking of making salad out of them with mayonnaise dressing.

our neighbour left a note in the hall to tell us to help ourselves to the tomatoes she planted outside in the courtyard. i ate a few but it was not very sweet. which might be a good thing as we dont need more suger.

i went to buy veg in lidl this morning, and also lemon juice. i used to buy the lemon juice from tesco, £1 for 500ml, but i see from their website it is now £1.10. lidls sells it for 26p for 200ml. in their website i checked and saw it was 29p for 200ml. so when i came back and checked the price i realise the store is actually cheaper than the website.

so normally i would go to tesco, but i got sidestepped by lidl because of this cheaper lemon juice, and ended up buying everything i wanted from lidl and gave up going to tesco. my purchases are small but i wonder if this is repeated all over the city and the country, tesco might find themselves losing business to the cheaper supermarkets. i hope so. that would teach them to have so much higher prices than the competition. 

i read somewhere that putting a dash of lemon in your water drink is good for the prostate and the kidneys. that is why i am doing it. normally i just drink tap water and not  bother to add flavours to it. i am glad there is lidl and aldi, and also asda, to provide competition to the big supermarkets like tesco and sainsburys. as it is the latter charges a lot more, even with the competition. it is easy to be lazy and just go to them, as they have so many stores everywhere unlike the lidl or other two supermarkets who have limited branches. but the savings can be very large and worth going out of the way.

i have read blogs where people live far from the cheap supermarkets and forced to buy from express stores whose prices are higher. that is where living in a big city can have its advantages. i hear people say living in big cities you have high cost of living, but to me, it is not so.

everyone keeps  telling me or i read of it, that living in london is high cost of living, so much so that it has become like a go -to saying. but to me, it is cheaper than living in a small town, because here there is so much competition amongst the supermarkets that u can always find cheaper stuff .

if u want to eat out, than maybe it is expensive, but then i think that applies to any small town, as well as to cities. but in london you can always find vouchers given away free that gives you lower prices and discounts if u want to eat out. not to mention free meals from restaurants that want to publicise their new opening, or new menu. 

added monday 29.7.19. 8.19pm . i woke up just now, and saw our bedroom clock says 8, and i thought it was 8am in the morning, the next day.

when i left the bedroom and came out to the hall,  i saw the sun was streaming into the hall passage , through the bedroom window, which faces west, and i thought it was a reflection from the windows of the luxury flats across the way… it sometimes happens during summer, when the rising sun hits it at a certain angle and the reflected light can hit into my flat very brightly.  but when i went to look out from my kitchen window which also faces west, simon was there, and i see it is the actual sun setting , rather than a reflection. and simon told me it is the evening,  then i realised it is still monday and it is 8pm in the evening. i must have slept at least 4 or 5 hrs. which is long for me, usually afternoon naps take about 2-3hrs. it was quite disorientating, and now i realise why sometimes simon would wake up and think it was the next day… haha. 


glorious rain, and shopping

13 Jun

london 9.45pm 13C dry night thursday 2019

it may be dry now, but it had been raining practically all day. its fortunate that rain dont seem to affect me. maybe because i am rather pleased that rain means no pollen in the air, and that means no hay fever. haha. and that means no itchy eyes, runny nose, ticklish throat. (rubbing my hands with glee). that surely must make anyone happy like anything.

so i have been going out and about, today, unlike if it was a sunny hot day, when i would instantly regret it, going outdoors, because of the instant discomfort of hay fever. i forgot to mention all that sneezing as well.

i went shopping , first to brixton to buy garlic, because i got a garlic press and i am eager to use it. whilst there i got ginger and some more chilli as well. then i took the bus 35 to clapham junction to the lidl there.

there are, i later found out, two lidl stores near brixton, but i thought the large store in clapham junction would have porridge oats. or rather would have them in store, rather than in the stockwell branch which i discovered had run out of stock.

its been some time since i went to the lidl in clapham junction, and so i was surprised when i got in, to find they have completely refurbish the store, changed the shelves , so that everything is different. it was so different from what i remember it, that i clean forgot the coffee. 

