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a nice day

22 May

london 7.07pm 19C sunny (high 25C) friday 2020

as usual, a quiet uneventful day. not as hot as yesterday, started off very cloudy but now it has cleared up and sky is blue now. 

just now i went into the new editor to see if i can put into practise what i learnt from the tutorial video i found, teaching me how to navigate the new editor.

i tried to do it, but even though i can make a bit of sense of it now, i still found it rather fiddly….i was so caught up in the technicalities of it, that i found i lost my thoughts, and could not just put my attention to what i want to write. so i just forget that, and just put my mind to exploring the features there. but i found i was not that interested in discovering its secrets. maybe someone who likes those online computer games might find it interesting, to discover all its secrets… but to me who is not interested in computer games anyway, i found it rather boring. and when later i still could not find where the button is for choosing the font, or the one where selecting the colour of text, also selects the background as well, i had enough and clicked the go to classic button so that i can get back to the old editor. so this post is done using the old editor. 

i daresay i can use this new editor, if they force me to but as long as they have this classic editor, i can put that day off.

i was thinking this lockdown is a good time for people to try the new editor. it is something new for them to do, and might take their minds off the lockdown and being indoors all the time. 

i wonder how people are coping with this lockdown. i read some of them are not coping well, but i myself dont find it any different than what my life was like before. 

some people say this is the first time they can have some ‘me time’. not me, as i always have ‘me time’ and dont need a compulsory lockdown to have it. haha. but i am sure the world is so diverse, there must be some who might be glad they are forced to slow down and all for their own  good health too.