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it wasn’t the cows after all

24 Jun

london 10.25am 24C cloudy monday 2019

i saw this article in my wordpress reader today, called it wasn’t the cows after all. it referred to our popular idea that cows are the biggest cause of increased methane in the air, hence the call to eat less beef, and by extension less meat to save the planet; but it seems the production of fertilisers to grow plants produce more methane than all the cows. it seems the CO2 is more important than methane. because the C02 stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, whilst methane degrades in about 10yrs. but it is a complex problem, because methane’s effect on warming is very much more than CO2. and i read that growing rice is a big cause of emission of methane, bigger than cows or so it seems. frankly it looks like it is a complicated thing, too many links and causes . might be better to just to ameliorate the effects of global warming, rather than prevent it, as it is going to happen, whether it is our activities or just that it is time for a warming, in the long history of warming and cooling of the earth in the earth’s history.

added 25.6.19 tuesday ; today read this article that manufacturing cement is responsible for 7% of global CO2 emission,more than all the trucks on the road in 2017. (you can read the article if u want more details though it is not necessary really without having to give them permission for cookies, just continue to scroll down and the pop up box asking you to chose the cookie preferences will disappear.)

this article suggests that the vegan movement is a ploy by the industrial processed food industry to shift us to all eat processed foods that they make out of vegan stuff to feed the world. when you consider it, it is to the advantage of the processed food industry to shift us to vegan based foods, that require a lot of processing to make it edible. of course it could be a solution that the processed food industry thinks is a good one as a response to not to eat meat, and if it makes every human rely on them to expand the vegan products , think of the huge sales that can result from all humans eating their products instead of the raw veg, or raw meat, that they have to cook themselves; all the better for the industry… right? their ultimate dream must be to make a vegan based soylent green product.



24 May

london 8.28pm 19C dry cloudy friday 2019

its the 2nd day of the free meat giveaway with bbq sauce. i had a nice time socialising with those ahead of me and behind me. ahead of me were 4 white women who work nearby, they said but able to get time off to queue. behind me were two guys , one of them chinese looking, but later told me he is french, born and bred there. he is in his 20s, studying architecture here in london . when i asked why he chose london, he said it is the international feel of it, and also english language. (perhaps also that english architectural firms are very much in demand internationally? )anyway he said it takes 8yrs to train as one. medics take only 5yrs. so it must be harder to be an architect than to be a doctor. he rents a small room , £750 a month , exclude bills, in a shared student house nearby. we were in the liverpool st area. his friend is french, here on holiday from paris where he lives, to help him celebrate end of his term. he smokes hand cigarettes. he says he gave up for 3yrs  but went back to it because of the stress of his studies. his friend has given up smoking. both have no accent when they spoke english. to me who dont speak any other language than english, i find it very admirable that they can speak more than one language and so well too. perhaps they are typical of the europeans who come here to work or study in uk.

the chinese looking guy says he found a job, working for a high end restaurant. when i mentioned do they do silver service, he said yes, and they are going to teach him, and take him on, because they said  he is so  enthusiastic and his attitude in the interview. he must have impressed them a lot… but maybe also they find it hard to get people with silver service experience and have to train them.

many years ago, i remember watching  my friend practising silver service. he was  an australian blonde guy, (this was when  i was  living in australia for about 1yr,i had intended to migrate there but i only lasted a year or so before scuttling back to good ol britain haha), practising to pick up food on a plate with fork and spoon, with one hand, whilst holding a tray with the plate on it with the other. it looks like a juggling act and not easy to do. that is silver service i told him. i can see why not many will want to go through the training, it just sound like hard work, when u could just wait at table in any ordinary restaurant, and dont have to put too much of yourself into it. 

oh, about the free meat, i found that you can ask for a beer whilst waiting for the meat to marinade and be vacuum packed. it seems before 2pm, they cannot just give it to you,(something to do with the licensing laws) so that if u want beer  you have to ask for it. haha. i did not know that yesterday, no wonder no one was drinking beer yesterday; but since i just dont like beer, i did not ask for it today. the beer would just be wasted on me as i wont appreciate it. so can u imagine it, they are generous … beer even!! 