but the biggest change i noticed is the checkout. the self service tills are  card only, none will take cash; and so forced us cash buyers to queue up at the manned tills, and i noticed the chap at the till is now going slow and making conversation with the old customers. and waiting patiently whilst they fumble with the money, and slowly pack their goods. all the time exchanging pleasantries…whilst we in the long queue have to be patient.

sigh, i hear they have complaints about them being so fast, the old customers felt rushed trying to keep up. and so now we see the result of those complaints, they are now going slow. what a bother really. i decided to write  them on their website, when i got back telling them i prefer them to go fast, and to bring back the cash  to the self service tills.

i wonder  maybe no one praised them for going fast as no one will bother to write in and tell them, so they get complaints by a few old people and they think everyone felt that way. so i wrote to them and said why not tell these old people who feel rushed to follow the age old way of doing things … where you put all your shopping back in the trolley and pay up and take the trolley to the counters set up in the front of the store where you can take your time packing and counting the change and checking the prices. and this ensures that the line goes fast and  others can get served quickly. 

lidl shopping

4 Mar

london 2.20pm rain 7.2C monday 2019

lovely breakfast of croissant and grapes

went to lidls and bought their croissant. i think the cheapest in town, 35p.it is a nice treat as eating it always reminds me of my time in capedagde, the naturist town in south france.

i actually went to lidls to buy their red grapes 500mg selling for 99p, i bought 2packs, and their savoy cabbage 49p. and ended up buying their shoulder pork as it was £2.49/kg. i had been eating a lot of roast chicken (because of the two roast chickens i bought in tesco that were reduced by so much) and i am wanting a change from chicken now. so cabbage with pork will be a nice change. pork can keep in the freezer. when i got back i see that i still have two packs of pork from my previous buy. i find meat lasts me a long time. this is because i use it to flavour the veg dishes i make. without the flavour from meat, i find veg dishes are too bland. 

on the way back by bus, we got told by the driver when he stopped at vauxhall, that the bus wont be going to parliament square, because of the demonstration, and instead will go over lambert bridge and along the south bank to waterloo bridge, where it will cross to the north bank and then go to trafalgar square and continue its normal route. i will have left the bus then as it will go to my get -off point at the tate britain stop first.

well the rain now will put a damper on the demonstrators. it will have both remainers and brexiteers converging on parliament square because the MPs are going to vote on whether to approve theresa May’s exit plan. the rain wont be lasting… it will end at about 3.30pm by which time maybe they would have finished voting.


shopping at lidl

3 Aug

london 10.56am 28C sunny friday 2018

Digital StillCamera

fresh basil pot plant 58p for mozzarella salads.

i thought i better buy a basil plant instead as i seem to be making a lot of mozzarella with tomatoes as a salad, and the basil leaves does make a huge difference in taste. lidl was selling it, along with 35p cucumbers, and gem lettuce. i think their strategy of having 6 items at low price is a good strategy. it entices us to go there for those low priced items, and invariably we will find we need to buy extras for the dish we make out of them, and we find the other items are cheaper too. like for eg, their mozzarella, which i normally buy from sainsburys, i find here they are 5p cheaper.

every thursday they set out a new list of 6 items at reduced price, so it is a good thing to check them out online on thursday. and without thinking of it, i found i spent about £5 this shopping. with this kind of weather, salads are nice to have.

i find shopping for food very enjoyable. especially since i buy a lot of fresh food, and so there is the pleasure of handling the fresh produce. the vegetables and fruits are very firm and you get the feeling of lots of juice under the skin , that u get the impression that there is a lot just waiting to burst out of the skin when you cut it or bite into it.


i enjoy just being in london

2 Feb

london 11.35am 6C sunny friday 2018 pimlico library

me just enjoying the simple life in london. everyone seem to think when in london you have to go everywhere, see everything, and not miss out, but to me it is just nice enjoying just being in london. haha.

i while away the time by going to the once weekly circuit class, which is now getting busier. the last one had 8 people attending. that is by far the most numbers since it started about a year ago, when only myself and another were there. since then it was about 3or4 people each time.

