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9 Jun

london 6.30pm 17C cloudy sunday 2019

this weekend is very quiet for me. even though lots of things are going on in london, the naked bike ride , eid festival in trafalgar square, the queens official birthday , all this on saturday. its nice to hear of them, but thank goodness i dont feel i am missing out if i dont go to them. i only went for a short time to the eid festival in trafalgar square, but did not stay long, preferring to go on to the virgin lounge. i did toy with the idea of staying longer at the virgin lounge so that i can see the naked bikers as they pass it, later in the day, but i decided to get the bus back, and was pleasantly surprised to find the roads clear, earlier on the bus going there there was a diversion and quite a jam as the road from parliament square to trafalgar was closed. i think they were closed for the tail end of the d-day celebrations, there are a lot of war memorials along that road.

every year these things come round and are observed and i include the naked bike ride , and all the festivals. people get off their routine to attend these celebrations and make a bit of fuss about it. but for those of us who live here, in the middle of it, it might be we get a bit bored with it…

hmm, makes me think of that adage, about london, if u get bored with london, you are dead. or something like that… well, i should clarify myself, and say we might be bored with these official celebrations, but not with life in london , the ordinary day to day living that still have lots of things to interest us , the small things, the details. 



18 Apr

london 11.18am 17C sunny thursday 2019

being a john lewis member you get offers from them every 3months. last quarter, i got a gift voucher of £5 to use in waitrose, and that was real useful, as i was able to buy a croissant and get the free coffee each time. i still have another two free croissant and coffee treats to go before the £5 voucher is used up. this time i got in the post their offer of a free coffee and cake in their cafe in the oxford st store. so this one is a one off treat. there was another coupon that gives me a free coffee but only if i buy a cake so i wont be using that. well, these treats are quite nice to have.

in the meantime there is life to enjoy. it is sunny out there, and i might go out and sit in the sun. the forecast is for lots of sun and high temperatures over the easter weekend. and tomorrow there is the free burito for breakfast at tortilla, the cafe in victoria.

it is also the start of the easter holidays which must please a lot of commuters, as they wont have to suffer the disruption by the climate activists.

it has affected the westend businesses who are complaining that people are not coming to the westend and they have suffered a drop in earnings. and they are criticising the mayor of london for supporting the activists. the holidays will be a reprieve for commuters, but businesses will still suffer from the disruption that the activists are forecasting for the westend with their continued action. certainly i myself have not gone to the westend because of this disruption. it is possible that local shops have gained from this… as more people shop locally than go far afield. 


you could live a hermit’s life in the middle of a busy city

27 Jan

london 2.36pm 4C light rain and thunder sunday 2019

its so cosy in my flat that i am reluctant to go out, even though if i had woken up earlier, instead of at 11.30am, i would be out there , in the paddington library which is where i normally go to read the sunday papers.

it says 4C according to the weather website, so it must be rather chilly outside. but inside my flat now i dont feel it at all.

well, now, i had thought of going to the supermarket, not so much to get the late bargains, but more like going to aldi, in tooting broadway, involving a tube journey, to get their 39p celery, and 45p tomatoes. it is the cheapest in town. but with this rain i am having second thoughts about going out. i mean i dont even want to go to the pimlico library , which is near me, to read the papers nevermind going on a long tube journey to south london.

i wonder if others too may not go out just because of the weather. i think if there is something i have to do, i would go out irregardless of what the weather is, but going to the grocers to buy vegetables is not urgent is it? nowadays we have the freezer, and we can get frozen veg , so fresh veg is not urgent at all. no wonder the grocery stores, and butchers, are suffering, when we dont feel the need to get supplies in daily. and we have so much in the flat to keep us occupied, the tv for eg. lots of programs to watch. and films.

i know how to cook, so i dont have to go out to eat. but nowadays, with all those online food delivery services, someone who dont know how to cook would not even have to go out either, and still be well fed.

hmm, it makes me see that someone who wants to can just cut themselves off from ever socialising and going out and just stay in , and live an online life and never have to meet a real person ever. maybe that is why i read of those japanese men who just lock themselves inside and never go out and live a life of a recluse. 

violent demos in france, peaceful ones in uk

9 Dec

london 2.53pm 10.5C sunny (sunrise 7.53am sunset 3.51pm) sunday 2018

there is a brexit demo today in central london, so the buses are disrupted. luckily they told us about it on the notice board display at the bus stop, so i decided to take the tube instead to go to paddington library (which is not near paddington station at all, but nearer royal oak station) . but in the tube they were announcing the metropolitan line is experiencing delays, so i got off at paddington tube station and took a bus.

there are always demonstrations in london at the weekend. i get irked by them, but maybe i should be glad they are not out and out riots, like paris is having, and spreading to other big towns in europe too.

france in particular seem to indulge in violent demonstrations rather than peaceful ones. i wonder why is that? it seems to me very bad to take your anger against govt actions on the ordinary citizens by destroying their town and businesses. maybe the reason violent demos are so prevalent is because it works, their actions have forced the govt to stop the taxes that are supposedly to combat climate change. time and again it has been effective in stopping whatever they object to being implemented so it is no wonder they resort to violence and disruption.

maybe they should implement a policy whereby if there is violent demonstrations, than whatever the policy that the demonstrators object to will be implemented immediately. if the demonstrations are peaceful than there will be a rethink but no guarantees that it will be canceled. but it will be widely known that any violent demonstrations means an immediate implementation of that tax or whatever. 


let time do all the work

30 Nov

london 11.17am sunny blue sky friday 2018

i woke at 9.30am and was just lazing around the flat, and when i saw it was about 10am i mulled over whether i shall make the effort to go to chelsea where maitre choux , a eclair tea house is giving away 100 free eclairs today starting at 11am. and decided i could not be arsed. haha. its the lining up to queue that is a bit off putting for me now, that i have to hobble about on my surgical boot and shopping trolley crutch.