added 9.37pm . i was making rice and was steaming a plate of celery on top of the rice, when i decided to cut some pieces of the beef i got free earlier today. i chosed another cut, called the bayette, and it looked rather thick, and i heard from steve and his wife who got that cut yesterday that it was quite dry and they burnt the outside when they cooked it to get the inside cooked. i said it would be best if u like it medium rare, than cooking the outside well, would mean the inside will be medium rare. i was wondering how to cook it, then this idea of steaming it with the celery came up and i did it. i cut a few pieces from the main beef, and it turned out quite nice. the meat was not too tough… which is something i was very aware of , if u dont cook it right. 

Digital StillCamera

the meat does make the dish much more savoury, i put in a bit of the bbq sauce to the dish to season it and provide the gravy. so quite a nice dish and another way to cook the beef.

hot february

25 Feb

london 9.43pm 10.3C (high of 20.8C) monday 2019

it seems today is the warmest february day ever in the history of uk, (since records began that is). but actually if u live through it, i can tell you it is not that hot, haha. and so it is easy to not notice it.

if the newspapers have not trumpetted it, i would not have known of it. i was asleep when the website says it hit 20C,(at about 4pm) and even then it was only a very brief hit, before the temp went down. 

20C is nothing really, in terms of hotness… tell me when it is 38C, haha. if it ever get to that kind of temperature in uk. it will be a rare day indeed and really would convince me of global warming if london gets 38C every summer . maybe one day in the long far future who knows, if what they say about warming is correct.

but what i find more noticeable about today is the brilliant clear cloudless blue sky … i get to feel happy always whenever i see it. i have come to realise that it is not everywhere in the world you can see blue sky. i know in malaysia it is really rare to see it, because if the sky is not hazy with the smog fires , it would be cloudy with monsoon rain clouds at other times. in london, it is quite often i see cloudless blue sky. and yet i read of people always saying how grey the skies are in london. not from my own experience living here for ever so long.

i like roast chicken, and usually i cook it myself. but recently, these few days, i have been finding tesco near me have reduced their cooked roast chicken from £6 to £1.50 (like it is today, and £1.80 a few days ago). it was so cheap , i bought it even though i had only recently finished the last one i bought when it was £1.80 reduced.

the convention here is that for final reductions, expect them to cut the price to a quarter. that is why i bought the raw chicken breasts, (another buy which was reduced in tonight’s tesco bargain reductions) reduced from £4 to £1 , even though at 450mg, it is still quite pricey. even at these reduced price it comes out to £2.22/kg. you can get a whole chicken for £2/kg.

and also at the tesco today i bought minced pork for £1.38. 500mg. it says the original price was £5.50 but i think that is a really inflated price. usually u can get such minced pork normally sold  for £4.£3 added. this is very interesting. the pack i bought is a woodside farms mince pork 12%fat, and in the tesco website it costs £1.99. yet in this pack i bought, it has a reduced label with the original price as £5.50, reduced £1.38… hmm, it looks like tesco is doing a cheating game… putting in stickers with a higher price on their products and then reducing it to a quarter…( actually, i noticed its sell by date is today 25.feb. i wonder if it is still inside its sell by date, and not due to be reduced. in which case it should be sold at its normal price of £1.99, but in this case it  has been reduced by 50p. i have noticed that tesco has not been putting price stickers on their pork products, they put a shelf price label on the shelf instead. quite a sneaky trick. this pack i bought had no price sticker on it, so that i cannot see the original price and got fooled . 

it is rare to find mince pork sold in supermarkets though. and to find any reduced in price is even less common.

unlike minced beef, the supermarkets dont sell a lot of mince pork …i think more minced beef are sold because i suspect any unsold beef gets minced , or cheaper cuts of beef are used and sold as minced beef, so it is a way of getting rid of excess beef that cannot be sold at the higher price.

