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the greatest prize

5 Aug

london 6.30am 17.1C cloudybright saturday 2017

this article in the daily mail reminds me how much i like living here. dominic sandbrook has turned a review of a book the last wolf by robert winder, to remind us of what england is. the book is about someone who is the great wolf hunter, eliminating the wolf from england, and thereby, he argues starting what we are all so familiar with… the english landscape. he enabled sheep to be reared ,giving rise to wool, which was the basis of england’s wealth and that influenced the way the english countryside turned out. and so evolved the idea of england. 

It is not very fashionable these days — especially among those on the Left — to quote the controversial empire-builder Cecil Rhodes, but nobody put it better than he did. To have been born an Englishman, he once said, was to have ‘drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life’.

he was referring to himself and his times. those were the days of empire building where a few individuals can form an empire.

i think it can also apply to these times now. in a slightly different way, not empire building but way of life and opportunities as well as climate and environment.