i was so used to such small numbers that when 8 came i was rather put off… it seems too crowded. but i got used to it after a while and adjust to it. it is one of those things really where u are used to one thing and when it changes you resist it. i think most people resist change.

anyway another way of enjoying myself is to go to the virgin lounge near piccadilly circus. it is very enjoyable to go there, not least because there is free unlimited amounts of coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, fruits, newspapers… haha. better than the library actually, which is another place i go to often, though nowadays less often than before. esp now that i have the virgin lounge.

oh, i remember another pastime is going to the various supermarkets for bargains. that reminds me  i should be going to the lidls for more pork. difficult to decide which branch to go to. its sunny today so going out is a pleasure.

they are saying it is going to get cold, and the weather website i trust seems to confirm it. -3C at one stage , on friday.

it seems to be all over europe this cold weather, extending down as far south as portugal. well, i shall see if it comes true. not that it will affect me much. i am confident my flat will be warm enough and it will be nice to go out as i am always wrapped up warm when i go out. 

2.26pm cloudy 

got back from shopping. went to the lidl at clapham junction, and bought a 1.39kg pork shoulder @£2.79/kg. it is the same cost as aldi, which is next door, but aldi only have very large 2kg packs. the thing about these cuts is that they are meant to be for roasting, so they put in a big layer of fat over it, whereas i stir fry so i prefer if they dont have that fat. still, i use the fat to make crackling, just fry it in oil till crisp, you can use the oil left over to cook to give it flavour, whilst storing the crackling for garnishing.

on the way back i passed a house that have jasmine growing over the fence in the front yard. and allready some of the buds are flowering and giving off its scent.now all i need is another house to plant honeysuckle . those two flowers and their heady scent signify summer to me. 


market forces

3 Aug

london 11.38am 21.4C sunny wednesday 2016 the night temperature has been 19C throughout. i think it is very mild.

i went to lidl again this morning to buy peaches. they change their value 6 fruit and veg  every thursday and i think i must have caught them over the changeover. the marked price of the peaches are 59p for 1kg, yet when i went to pay, i was charged 49p for 1kg.

so it looked like these ones i got are meant for tomorrow.(i shall see if tomorrow the prices reflect this) they are smaller so there are more of them in the pack, and just about ripe… which means they should be eaten quick. maybe that explains why they are cheaper. at these prices you can buy 2or 3 packs easily and many shoppers in lidl are, like me, doing that. ( i have just eaten 3 of them, one after another. they are that easy to eat and just ripe too. haha. )

i noticed they are from spain. perhaps with the £ going down, these peaches are not being bought in the normal advance purchase so they have been lying around not sold , until now when they become so ripe the producers  are forced  to reduce their wholesale prices so that they can be sold  and lidl is able to get to grab this bargain.   certainly this year peaches (and nectarines too because they too are on sale in lidl for the same price)have been the cheapest i have seen and all because of lidl.  the other supermarkets are still selling their peaches at higher prices.

this should be the normal way , when there is a glut during summer they should sell these fruits cheap so that we all can taste them… but it does not happen because the market controls the sale, and regulates the supply . this year that mechanism must have been thrown out of kilter from our brexit, and the £ dropping so much.

so far tomatoes are not cheap… so i wonder who is controlling their supply. but tomatoes are a tricky fruit to grow. they are very fussy growers. simon tells me his mum grows them in her garden and some years they  get a glut other times nothing or they dont ripen.

while i imagine fruit trees will continue to put out fruits. haha.



a lovely long border of these flowers, which are weeds really but the gardener has planted them. its near the swimming area of the lake in hyde park.. taken by ian, that is why they dont enlarge to a bigger size.

teh tarik time

24 Jan


my heading is a warning that what follows is inane and pointless. just talking of nothing at all really.

i was at the lidls in stockwell this morning, after i read in the daily mail paper at the library that they are having a half price oranges this weekend. 74p for 1.5kg. which is real good bargain. so i went there and bought 3packs.