but pork is allready quite cheap when u sell it as a roast, (£1.60/kg) and so not many left over to mince. and what with the extra cost from the labour to grind them up, adding to the cost it would be a loss if they sell it cheaper than the roast pork prices.  also there are very few recipes that uses minced pork. no pork burgers for eg. whereas there are lots of recipes for beef burgers. and so demand for minced pork is not high. at least that is my theory to explain why they dont sell more minced pork. 


chicken breasts are really very expensive, because here in uk, people like it because it got no bones. i find it great for stir fry and buy only if i get it reduced like this; otherwise i dont buy it  normally and i never buy it at its normal price.

in the past, we can get whole chicken reduced to £1. not any more now, those days may be gone. but when we get that price, we buy lots of the chicken, and that is when i cut them up, keeping the breasts, and freezing them for later. 

but what i mean to say is that it is really nice to be living in london and be able to get these unexpected food bargains in the supermarket. 

newspapers and meat and vegie

16 Jan

london 10.52am sunny 6.9C tuesday 2017

a lovely morning today, blue sky and sunshine. 

8.22pm 4.6C dry night

i went out earlier just to enjoy the nice day. went to the paddington library just to vary my routine instead of going to the victoria library. also, that library in victoria is getting busier, (i think because it is so near the coach station and attracts passengers from there whiling away the time before their buses leave) and also there is one person who likes to hog the daily mail. he just takes a long time to read it.

but i find when i did get to the paddington library i lost interest in reading the papers. just read today’s daily mail and the times. actually i should read the guardian too, because they have very recently changed their format, and become a tabloid in a desperate measure to cut cost. but i forgot. i saw a copy of the guardian at the supermarket before i went to the library,  and apart from the fact that their front heading is so insignificant, that it took me more than a moment to recognise it is the guardian, even though i got it in my hands, i noticed that the words have gotten really small. it is a real difficulty to read it, at least for me… and i got my glasses on. i am sure it must be a bother for older guys to read it… 

i find i have got out of the habit of reading the papers now. i get my news online and that seems to satisfy me nowadays. i should imagine it bodes very ill for the printed newspapers of every persuasion, if people get out of the habit of reading the physical printed papers. 

i got an email today telling me about this new restaurant, called mao chow, and its menu put their meat dishes in quotes… for eg, ‘pork’ and chives dumpling. until i realise it is a fake meat vegetarian restaurant…

there are so many vegetarian restaurants, yet according to this tv program i see on tv now, called the truth about meat, 98% of us eat meat. so how do vegetarian eating places make money??? i have a feeling that the profit margins is better with these vegie restaurants. these vegie meat- like products are cheaper than real meat, easier to store, and keep, they have a longer shelf life, and no danger of bacteria contamination…and they can still charge as much as for meat. so what is there to lose right?

when he ask the people to find what dishes they have to eat to make up to what a piece of steak has, they found that to get the same nutrition, they have to eat hell of a lot of a variety of stuff, and lots more of it.

that meat is nutritionally very dense, and what is more, easily digested by the body… for eg to get the iron from spinach you have to eat vit C with it to enable the body to digest it… whilst it gets digested and absorbed from beef by the body very easily.. 

what they finally found out is that processed meat is the bad boy. so i guess i was right to stick to meat and very little processed foods, of any kind. whether meat or whatever.

and they found out that there is no nutritional difference between expensive chicken and the cheapest chickens. so i give u full permission to eat the cheapest bargain chicken… haha. of course they did not assess how nice they taste. some might say taste is not only subjective, but also depands on how you cook them… depands on your skill as a cook. by rights a good cook should be able to make anything taste delicious… dont blame the chicken if u cannot make it delicious. and we all know that, a bad cook will ruin even the most expensive organic, corn fed, free ranged fully pampered chicken.

