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let time do all the work

30 Nov

london 11.17am sunny blue sky friday 2018

i woke at 9.30am and was just lazing around the flat, and when i saw it was about 10am i mulled over whether i shall make the effort to go to chelsea where maitre choux , a eclair tea house is giving away 100 free eclairs today starting at 11am. and decided i could not be arsed. haha. its the lining up to queue that is a bit off putting for me now, that i have to hobble about on my surgical boot and shopping trolley crutch.

that is the fun of being retired, i dont have any must- do, or have- to -go… or any obligations. my time is my own. i dont have to do anything if i dont feel like it. so there!

they are giving out another 100 free eclairs tomorrow. but i am not sure i want to go.

i must say being told about their free eclairs offer makes me want to eat an eclair. but not theirs, which are too over decorated and overpriced. they cost about £6 each. it looks pretty, in an overblown sort of way.

no, what i wanted was to eat the supermarket eclairs, the ones with melted chocolate on top and they are like 50p or at most £1 each. i googled tesco eclairs, and find that it is 6 for £1.15.

but that is for later, right now i am looking at my egg cup with my half boiled egg and my toast soldiers which i am having for breakfast.

the way i make it is such a lazy man’s way of doing it. i just pour hot water over the egg, cover it and let it stand for about 10mins or longer. and i do other things or not do other things whilst it is cooking. haha.

i like this way of preparing things. let time do all the work. and i look out of the window and admire the blue sky and sunshine out there, and just contemplate my life. 



2 Oct

london 8.05pm 17.9C dry tuesday 2018

its langer week, which is the sikh giving of free food as a practise of charity. they do it every day it seems in their temple, all year round, but this week is to let the world know of it. so a group of sikhs has hired a church in the city to give a vegetarian meal to everyone. which consists of a bean curry , 2 naan bread+/rice, salad, lassi dessert and a fruit (banana for me) and we have to take off our shoes, and wear a head scarf, even the men. you are supposed to wash your hands, because the food is eaten with the bare hands. which is great as it means we dont need to use disposable cutlery. though they did provide a spoon.  but there was no facillity for washing our hands. it is surprisingly filling. so that even though i can see some returning to get a second helping, i was too full. 

they are hoping to attract the office workers that abound in that area. it was near liverpool st station.

on the way back to the station to get the tube , i saw a homeless man on the pavement begging. one passerby office worker put something in his dish.  i wonder if he knows of this free food. or whether he is interested in eating it. i have a feeling that for these homeless people ,  it is money they want,not food.

i think it is because they get food given to them quite often, with the daily hand outs of free left -over food from the chain shops like pret, etc. so money is more difficult to come by.

actually when u consider that a bowl of porridge which is so cheap can be made with a microwave, and that will fill you up really well, no body need starve in this united kingdom. i eat porridge for my breakfast everyday, and it makes me so full, that sometimes i dont think of eating again till 4pm. hunger is not a big concern in this society of ours. no one starves. yet, porridge is not a favourite breakfast amongst most people. it is more like they dont like to eat the same bland food and want more variety and tasty food, or junk food. 

when you are not starving you would like food to be tasty if u are going to eat it.  you can afford to be more picky.

the uk is a very tame, safe country to be in. we dont have tsunamis, unlike the big news now in palu and sulawesi (used to be celebes) island. 


Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

15 Jun

Back when I was living in my beloved New York, there was a political candidate that made us chuckle, momentarily nod in agreement, and think of ways to further free up some cash in our lives. Jimmy McMillan is the leader of said political party called Rent is too Damn High. In 2005, he ran […]

via Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

london 1.26pm sunny ed diner victoria place 24c friday 2018

i hope the writer of this blog will not mind me sharing it. this is because i find it gives me a fresh outlook on the blogs that people keep. i now can think of it as living rent free in their heads… i cant make out my mind what the writer is concluding… dont write for free, or be thankful for something free in this world, when costs are rising all the time… 

but aside from that i am thinking all those people on social media , they write about their daily life and thoughts, and share it with the world. and it is all free to access.  it makes me realise why celebrities are so popular and have so many people following them. it affords people a glimpse into their lives. for free. granted you get a very edited version of their lives, showing only what they want to show you.

