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my life in london today

11 Feb

london 1.42pm 3.3C cloudy/snow saturday 2017

i took the bus to the library and noticed it snowed. !! lovely, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground so no snow drifts on the ground. still, it is rather fun to have it snow because then u dont get wet. because if u have not noticed it by now, living in the northern temperate zone where snow is common, if snow falls on your clothing, u can just brush it off and it wont soak the clothes. whereas if it rained, your clothes will be soaking wet.

what is interesting is that the temperature is around 3C and yet it snowed, so it seems u dont have to have 0C temperatures to get snowfall. on the other hand, it could be reasoned the other way, that because it snowed the air is heated up by the water turning to snow, giving off its thermal heat of energy and warming the air. 

found this lying on the ground. it was near the john lewis  store. one of the  nice things about living in london. i get to find things lying around the capital. i was going there to have a cake and coffee using the free voucher they have given me.that is another nice thing about london. haha.

 it was lucky (or rather it was unfortunate, as cake would be easier to eat) i decided to chose the eclair, because i forgot i could not open my mouth wide, to eat it. i have to get a knife and fork and cut it into tiny pieces and slip it inside my mouth. but it was less sweet than cake, so that was a good plus in its favour. i keep forgetting i have trismus.

this john lewis cafe on the top floor is very pleasant to hang around , it got free wifi too.

it was whilst surfing the net here in this cafe,that  i read this account of a guy and his wife who has retired early and gone to live in penang, and now he says he is upping sticks and going to chiangmai after a year living in penang.its a frank account.  its interesting to read what has changed his mind about living in malaysia.

reading it i was comparing his experience to how i would experience it bearing in mind i grew up in malaysia and so will access the local amenities much more than him. i cannot help wondering whether i too would feel bored living in malaysia, and penang in particular. you would think people there would be going to the beach everyday… but it does not seem so if what he says is correct. the beach gets crowded only at public holidays then it becomes too crowded.

its a funny fact of life, that with all that great beaches nearby, people just dont go there that often. it makes me realise that if it got huge surf waves, it might make it more attractive if u are a surfer. that is why i think australian beaches are busy… there is the surfing and maybe it is not so hot or humid as in malaysia outside the monsoon period  or rainy when the monsoon is on.

i have a feeling beach life is great if there is something to do really when u go to a beach. just lying there soaking the sun can get very boring i suspect.

its inevitable if u are an expat you will cocoon yourself in airconditioned condos and not meet many locals at all which is what happened to him. in fact, he did not meet many expats that are in his similar agegroup and situation either; not surprising of course, as being young and retired is very rare.

i am looking forward to his experience in chiangmai… in the end i have a feeling the best place to be in is right where u are now. haha. expats go round the world chasing an ideal place to live, but i have a feeling there is no such place.

and i think after the initial excitement about the local foods,i read somewhere in his blog he is going off it after a year… not surprising really. the thing with food in  penang is that it is mainly hokkien cuisine, not a lot of choice. unlike if u live in kl, where u can get easy reach of malay, indian, cantonese hawker foods. much more variety and choice. but it is true that as an expat you will find local foods a bit much after living there long enough. you have lived and grown up eating western style food, hamburgers, you will find all that asian food rather unsatisfactory.

in fact i remember when i went there for a holiday, i was craving a good steak after a while, and i was there for only a month. haha and my english friend was getting very bored with noodles with everything and not much meat in the hawker foods. 

yesterday i found a new book by robert harris, conclave. i have read  reviews of it and now i see it in the library to borrow. so i did, and surprised myself by finishing it in 2days. that is another thing to like about london life. i can get to read new books as they get published and for free too. i doubt i can do that in malaysia. i am familiar with robert harris via his cicero books but he is a wide ranging author dealing with a lot of different topics in his books. he is very easy to read , all his novels flow well, and dont leave u feeling he is padding things out, or make you feel the writing style is so awkward it is a chore to read.

in fact, this book brings to mind the tv series starring jude law as the young pope. from all accounts it is worth seeing. so if it does get to freeview, i shall look forward to seeing it. 

 lately there is quite a lot of news about a new tv series depicting life in britain in a fictional alternate universe where the nazis won the war. but robert harris has allready dealt with it in ‘fatherland’. i think that scenario is old hat now. 

added 5.11pm i had wondered where i read about that tv series about a nazi britain, and it is in the daily mail tv guide. seems it is a detective thriller based on len deighton’s SS-GB. i have not read that book so it might be worth it to see the tv adaptation of it.