i think it rather luxurious to eat oranges out of season in winter. and better still at a bargain price too. i dont know about others, but sometimes i get this real craving for oranges, maybe it is my body telling me i need more vitamin C. i have bought 2packs about 2-3wks ago when they had the same offer. 

and whilst i was waiting for the 88 bus back, i was standing in front of the entrance of a building, and i saw that entrance has a vertical row of letter boxes. and there were lots of buttons for the flats above the shops.

i have noticed workmen coming and going in the past. today ,there was a chinese boy came out with another dressed in builder clothes, those builder clothes looking very butch, actually. haha.

anyway i asked him ‘the whole block is taken with flats isn’t it’? (at first i thought just the floors above the entrance were used, and i thought they were bedsits, with the rooms all renovated as single use bedsits with communal showers). his answer was to ask me where i am from. so i said malaysia, and he asked where in malaysia, and i said kl, and i asked him where he was from , he said penang. so i asked how long he has been in uk, and he said he was born here. haha. one of the british born.

my bus came so i did not get to ask anymore. on parting, he said there are 10, 2bedrooms, and 4 , one bedroom flats.

well, i am glad to meet a chinese british born whose parents are from malaysia, and not china.  they are not common, as living here for so long, this is the first one i met.

but flats are being built all over the place, small buildings like these, old school buildings like the one near the tesco in vauxhall with only 9flats.

i find it amazing that such a small number of flats can be enough to make a profit for the developer. i think it is because the original building is kept intact, and so no need to build foundation. it is just gutting the insides and reconfiguring to fit as many flats in as possible. so the interior of the flats will be having strange shapes, and nooks and crannies.

it is providing work for a lot of people. not to mention furnishing it will  also provide jobs for all those fridges and sofa sellers. hhaahah.some people here in uk are lamenting that all these flats are too expensive for local british people to buy. and that foreigners are the ones buying them and then renting them out to the locals and so all this money is being siphoned off overseas. there was a report that a block of flats, not built yet are being sold to the chinese and these flats are in peckham. a very poor area in the past, but now seems to have been uplifted. ( the effect of a planned extension of the bakerloo line to lewisham). it is not too good if u are the locals, as all these flats are expensive. but the economy of london can only improve from all these activity.

i think working people will have to pool together and rent. even have 2 share a room and  maybe unfurnished, because it is cheaper to rent, and it seems to me furnished flats have so many restrictions with landlords using the smallest excuse to withhold your deposit. even normal wear and tear can be used against u. u are supposed to return it in the same condition as u first got it, and that is really quite difficult. 

if u furnish it yourself u are not governed by strict fire and safety furniture and you can get recycled furniture free or cheap. 

one person in her frugal blog even advise renters to take down the curtains and install your own, and put them back when u leave so that the curtains are not frayed so no excuse for the landlord to charge u for them. not to mention the landlords curtains may not be so thick to provide insulation. i thought that was a good tip.

a lot of people dont realise that the old medieval practise of hanging carpets on the walls is done for a good reason. to stop draughts and insulate the walls. nowadays u can use blankets , hang them on the walls for winter, and take them down during the summer months. 

oh yes, earlier on i went to a small retail outlet called mac colls, to get a free book given away by a telegraph paper promotion. i have never heard of this outlet and it was near me, and i thought it was a book shop, but it turned out to be a convenience shop. well it certainly made me aware of such a shop , but it does not sellbooks. it seems a major film is going to be shown, it is called ‘trash’. i have not heard of the film, or who acted in it. so this promotion has done its purpose in letting us the public know of it. 

Digital StillCamera

it is a book for children, i have not heard of it till now.

well as usual , google it. haha. and here is the wiki entry

this link tells me it is released in uk on 30jan, but it also have links in there that gives film released date by dates. rather interesting,  such a lot of films being released all the time.

lots of excitement in the papers about the £ = euro rate. it is 1.34 to 1euro. same as in 2008, it was £1.10 in 2009. with them forecasting it will be even better in future, 1.55 not seen since 2002. 

added 18.11.17  =£1= 1.12euro now. we voted to leave the EU in june2016. 

sunday stroll

24 Aug


it is a bright sunny day outside my window, the sun streaming in and casting a bright spot on my carpet formed by my window.

