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drought in s.e.asia still going on.

9 May

london 1.59pm 23.1C sunny monday 2016. 8.17pm rain 17.9C

i have read  in some s.e.asian blogs mentioning they are sweltering in high temperatures and did not quite realise it is anecdotal evidence ( word on the ground) about the big drought affecting s.e.asia now.  i saw a report of it, this heat wave, affecting the region with record high temperatures.

interesting isn’t it? those living through it will be sitting indoors with the airconditioning on full blast. but, fear not those who are suffering the effects now,  i have a feeling the drought will be ending as when i look at the weather map in malaysia, it shows rain practically everyday.  that suggests the monsoon season has arrived. people can look forward to lots of fresh green vegetables and lower temperatures.

we here in london always have fresh vegies on tap, because we can buy them world wide, being quite a rich city with world wide trade links. so we can get fresh vegies in winter, and now with spring here and the harvest from local farms coming onstream we should be able to get more salad vegies soon. they are really very nice with mayonnaise, even the tesco basic one that i buy, which costs only 40p for 500mg, dont know how they do it, but they  make a really delicious accompaniment to salads that i find irresistable and makes eating salads such a joy. whenever i have them i associate it with summer. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

prices here in sainsburys are much higher than elsewhere.

no egg mayonnaise

15 Nov


wrote in the last post about no egg eggnog, suggesting that they invent something that tastes and smells of eggnog but have no eggs in it… and this article i read say there is a mayonnaise with no eggs in it and it seems is so good even bill gates is investing in it. it is branded as  just mayo, and it has been sued by unilever, the makers of hellman’s mayo for using the word mayo when it has no eggs in it. i have never heard of this brand before, so allready unilever by bringing in this action is giving free publicity to just mayo and the company (hamilton creek ).

what to call something that is like mayo but have no eggs in it? they might well have to invent such a word. manoaisse? haha. mano for short. implying it is not mayonnaise or it has no egg whilst letting customers know that it is a good mayonnaise substitute.

but it just goes to show that nowadays they can invent something in the lab that is better than the real thing.

we all have tasted and smelt strawberry flavour made with chemicals in drinks that is more like strawberry flavour than real strawberries. i can easily see a time when people would prefer them to the real thing.

i have been eating a lot of salads this summer

17 Jul

london thurs 2014

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The reason is the supermarkets giving such good prices for them. today i read an advert by morrisons of 3 for £1.50 offers for celery, tomatoes, courgettes, plums, 4peaches, and pineapple. whilst tesco have a long running offer of 2 for 75p for celery, beetroot, lettuce.

I am waiting for my chromebook to charge up fully before i go off to buy them.

And their cheap prices makes it the reason why i am eating so much salads.

john came to visit me for the naked bike ride and he bought salad dressing for the salads. and i find i like them. usually i make my own french dressing using olive oil, mustard, and vinegar, but this salad dressing is rather nice. so now i am eating my salads with salad dressing but i have finished john’s bottle, and now going to buy my own. however, i am puzzled how they are different from mayonnaise.

 except for the price, mayonnaise is so much cheaper, i dont see or taste the difference.

there is a small amount of egg in mayonnaise, but so small amount it might as well not be there.

so i am settling for mayonnaise as a dressing. it comes in a bottle with a wide neck so easy to spoon every last bit out, whilst the salad dressing comes in a plastic bottle which u can stand upside down but the contents never settle and u are left with bits at the bottom which is impossible to get out. 

I have a weekend magazine that tells me how to make all the different types of salads, using rocket, and such like, but i find i am just happy to eat salads using only lettuce, tomatoes,beetroot, cucumber salads all the time. somehow i never get fed up of them. l wonder why? they are just so easy to make and the ingredients are available everywhere and like now, on special price and so cheaper. 

 Added. morrisons were selling 10kg basmati rice for £10. so i bought a bag. there was a time about 5months ago when rice price rose, to £12 for 10kg, or more. but thank goodness prices seem to revert back to £10.

though sometimes like what happened recently you might get lucky like i did, i got a 4kg bag of basmati rice for £1.95, reduced just because there was a tear in the bag.