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6 May

london 2.55pm 14C cloudy saturday 2017

7.31pm 13C cloudy. i just fancy chatting and writing a post. my life is very uneventful, which i like, but as usual, a happy life is not anything to write about really. no dramas, or awful human relationships to mull over, or anything.

this morning i had a lovely time going by bus to the marylebone library, which is my normal habit. i thought i shall stop at the next stop from the harley st bus stop, thinking it is nearer to the library, but instead the bus just went on much further to marylebone bus stop instead. a long way to hobble back , so that was a bad decision. but one lives and learns and nothing ventured nothing gained.

another time i was trying out  a different route and realised it was a longer route and a man in a mercedes stop and ask if he can give me a lift. at first i said no need as i was just going to the library and it is just round the corner, he said he can take me there, and i realised it would save me the effort to hobbling to it, and even though it is a short distance, it will be an effort with this foot. so i thankfully accepted his offer. rather nice of him i thought to stop and offer me a lift. and being a mercedes, the front seat was really spacious. i understand people whose ambition is to own one of these things, this brand of car. and it is a sign that they have arrived… whatever status they think it is linked to. i have sat in it, and i am not really wanting to own it.

 i see a article in the daily mail featuring this really battleship- looking luxury yachts by some russian oligarch, and i thought it looked really ugly with very hotel like decor inside. but i guess to some it is the height of luxury and something to aspire to. it seems funny to me to want that. 

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16 Apr


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the colourful pens that i have in my flat that i use. i just love these fat pens and their colours.

london 4.28am 7.8C cloudy saturday 2016

i slept last night at 10.30pm and so woke up around now and usually i will browse the internet for about an hour and then go back to sleep. so i happen to come across a post by mr money moustache about his test drive of a tesla which he used to cross country.

i have heard of that car of course, an all electric car, and of its founder, elon musk (the name itself is an attention getter)but did not know it is also self drive as well, nor that the company have installed a lot of charging stations all over america, and they are all free to charge as they use solar energy. it is a very interesting post that makes me aware that the era of the electric car may come quicker than i thought possible. 

but what make me take note is something he said in another post, which he linked to , and it is this

Lower-income people can lose their envy of the rich by learning that a life of constant luxury is not any better than a life of simplicity punctuated by the plentiful novelty that Life automatically invents for us. And rich people can lose their slavery to their own wealth by learning that seeking out constant luxury is like listening to a radio where someone flips from one station to the next every few seconds. Listen to the whole damned song! Then listen to the whole album, and if you can handle it, try making some of your own music! link

what he said about luxury is very true. it is only fun right at the beginning. 

though his analogy to listening to the whole music may not be all that accurate. haha. it is more fun to just listen to one song in the album, rather than the whole album, it is that novelty again… it is fun only at the beginning and for that one time.

listening continuously to a album by the same band or singer is only great if it is a best of compilation of his songs. 

though, i had a look at my picture of the pens, and realise that i get a lot of joy when i use them, though i have to admit i get even more joy when i chose a different one to write with and thus ring the changes. and it is correct that the rush is just for the first initial short period each time… so his thesis that the big rush of pleasure is only at the beginning holds true.