Digital StillCamera  

i am pleased that the sun is out, because we have been getting dire warnings of rain and gloom over this bank holiday. however, from the weather forecast online i see we are going to get 100% rain on monday. first time i see the graph going up to 100% .haha. it will be about 3pm tomorrow, with a solid block of over 50% chance of rain from 5am to 11pm on monday. 

so it looks like the bank holiday monday is very wet and that is not favourable  for the nottinghill carnival. but i think people will overcome that and enjoy the rain as well and dance all the faster and harder.

we londoners are used to bad weather and know not to let it dampen our spirits. today is going to be sunny and dry though so the children’s parade which is on today would be very much fun i think. i think all this just makes me very appreciative of the sun, but because it does not stay long to make itself unwelcome, as it would be if it were to go up to 30C or more, i welcome the rain too. 

today i am minded to go to aldi and buy vegetables. they got a good bargain with 39p each. 

later 1.51pm. i just got back from aldi (where i got 1kg carrots and broccoli for 39p each, cabbage 45p) and lidl (where i got 39p onions). aldi was very busy with long queues and people buying cartloads of things.

one guy even wanted to buy a cartload of salt, but the cashier refused him and he left empty handed. I only noticed it because i see her wheeling his trolley full of big packs of salt back to the back of the line.

i wonder what is that about? are people buying from aldi and reselling it overseas? or is salt a secret ingredient in some drug or what? you can tell there are a lot of unknown unknowns in this world. 

well as usual, google it so i did. and from the question ‘is salt used in making drugs’, i got this. it is used in making methamphetamine. 

its interesting that lidl was quite empty with only two tills open and very short queues. 

parliament square was full of tourists. i have never seen so many. what is going on there i wonder. the whole of whitehall was closed to traffic earlier on in the morning (at about 11am) with my bus diverted. but traffic was flowing and it had all got to normal on my  return (about 12.40pm).

again, what is going on? today is a bank holiday sunday but i dont recall anything going on in trafalgar square to warrant the closure of whitehall to traffic. ah well, london is like that, i think us bus users are used to buses being diverted on the routes. we just sit it out or jump out and walk. 

its quite a nice day, very sunny earlier on, but now cloudy but still dry. 

i am going to have a bit of lunch, not sure what i shall have, perhaps a stir fry fried rice with all the veg i bought. then off to the library, and then to the tesco and sainsburys near closing time to see if there is any bargains reduced foods. 

added 4.15pm. bought two loaves of bread from sainsburys, one a warburton white bread (£1.45 normal reduced 34p) , and a half and half warburton 50%wheatflour, 50%wholewheat flour. usual price £1.35, reduced to 34p. i have noticed this kind of half-half bread being produced now. is it a cost reduction exercise do you think? or is it to satisfy people who like the taste of white bread but feel they should be healthier and eat wholewheat bread. 


living in london part 2

3 May


I was reading the newspapers in the library this morning, as i always do on saturday and spotted a daily mail advert by lidl that they are selling 500mg mince beef for £1.

this was what they did a month ago and i bought 4 packs, and wished i bought more.

well, i stopped reading the paper immediately, (luckily i allready read the others), and went out and quickly caught the two bus connections to the lidl branch in old kent road. but when i got  there, there was none to be had. either it was too early for the store to stock it, which is most probable as it was only a weekend offer for today and tomorrow only or it has all been bought. 

anyway i went on further to the asda, because they have a toilet, (which used to be outdoors but it was gone and i asked a shop assistant have they removed the toilet and she pointed to it inside the store, and i realised they have got it inside the store. it might be this toilet was being redecorated and they were using the outside one temporarily. it just goes to show how long ago i last used it. 

anyway i bought the shoulder pork, @£3/kg which is the cheapest price now. 

then since i had to change bus at elephant and castle, i decided if the bus 344 came before the C10, which takes me to my flat, i shall take the 344 to clapham jct, where there was another lidl branch and try that one. 