added. 11.14am wednesday 17.1.18 i saw this article the problems of uk big vegan industry, and it talked about the supermarkets getting into it, but doing it in a clumsy manner. selling roasted cauliflower steak, put it in plastic and selling it for £1.80(its now £2) when they sell  raw beef steak 175g for £2. and a whole raw cauliflower can be had for 80p. it makes people think all this vegetarian stuff is just making money out of gullible people. i think the moment they sell cooked foods, the prices go up… all the more reason for people to buy raw and cook it themselves. though having said that, m&S was about to sell raw cauliflower steaks, until people ridiculed it and they call it off. seems to me if they want flavour they may have to copy those companies that make fake meat. fry’s and linda mccarthy. no link in that article to fry’s. i have not heard of them before. so i wonder whether they dont want to offend vegetarians by publicising fake meat companies. there are big businesses doing fake meat, because of the buddhist tradition of non meat eating, lots of thai companies have gone to making fake meat so real , that i am surprised that those companies have not come to the west and sell big here. maybe the veggy advocates look down on it, as not being true blue veggie. but i think if u want to persuade meat eaters to go veggie, fake meat is the big persuader. 

follow up appointment in the fracture clinic

21 Apr

london 11.23am 13C cloudy friday 2017

i had the appoint first thing in the morning, so was seen first. later i saw how crowded it became and glad i escape all that.

the doctor said there was no fracture, when he looked at the xrays taken earlier, which did surprise me really. he said he knows what he is talking about as he is the expert. he sent me to take another lot of xrays of the foot, this time stressing that they take 3 views.

well, in the end, after he saw the new xrays, he had to admit there was a fracture. haha. well, i am glad there was one, otherwise this swelling and discomfort would have no cause and that to me is more worrying…

added. as a dentist myself, i do know it takes a special skill to read xrays. that is why there are doctors who specialise in it. so it is not surprising that even a registrar in this speciality can miss it. though if all else have failed to prove the diagnosis, the experienced doctor will know that the most likely one is the best bet and that is a fracture. esp given the history of me hitting that foot with the door.

anyway, the treatment is straightforward. put the foot in a boot that would make me put weight on the heel.  i am to use it and get another follow up in 6wks time. i ask for an  appointment time that is first thing in the morning, knowing now that would make me avoid the queue. 

Digital StillCamera

it looks like something from star wars, doesn’t it? and make me look like i got a skiing accident… haha. i only need to wear it when i am out and about. at home i can wear it, but i can manage getting about the flat using the crutches, so i shall  keep it bare, and elevate the foot, every time. and also to wriggle my toes to exercise them. and that is it… just let the healing take its time . i shall moisturise it with my aloe handcream. just so the skin dont dry out.

maybe later i might wear it more often, as it makes carrying my cup of coffee , and carrying  anything really much easier. using the trolley is a bit of a palaver. edit 23.4.17. i find i am quite skilfull with the trolley now. just goes to show practise makes perfect.

so that is my drama done and dusted. haha.

my friend david is coming to visit me at 3pm today… to give me the chilli and ginger. i am looking forward to it, at last to have chilli and ginger to add to my food…as well as to have a visitor visit me at home.

with this boot, i can be more mobile and can venture out to the tesco to buy a chicken. i seem to crave a curry chicken, or even a roast chicken. but whatever it is i crave meat…

you know, all this makes me glad i dont have any medical condition. imagine if i have gout, the blood test would come out positive and the doctor would continue to believe i got gout and we would have completely missed the fracture. and also lucky i dont have diabetes either, because the slowness of healing would have been attributed to the diabetes and it would again delay diagnosis of the fracture… all those of you who think well, i shall eat and wallop my body any old how when i am young, and dont care if i get any medical condition when i grow old,because i like my wine, my cigarettes, my suger and my overeating, may well consider that if u do get those conditions, it complicates things later and hides the real diagnosis because the doctors will be fooled by all these other medical conditions. the fact i dont have gout, nor diabetes, makes the doctor think again when all the medicine did not heal it. 