that is true of every blog, or twitter, or facebook ,or any social media account really;it is a biased account of their lives but still, it is a glimpse into someone else’s life. it might appeal to the voyeur in all of us, like someone letting us look through their open curtains at their lives, and closing their curtains to hide other aspects of their lives, and not allow us to look at them. you could say it is making us all voyeurs. (maybe the word voyeur might be too strong, as obviously there is nothing sexual in these blogs) or you could say it is allowing many people to show to others how they live and what their thoughts are on things. and let others make of it what they will, or take what lessons they can from it. you can see how you might make a better life and see them making decisions that you would not make, and apply that to your own life.

you could argue that what you are seeing is rubbish and not worth paying for. that is true too. as with anything that is free, some things are worth it, others are not worth the having.

 for eg, i am having a free milk shake now, courtesy of ed diner, they gave it to me for my birthday. normally i would not buy it , as it is very sweet. they have a yoghurt version, and that might be nicer, even though it too will be very sweet. but i think i might enjoy a yoghurt better than a milkshake. still, it is free and so nice to have. whether it is good for me to eat on a regular basis, some might say not. 

on the way here, i passed through victoria station, and lucozade was giving away free samples of their drink . so that was nice, i got some, and again normally i would not buy them, as they are sweet, too sweet for my liking. it is a 150ml can , with 4.5g of suger in it. and it even says on the can not suitable for children. what is more, the sugers is from the glucose syrup 11% but , get this, it has aspartame, a sweetener, in it as well. so not only have it got 2teaspoonfuls of suger, it got extra more sweetness added on top of that in that aspartame… which they did not say how much. i think i have allready got my month’s if not more, worth of suger allowance in the milkshake i just drank, so i shall not be drinking any more suger in that lucozade. well all this just goes to show what a two edged sword it is when we are given something free. 


a nice life really

24 May

london 19.2C sunny (highest 23C) thursday 2018

it’s quite a lovely time really, that i am having. nothing spectacular to write about  that is why i did not feel like writing about it. after all, it just seems rather tame to be saying it is a nice life i am having, but nothing that i can point to to show why it is nice. haha. it is more a state of mind, in that there is nothing bad happening in my life, and so to me that is a nice life.

i suppose for something to write about, some people might welcome lots of things happening to them, usually bad things, because those things always outweigh the good things dont they? but to me, i rather not have those bad things, just to fill out my blog. haha.

actually, a small good thing happened. yesterday i found that the microwave did not work, and we even changed the fuse hoping that is the cause but it still did not work. today, simon said we did not use the correct plug, so that when he disconnected the microwave, to throw it away, he found that yesterday he did not use the right plug for it. and when he changed the fuse today, the microwave worked. so the good thing is that we dont have to buy a new microwave. that is good news. 

and also another good news. i was at the sainsburys today and wanted to use the human cashier, because i wanted her to use the machine  to pay with my nectar card… and when i put my things on the trackway, the guy who was ahead of me, asked me if i have a nectar card and i can have his nectar points . so i got his points. and i got my shopping paid for by my nectar points. £7.50 worth using 1500 points . and i still got a balance of 2400 points for future buying.

there must be high pollen today, because for the first time, when i was out and about, i can feel my throat getting itchy. so even though you cannot see the pollen, it must be a lot of it in the air. fortunately the airconditioned bus is quite good in keeping the pollen out, and the supermarket of course is indoors and have conditioned air. so too with the library. it is one of the paradox of summer, such nice weather outside but full of pollen, so for us hay fever people we cant really sit out in it to enjoy it , but have to hide indoors. haha . that is life, i guess. you cant have everything. 