that is the fun of being retired, i dont have any must- do, or have- to -go… or any obligations. my time is my own. i dont have to do anything if i dont feel like it. so there!

they are giving out another 100 free eclairs tomorrow. but i am not sure i want to go.

i must say being told about their free eclairs offer makes me want to eat an eclair. but not theirs, which are too over decorated and overpriced. they cost about £6 each. it looks pretty, in an overblown sort of way.

no, what i wanted was to eat the supermarket eclairs, the ones with melted chocolate on top and they are like 50p or at most £1 each. i googled tesco eclairs, and find that it is 6 for £1.15.

but that is for later, right now i am looking at my egg cup with my half boiled egg and my toast soldiers which i am having for breakfast.

the way i make it is such a lazy man’s way of doing it. i just pour hot water over the egg, cover it and let it stand for about 10mins or longer. and i do other things or not do other things whilst it is cooking. haha.

i like this way of preparing things. let time do all the work. and i look out of the window and admire the blue sky and sunshine out there, and just contemplate my life. 



2 Oct

london 8.05pm 17.9C dry tuesday 2018

its langer week, which is the sikh giving of free food as a practise of charity. they do it every day it seems in their temple, all year round, but this week is to let the world know of it. so a group of sikhs has hired a church in the city to give a vegetarian meal to everyone. which consists of a bean curry , 2 naan bread+/rice, salad, lassi dessert and a fruit (banana for me) and we have to take off our shoes, and wear a head scarf, even the men. you are supposed to wash your hands, because the food is eaten with the bare hands. which is great as it means we dont need to use disposable cutlery. though they did provide a spoon.  but there was no facillity for washing our hands. it is surprisingly filling. so that even though i can see some returning to get a second helping, i was too full. 

they are hoping to attract the office workers that abound in that area. it was near liverpool st station.

on the way back to the station to get the tube , i saw a homeless man on the pavement begging. one passerby office worker put something in his dish.  i wonder if he knows of this free food. or whether he is interested in eating it. i have a feeling that for these homeless people ,  it is money they want,not food.

i think it is because they get food given to them quite often, with the daily hand outs of free left -over food from the chain shops like pret, etc. so money is more difficult to come by.

actually when u consider that a bowl of porridge which is so cheap can be made with a microwave, and that will fill you up really well, no body need starve in this united kingdom. i eat porridge for my breakfast everyday, and it makes me so full, that sometimes i dont think of eating again till 4pm. hunger is not a big concern in this society of ours. no one starves. yet, porridge is not a favourite breakfast amongst most people. it is more like they dont like to eat the same bland food and want more variety and tasty food, or junk food. 

when you are not starving you would like food to be tasty if u are going to eat it.  you can afford to be more picky.

the uk is a very tame, safe country to be in. we dont have tsunamis, unlike the big news now in palu and sulawesi (used to be celebes) island. 


Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

15 Jun

Back when I was living in my beloved New York, there was a political candidate that made us chuckle, momentarily nod in agreement, and think of ways to further free up some cash in our lives. Jimmy McMillan is the leader of said political party called Rent is too Damn High. In 2005, he ran […]

via Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

london 1.26pm sunny ed diner victoria place 24c friday 2018

i hope the writer of this blog will not mind me sharing it. this is because i find it gives me a fresh outlook on the blogs that people keep. i now can think of it as living rent free in their heads… i cant make out my mind what the writer is concluding… dont write for free, or be thankful for something free in this world, when costs are rising all the time… 

but aside from that i am thinking all those people on social media , they write about their daily life and thoughts, and share it with the world. and it is all free to access.  it makes me realise why celebrities are so popular and have so many people following them. it affords people a glimpse into their lives. for free. granted you get a very edited version of their lives, showing only what they want to show you.

that is true of every blog, or twitter, or facebook ,or any social media account really;it is a biased account of their lives but still, it is a glimpse into someone else’s life. it might appeal to the voyeur in all of us, like someone letting us look through their open curtains at their lives, and closing their curtains to hide other aspects of their lives, and not allow us to look at them. you could say it is making us all voyeurs. (maybe the word voyeur might be too strong, as obviously there is nothing sexual in these blogs) or you could say it is allowing many people to show to others how they live and what their thoughts are on things. and let others make of it what they will, or take what lessons they can from it. you can see how you might make a better life and see them making decisions that you would not make, and apply that to your own life.

you could argue that what you are seeing is rubbish and not worth paying for. that is true too. as with anything that is free, some things are worth it, others are not worth the having.

 for eg, i am having a free milk shake now, courtesy of ed diner, they gave it to me for my birthday. normally i would not buy it , as it is very sweet. they have a yoghurt version, and that might be nicer, even though it too will be very sweet. but i think i might enjoy a yoghurt better than a milkshake. still, it is free and so nice to have. whether it is good for me to eat on a regular basis, some might say not. 

on the way here, i passed through victoria station, and lucozade was giving away free samples of their drink . so that was nice, i got some, and again normally i would not buy them, as they are sweet, too sweet for my liking. it is a 150ml can , with 4.5g of suger in it. and it even says on the can not suitable for children. what is more, the sugers is from the glucose syrup 11% but , get this, it has aspartame, a sweetener, in it as well. so not only have it got 2teaspoonfuls of suger, it got extra more sweetness added on top of that in that aspartame… which they did not say how much. i think i have allready got my month’s if not more, worth of suger allowance in the milkshake i just drank, so i shall not be drinking any more suger in that lucozade. well all this just goes to show what a two edged sword it is when we are given something free.