added. 5.24pm 14C cloudy . my friend david has come and gone. unfortunately i was disappointed at what he bought. instead of buying fresh ginger and fresh chilli, he bought pack of ground ginger and ground chilli powder. that is what i have discovered when u ask others to buy stuff for you. it is difficult to convey what you want exactly, or if it is easy to do so, they dont hear it , or they hear it but they dont listen.

ah well, lucky i got the boot, so i can go to brixton now without too much effort. so that is all right. poor david was mortified when he found out he bought the wrong items, but i said he gets A for effort and good intentions.

recently his mum had a fall, and he had to go see her yesterday. luckily she seems ok, and is being discharged from the hospital. she stayed 2 days there with a fractured skull it seems. but so far it did not seem to have any long term effects. his mother is 94yrs old. 

added. 7.01pm saturday 22.4.17. i have a chance to go out with the boot on, and i find it is heavy, or rather before without it my foot felt lighter. i think it is because i am still lifting it up and not putting any weight on it. theoretically i can put my weight on the boot now, letting my heel take the strain, but i am still instinctively reluctant to put any weight on it. so am lifting it … and that is tiring because with the boot on, it is heavier. 

food and freezer

27 Nov

london 5.21pm 8.8C dark because sun has set. dry. sunday 2016

i stewed the duck i bought , the other one, that was last night, quite late, around midnight and then left it to cook in the hot liquid. i went to the library this morning and came back at about 3pm, and the duck must be really good, because simon had eaten quite a lot of it. haha. well that is a success. it is the first time i have cooked it this way for ages. one thing that was different was the black soya sauce, this one did not seem to darken the skin as much. usually after such a long stewing time, the whole duck is coloured dark brown. looks nicer. but not this time. i roasted the other , but it was a disappointment because it was not like what we can buy at chinatown, their roast duck is really something.

and it is not possible to replicate it with my home roasting. granted i did that cooking in a rush. ideally the duck should be air dried, then seasoned with 5 spice powder and then brushed with honey before roasting. that way u get really crisp skin. nevermind. perhaps another time.

now i got to decide how to cook the turkey . it came free, with points i collected in the daily mail. those points are redeemed for a voucher to get a free turkey anytime between now and mid december. roast turkey is quite difficult to do , if i want it to come out moist and not dry. and it takes a long time. that is why i am thinking of cutting it in half, and half stew it with soya sauce, other half make into a curry. it would be easier. but rather unimaginative. 

in the end i think chicken is the best bird to roast. it is small enough so dont have to spend ages cooking it, and it is small enough so it is easy to finish it without having so much chicken to eat for days afterwards that u get fed up of it.

ah, food is so nice dont you think? i am just so glad i dont have to stalk them for hours and even then there is no guarantee u will catch any of them. so thank goodness for farming.

and thank goodness for the fridge too. having a freezer section is a boon, can keep the meat for days to be eaten  later.

earlier this evening i was busy defrosting the freezer compartment of my fridge. normally there is a button to defrost it but it is so slow and use up electricity. so i use the old fashioned way. switch off the fridge and then just crack off the ice on the walls of the freezer compartment in lumps and chuck it into the sink. haha. 



some observations

9 Dec

london tuesday2014

prices are going up in the supermarkets as the christmas is coming.

yesterday i went to morrisons hoping to buy their £2.50/kg shoulder pork. but none to be had. just very large (4kg) pork joints for roasting costing £3.50/kg.

fresh turkey is now making their appearances. before you can only get frozen ones. but they are expensive partly because of the size of the turkey 4kg or more, but the price per kg is also high so that a bird can be £40.

morrisons have 3 for £1.50 deals on carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts … all roasting accompaniments but it is very early to be buying them. i wonder if they will keep till people start roasting the turkey on christmas day which is 14days away.

i am glad i am not having a party so dont have to stock up on food. so far all the major supermarkets are open on boxing day. in the past they close for two days over christmas.

there is a live update on the bus services here. i use it to tell me when my bus is due and it was useful today because the c10 which i normally take to go to the library had a 20mins (it is really 28mins, really incredibly long delay between services, i wonder why?) gap between 9.12am and 9.40am.