simple pleasures

12 May

london 8.58pm 10.7C dry now but raining practically all day. saturday 2018

it put a damper on the labour march this morning, which disrupted the bus services. they did a reverse route , normally they go from marble arch to parliament square . this march was in the opposite direction. it made me go into the tube when my bus was stopped at hyde park corner. it was no big deal for me, as i get free travel on the tubes as well as the buses. from the banners, it seems most of the marchers were RMT supporters. this is the rail union that has been in dispute over guards and doing rolling strikes that have really made life terrible for rail commuters.

there were no spectators lining the road watching on , or waving at them. most were tourists that just sat in coffee shops looking at the marchers going by, or walking along the road on the other side, getting to where they are going because they cannot take the buses, which were not running . in fact the roads were blocked so that even cars are not running.

on my way back, i discovered that the victoria line in central london is completely shut, because of a body on the line. so i decided to just walk to the virgin lounge and while the time away there as i can see the tail end of the march allready coming to view as i came out of green park and walking towards piccadilly. there was very clean roads after the marchers, because close on their heels was a platoon of cleaners with brooms, marching along at the tail end cleaning up as they go.

i quite enjoy the virgin lounge. it is a very simple pleasure and makes me realise that there are many of such pleasures in life if u are aware of them.

like for eg, shopping for food. people say they dont like grocery shopping, but they miss a simple pleasure. it is the anticipation of cooking a nice meal, and looking forwrd to eating it, that forms a part of the pleasure. those who dont knowhow to cook are depriving themselves of such a simple pleasure, that dont require a lot of skill, nor time, nor money and is enormously pleasureable for what little it costs.

i remember reading of a guy who gave up work and lived in a cruise ship for 20yrs, saying he dont have to worry about cooking or shopping for food, as that is all done for him in the ship; saying he can then give a lot more time to doing what he likes to do…. which seems to be basically doing nothing, except eat, sleep, look at the laptop a lot, haha. having everything done for him, like a rich man with lots of servants to do his every bidding is not really such a great life really. it can get damn boring. there is a lot of joy doing these so called mundane tasks yourself. you are living instead of having some one else doing the living for you. 

robot car accident kills a pedestrian crossing the road.

23 Mar

london 5.30pm 9.7C dry overcast thursday 2018

11.29am 12.1C sunny friday

6.04pm 10.7C sunny . it is close to sunset 6.18pm

its a peaceful day for me. my friend who came to visit uk from florida, where he lives, is now away, up north visiting his friends, and family. he is a very easy person to have as a guest.

i have been spending my time reading. mainly science fiction. they bring me into another world and is a form of escapism. i am sure there must be plenty of people experiencing a sense of wonder, or joy, or inspiration, but by its very nature, it must be very personal, and doubtless difficult to convey or even to tell others about it. so we dont read of it. whilst we read the news and it is full of angst and bother, bad news.

i remember reading of the facebook problem, where a company is able to grab people’s info and try to influence them , they say to vote, but how effectively they did it is something everyone dont seem to question. i would have thought they were preaching to the converted. it is much harder to change someones views than to reinforce it . so i would imagine all their targetting is just preaching to the converted. 

the whole business plan of facebook and all other social media businesses is based on using your personal info to sell to others, and let them make use of it how they will. i thought everyone knows that. and everyone condones it dont they? so now to start being upset because some company has done it for political reasons instead of for commercial reasons… ie selling you stuff and services…seems rather perverse. people  should not act like it is a big surprise.

you have lobbyists in parliament rooting for their clients business viewpoints and we all accept that. so why not have a company slant their messages to those they identify as sympathetic to it, or even try to influence those undecided, seems fair game surely… all in the name of persuasion. as long as people know it and been told of it. everyone must know that whatever they put in their facebook profile will and can be used . if they still do not know, they are very naive indeed.

