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17 May

london 9.18am 13C cloudy though very bright. sunday 2020


this is another picture of the same yellow rose that i took 3days ago. i like the look of it, and this picture is more focused. it is a pretty rose, but have no scent. and my posting a old picture just means things are very uneventful here. i mean to say in most people’s daily life.

there is lots happening in govt, with some wanting the lock down to end, and others wanting it to continue, and what about schools should they reopen or what. whilst all the while the economy is dead or dying and that means businesses dying, and people will have no jobs to go back to. 

life indoors is quite nice for me. it is what i normally do. so it is not much change from my usual routine, except on sundays i would be out to the paddington library which involves a long bus ride  to read the papers, and enjoy the scenery on top of the bus there and back.

now of course no bus rides for us. already they are telling us we will lose some of our perks. for eg, for freedom pass holders, free rides on tubes and buses will only be after peak hours, that means after 10am daily and weekends also. the idea they said is to discourage old age travel at those times, when it is rush hour and very crowded with commuters. but also it is a way to get more money, as london transport is desperate for money. the congestion charge for cars will be increased to £15 daily and will include weekends, and also be extended from 7am to 10pm at night. 

as it is, all bus travel now is free, because the card reader is right near the bus driver, and they dont want people to get near the bus drivers so that the bus drivers dont get covid. so not only do they have to keep the buses running, but they cannot collect fares from those reduced numbers who do take the bus. even if businesses are allowed to open, they want fewer people to use it, by imposing a limited capacity. those businesses will not make a profit, so some of threatening to stay closed rather than open and lose money because not enough customers come or are allowed.

i read of shopping malls overseas in s.e.asia being opened, but they are making it warmer, so it does not encourage people to go there just to linger around. haha. what they really mean is this. tell people to come but not too many, and only if they buy something or else dont come.

here in uk, no shopping malls are open, nor any business other than supermarkets, and recently gardening centres. 




sausages and mash

25 Apr

london 9.04am 9C cloudy saturday 2020. its got cooler now

KODAK Digital Still Camera

simon cooked these for breakfast and it was very nice. these are sainsburys taste the difference sausages, and i thought they tasted very nice. but he said he did not think so. he got them at reduced price about 89p, usually they cost £3 for 6. so at that reduced price it is worth buying. not at full price though. 

dont know why he thinks they are not nice. the ingredients says they are made of 97%pork. but i think the 72% pork sausages are just as nice. and they cost £1.50 normal price. and if u can get them when they are reduced, it is even better. though now that there is lockdown, it is difficult to get these bargains. they might well have these reduced prices, but the queue to get into the store at that time of day when they get finally reduction is so long that i dont want to bother queueing up.the queueing is long because the supermarkets deliberately restrict the numbers in the store, just so people can keep their physical distance.

its interesting that in the instructions how to cook them, they did not mention frying. grilling and cooking in the oven were mentioned. but frying is the best way and the quickest and cheapest way too.