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lost thing

18 Aug

london 3.15pm 24.5C cloudy but bright. thursday 2016

i find a lot of things on the street, so someone must have dropped it by mistake. well today, that someone is me. oh dear. i am so very careful too about keeping my things safe. but today i slung my track top over my shoulder, instead of putting it into my knapsack as i should. and it must have dropped off without me realising where. 

ah well, it was rather an old thing, but i guess it has now joined all the other things that have been left behind and now has joined all those things that are to be found by some one else. haha. i guess it is full circle … for years, i have picked things up on the streets, and now i guess it is my turn to contribute to all that … someone else will find my stuff and i hope use it and be happy with it, like i have been so many times before when i find stuff that others have dropped. 



another happy day

5 Nov


another happy day today. i was at the library and after reading the newspapers and getting online, i noticed a gadgets of simon’s dangling on the strap of my gymbag. i wonder how it got there. i have been carrying it precariously entangled on my strap all the way from my flat on the bus to here in this library and not even noticing it until now and only because it was hanging right in front of my face as if from nowhere. it certainly was not there when i was lifting my laptop out of the bag, yet here i see it right by the opening of the gymbag.

well, all i can say is i m glad my soul dont want me to lose it.

do u know what it is for? i have no idea. must ask simon. anyway i must tell him i have put it on the shelf instead of on the chair.

 Digital StillCamera

i wonder what it is used for. added. he said it is his charger for the electronic cigarette.

it is simon’s stuff. he leaves it lying on the chair where i normally dump my bag whenever i get home. it must have got entangled in the strap of my gymbag. it could easily have dropped off anytime between my flat and the library and i would not be the wiser, and simon would be wondering where it went to, and asking me if i have seen it, and of course i would say no, even though without my knowing i would be the one to lose it. but thank my soul it did not happen.

i have noticed this happening with others too. i can only say their soul and ours do not want them to go through it. there was this woman who came on the bus and , this is quite a common thing, start to fumble in her bag to find the oyster card… and dropping first one glove than the other and not realising it began to walk further into the bus. but a passenger alerted her to first the one glove than the other. and i was thinking well there is at least two souls who dont want that loss to happen.

 though i was thinking that woman’s soul may want her to lose those gloves one day… by letting her keep that oyster card in the depths of her bag instead of in one of the side pockets where it would be easy for her to find it…or even use the card without need to take it out, as the reader can access the oyster through the bag.  this time she might not have lost those gloves but one day if she continues like that she will lose them. 

today i have added happiness, not only from not losing simon’s stuff, but also found a book to borrow in the library. it is lindsey davis, enemies at home.

Digital StillCamera

i do enjoy her crime novels set in ancient rome.

and then to top it all, i went to the waitrose branch near me and got a latte. and the walk back was very nice, through streaming sunlight filtered by the leaves and falling leaves. all the ingredients to make a happy feeling. oh yes, there is another thing. i had been having some pain in my left feet, so that it was painful to walk, which i realise was due to muscle spasm. so i took to stretching that muscle. i was stretching it whenever i could, at home, whilst waiting for the bus, and today it was fine. no more pain. and i could walk normally. well, being out of pain can really stretch your happiness i can tell you. haha. and no need for a survey to confirm it. 

i recovered my library books

27 Oct


i mislaid my bag of library books on wednesday.

i could not remember if i left it on the bus to the library or on the pavement as i waited for the lights to turn green at the junction. it was only a short time that i realised i did not have them, but they were not on the pavement when i looked back and checked.

 on the offchance that i left it on the bus, though i could not remember if i left it there or not;  i phoned their lost and found dept today, tried a number of times to call that number but no answer.

today, someone answered and transferred me to another number, and when i told the chap who answered it why i called, he said he will check. and to my s he returned to ask me what i lost and when i gave him a list of the things there, then he said they have got it. much to my delight i can tell you.

i have allready resigned myself to having to pay for the loss of 5 library books. it seems my soul had decided to remedy it. i

am just wondering if i have shifted myself to a universe where it got corrected and so i find those books again. maybe there are other universes where i did not. can one control which universe to  travel in and so can pick those where i like those things that happen???