and then there is this driverless uber car killing a woman who walked across the road with her bike. it was a very dark road, the street lighting was far apart and that point she crossed was in total darkness. 

i have seen the video of the point of impact and i can say no one would be able to stop in time. she just seem to suddenly appear a split sec before impact. no human being can ever reacte that fast to stop the car. (it did not help that the headlights of the car was dipped, instead of casting a higher horizon to light up a bigger stretch of road. )

and it seems no robot car can  stop in time too. when i was seeing it i thought surely that car has sensors that can see in the dark, and notice this woman, even if she is not seen by human eyes. now if that robot car can do that, it would be a huge advantage, and huge arguement to have them. but too bad they dont have the technology for that yet. if they can have that it would mean robot cars will be made mandatory… and in fact human drivers may be banned from driving cars in future. actually they can set the respond sensitivity to movement. but it ended up with the car stopping because it sensed deer beside the road… and it wont do to have a car stopping on a road just because of some movement… so they have to adjust the sensitivity. but i was thinking is there a way to make the sensor notice anything in front of the car, and to stop immediately if it senses some object right in front of it. a machine may be programmed to do that though it might be dangerous for the passengers to have a car stop so suddenly in midflight… i mean what if the object is thrown at it, a fast moving car to suddenly brought to a halt will throw the passengers against the windshield and kill them, even if they are wearing seat belts. i guess we will have to accept that people will be killed, even if robots drive the car.

people will do silly things like walk across the road without looking, which it seems that woman was doing… she was looking at her phone it seems.

i mean even i myself do it, walk across without looking… and i am supposed to be very aware. it was lucky for me that the taxi man reacted quickly, or i would be dead. he was luckily not moving fast that might be the biggest factor to me being alive now. but what i am saying is that we humans can be very stupid, and for some of us, a moment of stupid thoughtlessness can kill us. i am just glad my moment of stupidity did not kill me. 




Digital StillCamera

yesterday’s dinner, cooked by simon its beef

Digital StillCamera

today’s lunch cooked by simon

i am glad i dont have women in my life

8 Mar

london 10.31am 7.7C cloudy thursday 2018


i slept really early last night at about 8.30pm. i find i do that after my circuit training… it is lovely to be able to fall asleep whenever i like. by sleeping so early it means i wake up at about 1am… that is no big deal for me but i guess if u are working the next day you wont like it. i just went online till about 6am, then went back to sleep and woke about 9.30am.

my friend from florida, usa has come to visit me for a month or so. he came yesterday at about 11am . and slept right through the day and night. jet lag i think.

he was here about the same time last year, and it reminded me that it was the time i fractured my foot too. so a year have gone by. we are all gay so have lovely pleasant lives… haha.

i figured it is because we dont have women in our lives. life is very simple when u dont have them in your life. i think. in the film my fair lady, the professor higgins  character sang of it, giving all the reasons why… i agree with him. haha. being gay makes it easy to do without women in my life. so i am glad to be gay.

i can imagine it must be difficult to avoid women if you are straight.that is  if u really want to avoid them. like they said, cant do without them, cant do with them. haha.

i see it in videos of other men having problems with the women in their lives, usually falsely accused of rape. but in my own experience i can see my own brothers having problems with their wives, usually nagging , making them do things just so they dont lose face, that kind of thing.

i saw a video this morning about israeli men having huge problems being falsely accused of rape by israeli women, because there the law specifically states they wont prosecute women who falsify evidence in rape accusations. its got so bad, that many men marry foreigners rather than israeli women. i could not help thinking when i was seeing that video that israel would be lovely for lesbians, all those beautiful women around, and so independant and the law and society positively discriminating for them. if i were a lesbian it would be paradise surely. i am sure there must be a large proportion of lesbians in israel. 