well, i was surprised to see huge amounts of the mince beef on sale there, and no one buying it.

they limit each customer to 6packs  so i bought 6 packs. very good buy when usually these costs £2 each. strange to see this contrast. no beef on sale in the other store and so much here and no one buying it.

can it be that all the beef were bought allready when i went to that other store? so quickly? it was only about 11am when i went there. maybe people in old kent road are poorer and so will stock up when such a bargain happens. whilst people in clapham junction are richer… it is nice to speculate why there is this difference, but maybe i was just lucky to get there just when they fill the shelves with this cut price mince beef.

coming back, i just missed the 344, and decided to go round the corner to catch a bus going by another route to vauxhall, and saw the bus 87 which is a better bus to take as it takes me straight to the tate britain, and near my flat. in fact, i dont know why i did not think of taking this bus to clapham jct, as there is both a lidl and an asda there and it is one bus instead of taking two to get to the old kent road. 


I can remember a time when 20% fat in mince beef was not all that great… but meat have got more expensive now.

i think getting 6packs is just right. one could get greedy and buy 10 , like the guy i saw last time the offer was on. he bought 10. but there is a limit to the space in my freezer. also , it is not good to have too much of them, as it tempts simon to eat too much of them. he cannot control himself. 

anyway i got lots of meat now. Rather nice of lidl to do this special offer. 

sorry to be writing about this mundane thing. but for us ordinary people this is what concerns us and makes us happy. or at least it makes me happy. haha. 

Reading the news can make anyone sad.That is why i say dont do it too much. I read them and can separate my life from the events i see depicted. It wont make their lives better if I am saddened by it so why be sad about it? but it can affect you, so when that happens i just stop reading. you have to cultivate a couldn’t care less attitude to the news for your own sanity. 

Well, just look what happened. Just talking of the bad news is making me sad. 

so lets talk of the weather. it always makes me happy. even if it is raining, and cloudy and dark. haha. i find the bad weather dont affect me very much. i like the rain, because i know it wont last and the sun will come out tomorrow. today the sun is out and shining in a blue sky. it is cold though in that there is a strong cold wind. but when u are walking about and have a hoodie on, it is very comfortable. 

my friends are feeling the cold a bit, so they have been staying in my flat all the time. not doing any tourist things. they have just come back from a whirlwind tour of northern europe, so i am not surprised they are not going out much;. 

they have discovered the joys of snooker. there is a snooker competition going on bbc2 now and they spend all their time watching it. well it keeps them occupied i guess. 

i was on the double decker new buses, the ones with a platform at the back for anyone to get on or off. they open the door when they approach a bus stop. and the conductor stood on the platform hanging on it by the big rod that runs down the middle. and he was chatting to a bunch of elderly tourists and one of them made to step off the bus just when the bus took off to get to the bus stop.

luckily the conductor put out his hand and blocked her and said stay on, don’t give me a fright. luckily he was quick. seeing it i thought it is important their job, i used to think they were a waste of time, but i did not reckon on old tourist people who get distracted easily. 

but i do think it is a design fault to allow the doors to open before the bus stops at a bus stop. people will automatically think it is safe.

Added.5.5.14 i had another read of the above, and realise it is not a design fault. it is part of the design. originally these platforms with stairs are meant to be open all the time. no doors. it is only nowadays that the doors are set up. and they are closed only if there is no conductor. it is the new added factors fixed onto the old design format that makes it dangerous. with doors sometimes closed, sometimes kept open; passengers get mixed messages.

in the past with no doors we all know that it is up to us to look out. but when doors are put in, we tend to forget that and assume that when the doors open it is safe to get out. and these doors are opened or shut permanently according to whether there is a conductor present or not. and in winter they are shut even with a conductor to keep out the cold. the constant changes makes it gives out mixed messages to passengers. 

normally it is great for us locals, as it enables us to jump off but we know what we are doing. tourists will not, and may step off without realising they shouldn’t and get hurt. that is why the conductor is crucial. now i know why they always hang about the entrance. they do a real good job and my hats off to that young cheerful conductor.