u may have heard of a person saying he had a dream of the numbers to buy in a lottery, or was convinced he will win, and he did and he won. so maybe if someone has a strong enough mind, they can control which universe they happen to be where what they wish for happens.

anyway, the lost property was at the bus depot in battersea , and i took the bus 156 from vauxhall to get there. and then when i got it i took the buses to the library and returned those books, keeping a tight hold on the bag so i dont lose it again. haha. 

my soul is up to some mischief

22 Oct

london wednesday 2014

things have been rather quiet in my life and my soul is wanting some excitement. it made me forget my sainsbury bag of library books that i was taking to the library to return.

i cannot remember whether i had it with me when i left the bus at the library stop, or i left it on the ground where i put it when i was waiting for the pedestrian lights to go green at the junction.

i went across the street to wait for the returning buses asking the 4 buses that came, but none of them know of it.

finally i asked where the bus company’s lost and found office was, and was told to ask the bus drivers hanging around the bus stop across the street.

one of them phoned the garage to give out a call to all the drivers about my sainsbury bag of library books plus my towel and swim wear and underwear. so far nothing. i was told to phone them again this evening .

i am getting rather absent minded about bags. Once, i left my knapsack at the bus stop and lost a library book and my swim wear and towel; so now I keep a hold on my knapsack all the time. i have learnt my lesson. now i got my chromebook in it, and i dont intend to forget it again.

so now i always have a strap of the knapsack round my shoulders wherever i am, even while waiting or on the bus. that way i can never forget it. 

now i guess i shall have to keep  a rope so that i can tie it to any bags that i am carrying and tie it to my waist or something so i dont forget.

i am hoping someone finds it and returns the books to the library. there were 5 books in it. the fine will be hefty.

ah well, i shall have a word with my soul and tell it to direct the soul who finds the bag to return the library books.  and while i am at it i shall mentally give it a tight slap for being so bloody minded. dont do it again.  

sometimes i wonder why it happens.

recently simon lost his car keys. he usually leaves them on the ledge by the front door. this time he said he remembers putting it in the living room, so it must be  somewhere in the room. so he searched high and low, and had to delay going to his mother’s house for his time off from his shift work.

fortunately he found it. i asked where was it? he said it was on the ground under a lot of clothes in front of the stack of drawers in the corner of the room.

now how in hell can those keys be lying there? one would have thought they would be on the table at least , or lying on furniture;  not lying on the floor.

i was thinking his soul is acting up. i would give it a tight slap and tell it to behave itself. 

anyway i went to the library, and tried to read the papers but what the heck, the place where i keep my reading glasses all the time… a toilet bag given by emirates airlines that i hang round my neck was open and no reading glasses. how irritating. it is always in there so why is it not in there now!!!

anyway i decided to carry on with my original plan to go swimming, even though i lost my swim wear and towel, and spare underwear.

but i figured it does not require these things. i was wearing a pair of football shorts under by long pants so i can use them for my swim wear. and the lack of a towel is not a great deterrant as i could dry off with the hair dryer there. luckily i got my shower gel and razor in my knapsack.

that reminds me never to put anything else inside these grocery bags.

so i had my swim and it was very nice, because i am quite good at the free style now. and i got back and guess what, i find my reading glasses on the chair where i put my knapsack. how did it get there?!!! i never take it out when i am at home as i got reading glasses for home use.

i remember now another time when something similar happened. i could not find my shampoo gel one time at the pool, and when i got home i found it on the chair. why it got there when i never take them out of my bag!!!. the only thing i can think of is that i was taking other things out of my bag and unconsciously removed these things to find what i was looking for and forgetting to put them back. sigh, is it old age making me forgetful? so that i dont even remember doing it??? now u can understand why old people get angry, it is more anger at themselves for being such old fools. well, i shall scold my soul instead haha. it should have reminded me or make me notice it sitting there. 

but being absent minded is not only due to old age, simon is prone to it too and he is younger than me. he leaves things all over the place and then forgets where he puts them.

i at least am very strict with myself about putting things exactly and always where i keep things always in the same place. i would actually get out of bed, or stop doing other things and immediately move it once i remember it, and put the things where they should be. this is because i hate misplacing things and not being able to find them immediately.