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28 Apr

london 8.31am 8C rain tuesday 2020

its lovely when i woke up this morning to a rainy day. a lovely change from the sunny blue sky days we had recently. and i am not being sarcastic, haha. i do love a cool wet day after a long stretch of hot warm days. such a nice contrast and everything is so much fresher after this rain. the vegetables growing in the courtyard by our amateur gardener are all standing stiff and tall and glowing instead of limply falling over the side.

i wonder when it is time to eat them, it wont do to let them grow old so that they become tough and fibrous. i think not a lot of us will be tempted to cut them and eat them, because they are not the common vege, like celery, or brocolli, but swiss chard and greens. i doubt many like those vege. 

i saw her watering the potatoes yesterday, they were growing just below my window, and i asked her what vegetable are they, and she said potatoes. they are only showing the leaves and i thought at first it was basil.

she is not growing tomatoes like last year. now those vege i like, and they produce a lot of tomatoes throughout summer so that you can harvest them continuously. but these ones, you can only harvest them once, and then they are gone.

i have finished reading the rise and fall of becky sharp by sara manning. and made a comment about it saying it is a nice attempt to bring the story up to date for our modern times, but i said that it fails because nowadays women dont have to rely on marrying well to get on in life. and so the point of the story is lost. in fact, that is also why adaptations of jane austen transplanted to our modern times dont work so well because the drama of winning a good marriage is all lost when a girl dont have to rely on that to do well in life. in fact, i should say that the whole genre of marrying well has spawned a huge amount of novels in the old days, but that is not likely to be the case for novels now. but women men relationships can still find lots of fertile ground to plow for novel story lines.

this one might provide fresh ground for a novel, i think. it is a woman complaining about her man. she asks why he ask her a stupid question like where the dishwashing liquid is. and it is quite a common one, where a woman thinks the man is deliberately trying to aggravate her, when from what i see, it is just ignorance, or just the woman controlling her kitchen and not let him get even near it, so it is natural that he has no idea where she keeps things in it. she had set him up, and then she complains why he is so ignorant.

so what do u think, am i mistaken to say it is the woman who without realising it, created the man who lives with her. she is the mistress of the kitchen and wont allow him to do anything in it, because she likes it her way and he would disrupt it by putting things away somewhere else, or make a mess of the kitchen etc. the reason why i say it, is because i know it is easy to do that. it happens to me, and i recognise that behaviour in me. the thing is, i am aware of it and i try to avoid it. like seeing simon do things in the kitchen and i stop myself from remarking on it, or correct him… because it would make him too nervous to do anything in the kitchen, or make him angry about it , either way it will stop him cooking and that is not what i desire, as it is important to let him do what he likes and feel at ease about it. that way i dont have to be expected to do all the cooking.

that is a very dangerous thing to do, to divide the duties and make each person responsible for a particular chore. it will bite back in the future. if u do all the cooking, dont complain if years later u find he does not know how to cook and rely on you to cook his meals all the time. it is something that women have done and later complain bitterly about when the man they have made is helpless in the kitchen and rely on her for every meal.