such a long gap but being forewarned i was able to remain at home and do things rather than go and wait for ages at the bus stop; and when it came, two came at once. which is quite useful too as the bus would be too full otherwise. this live update of bus arrivals is very useful.

i see there is a new revamp of the wordpress page. i used to be upset whenever they changed but i am quite easy about these changes now. i think it is good for them to try things out and change things , it may take a bit of getting used to but it is usually an improvement.

i used to be a bit grumpy at them for changing things when it ain’t broke, but recently there have been changes to it and it has been better than before.

there was a bit in the news about a judge ruling that wheelchair users have no priority over prams. it’s a bit tough on the wheelchair users as they are the ones who have fought to have wheelchair access in buses and now the prams users have usurped their hard fought gains. i wonder if a person using a sedgeway or one of the new type self propelling machines can get on the bus with it. maybe not because even an electric wheelchair is not allowed on the bus. for now, invalids will have to wait for the next bus if the first bus is full with prams. i have noticed there seem to be a lot of parents with prams nowadays, at least on the c10 which i take often.

i think my chrome book blocks pop up adverts. certainly i dont get them, though the newspapers are getting wise to it and incorporate their adverts inside the pages of the website. it can be very panic making when the video comes on at full volume, esp when i am in the library. quite irritating too… and no way of getting rid of it. though somehow i seem to have hit the mute button and now they appear but silently. though i read here that there is software you can download that blocks ads. i wonder if they block these adverts within the body of the articles. 

update 12.12.14 i spoke too soon about the rise in prices, veg are still cheap, aldi just published their 6 veg specials for 49p each. and all the christmas dinner veg are represented. yesterday sainsburys was offering half price for all the meats. so prices are lower than last year.

i read that pork is cheap because of the russian embargo. and veg will be in glut because of good harvests. 

i got pork leg joints for £3/kg. at sainsburys which is a good price. the only problem is they dont stock a lot of 2kg packs. perhaps it is the festive season so they concentrate on big packs like 4kg or more. i managed to get the last one of the 2kg pack at sainsburys yesterday. i cut them up into 4 portions and freeze them. my preference is for the shoulder pork, but none to be had, or in aldi, they cost only slightly less than the leg pork. shoulder pork has a more even distribution of fat within the lean bits so are more tasty. for those in the know very lean pork (or any meat really) are not so tasty 

view from london

17 Sep

I hope everyone is enjoying their life as I do.
Here in London the season is changing. It is rather nice to watch the annual show… autumn coming round. So far the trees are still green, but there is a lot more rain of the drizzly sort.

Even though it was raining and quite heavily too, I was out today, to forage for bargain meat at the supermarket near me as well as just to get out of the flat for a change.

I went to the nearby hotel where a property developer was showing their plans for 9 millbank, a rather imposing block overlooking the thames and overlooking the gardens of the  house of parliament. These offices have wonderful unobstructed views of the thames and were built by ICI, and they are going to turn them into flats. On the other side of the road from this block is the offices of MI6. this area is full of such developments… offices being turned into flats.

here is a google streetmap view of it

I saw lots of mince beef which have to be sold today … that means they will have to be reduced. The first time I went, it was reduced from £4 to £2.50, minced beef less than 20% fat. whilst the basic minced beef(less than 23%fat) was reduced £3.85 to £1.50. They were 750mg. But I thought they will be reduced some more as the day goes by, so I returned at about 5pm, and they were reduced to £1.65 and £1.11 respectively. So I bought the cheaper ones, I bought 3packs.

And divided them into six portions and freeze 5 whilst I cook a beef bolognaise with the rest.


added. 20.33. went again to get bargain bread, bought 2 warburton white loaves for .34p each.(simon will be pleased.haha) on the way back went into the tesco and saw the beef reduced further. £1.20 and .85p, so i bought another one of the 85p. there seem to be a glut of minced beef, because i saw a lot dated tomorrow being reduced as well. 