though it might be difficult to find work, because the men as so scared now they try not to hire women it seems. the video mentioned offices where they are all men. how do they get away with that, i wonder, because they must have laws that make sure the business has a quota for women surely… or is there a way to work round that. when the video ended, there were more videos thrown up by utube, and i saw one saying dr seuss books are racist…. hmm, what is going on really. people are reinterpreting everything…

added. 12.33pm 8C i am so surprised to read this article about snow and what not up north. like a different world. at first i thought it might have been a old article,but it was published this morning today. 

here in london it is very mild. the lowest was 6C yet in that article i see they were saying it is 1C in the south. someone is lying. and i know it is not me. haha. ah well, serves them right for living up north.

the greatest prize

5 Aug

london 6.30am 17.1C cloudybright saturday 2017

this article in the daily mail reminds me how much i like living here. dominic sandbrook has turned a review of a book the last wolf by robert winder, to remind us of what england is. the book is about someone who is the great wolf hunter, eliminating the wolf from england, and thereby, he argues starting what we are all so familiar with… the english landscape. he enabled sheep to be reared ,giving rise to wool, which was the basis of england’s wealth and that influenced the way the english countryside turned out. and so evolved the idea of england. 

It is not very fashionable these days — especially among those on the Left — to quote the controversial empire-builder Cecil Rhodes, but nobody put it better than he did. To have been born an Englishman, he once said, was to have ‘drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life’.

he was referring to himself and his times. those were the days of empire building where a few individuals can form an empire.

i think it can also apply to these times now. in a slightly different way, not empire building but way of life and opportunities as well as climate and environment.

i wonder where our tv remote went?

4 Jul

london 23.2C sunny tuesday 2017 9pm

i think humans are constantly looking for novelty and new things. and always not satisfied with what they have. it is a human thing i think. which may be a survival trait, as all those disastisfied human beings force new discoveries and inventions and made us progress to what we are today.

the reason why i say this is because i felt a bit like that today. even though it is quite a pleasant day and i did some nice things but was still left feeling rather disastisfied.

ah well, one big fly in the ointment is losing the remote to the tv. i came back at the same time as simon and he asked me what i did with the remote. it seems he woke up after i had left for the library, and he could not find the remote. i know i left it on the side table before i went to sleep last night, which i always do because i am very methodical with leaving it in the same place all the time. simon leaves it all over the place, and it is because i dont like having to search all over the place that i develop this habit of keeping it in one place. but this morning it was not there. it is very strange and i cannot explain it. who could take it, only myself and simon lives here. it makes me sometimes wonder if there is a mischievious ghost doing these things.

anyway luckily the tv can be operated manually by pushing buttons on the machine itself, so we can still watch tv. simon went online to buy another one. for about £8. hope it arrives and works on our tv box. but it is rather an irritating thing, even though small problem. but it does unsettle the rest of the day. times like this i always keep reminding myself to keep things in perspective. in the wider range of things it is a minor mishap. normally, we will mislay things, and it will appear again some time later so we are hoping it will do so again, most probably just when the new remote arrives. i went to the marylebone library this morning. to see the new place it relocated to, round the corner from the old place. the old place is much bigger, 4 floors, this one is two floors and very small. so a bit unsettling, because i am so used to the old one, with its spaciousness. it seems the owners of the old place wants to reconvert it back to flats. it was originally flats and there was a downturn it seems in the housing market then, so they leased it out to the library, which was looking for a temporary home until their permanent home is ready. but i think the dateline for the new permanent home kept being put back, it is now 2020 before it is ready. so they have to find another temporary home. the new place got only one toilet and that is a disabled person’s toilet. perhaps they want everyone to use it. this new one dont have lifts to the downstairs basement floor. so that is going to restrict disabled people from using the computers downstairs.

life is free

25 Jun

Everyone complains about anything they can and say nothing is free. Think again, are you sure nothing in this world is free? Can you think of anything in your life that was free and you didn’t have to pay a single cent for it? I can think of one very important thing. It has four […]

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we all know of the saying, nothing in life is free… but life itself is free. it is a gift bequeath by our parents.