I try not to eat a lot of meat but it is nice, now and then, to eat meat.

If left alone in the freezer these will last me a long time, but I know simon will eat them. It is a pity because he has high blood pressure and should be more careful with meat eating or overeating. Not to mention when i want to eat them, they are gone. haha. 

Ah well, his soul wants it.

I have a friend who I occasionally chat on the phone and he does not like my viewpoint , that their souls wants it. i think because it implies that whatever happens to them is what their souls wants. and i think many people balk at that… it makes them seem so unfeeling and callous at the plight of the poor, or unfortunate. 

He says it makes me appear unfeeling and callous of the feelings of others implying it is all their fault. I am sure he is right, in that it makes whoever holds these views to appear in a bad light. Haha.

But I don’t mind what others think of me. To me the soul wants to experience life, and if it wants to experience deprivation, anger etc it will bring all those about. Asking other souls to come along and do them in and give them the chance to experience these feelings.

So it is not so much asking for it, as wanting to experience it.
My soul do not want to experience all those feelings of anger, or jealousy or fear, or righteousness or poverty or debt or having really bad relationships with other human beings , that is why I don’t have those things happen to me.

I like experiencing happy feelings and so I get them.

And getting food bargains like these haha. They are very small things, and you would think what a small thing that can make me happy… my life must be really dull if this little bit can make me happy. Haha. but my soul wants it. 
Most would say you ‘do you want me to be happy? Nothing less than winning £5million (no wait make it £100million) will make me happy’. Perhaps they mistook it for greed… i think if u want to be happy u must not be greedy. 

I laugh of course, because really the happiness u get from these tiny things, (like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset , or just seeing blue sky overhead makes me happy)is wonderful and stays with you for a long time.

So now I got a good supply of meat. I shall be going later to the other supermarket to see if I can get a new supply of reduced bread. Haha.

Simon has eaten the ones I bought. I know he likes those Warburton white bread… that is why I bought them when I saw them reduced to 34p, but normally I prefer wholemeal bread. Not least because I know simon don’t like them and so I can at least get the chance to eat them as he wont deplete them in the freezer.

I try not to eat too much bread… I know it is not fashionable but I think bread (and milk, or cheese) are not really very good for you. I daresay it is one of those silly things that u get in your head sometimes. I don’t really have a scientific reason as to why bread and dairy products are bad for you. With cheese I just don’t like that they are so salty. But bread and wholemilk can be really addictive… esp whole milk on cereals which I have a feeling is not quite as healthy as they make out.
But of course, I have a easy attitude to these things. If I get the chance, now and then I do like whole milk with cereals. And even making porridge out of whole milk gives the porridge a really rich taste. If I do have milk I want the whole milk, not the skimmed ones. To me skimmed milk is a big con. Haha.

But life to me is just eating in moderation, of the things I like rather than eat a lot of them all the time.

Deliberately depriving myself of these things now and then seems to me quite good for my soul. I think that must be why people fast. It is a way to deliberately deprive oneself of food. I think it is a way of mimicking nature. Because in nature, animals experience feast and famine, and that makes their bodies cope with the natural cycle of feast and famine.
With our modern life, where we can get food all year round, and in abundance, there is no feast and famine, anymore… and I think that makes us prone to obesity and all the diseases that comes with it. People just eat all the time and a lot of it.

By fasting, we try to bring that balance into our lives so that the body can use up its reserves of fat and hence you can maintain a good balance between obesity and starvation.

Anyway it is just a theory of mine, to explain why fasting is a good practise.

I practise a modified version of it throughout my life… rather than do like the muslims do, allocate a month for fasting and not eat anything between sunrise and sunset.

That method makes for real binge eating in between. Or at least that is what I would think, but I am sure a lot of muslims will tell me it is not so. But it is interesting that in Malaysia, during the month of Ramadan, the malay food stalls are just full of really lovely foods that u never see the rest of the year. They sell them after the sun set. That must be a great temptation to binge eat surely?