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getting back to normal

16 Nov

london 11.37am 10.5C rain friday 2018

today it is the first time i venture outside to the shops. simon had borrowed my neighbours crutches for me so i used one of them to support me. the foot actually is quite painless now, but i thought i had better to  keep as much pressure off it as possible. it has resumed its normal colour, and shape, and looks fine. i bought some satsumas… 5 for £1.15 from the local sainsburys near me. i havent had much of an appetite and i thought maybe the fruits will make me eat again. there is no sun , so today wont be a day for me to start the sunbathing and garnering of vit D. 


i just woke up and got a text from david giving me his email address. well i think he finally realised that i wont write back to his text by another text . i find it so difficult to write quickly on the phone , if i dont pay attention to what i am typing, the intuitive program gives me the wrong word and i have to erase the whole word and start again. i have sent him an email. lets hope he gets it. he tells me to text him if i dont get a reply from him in 15mins but i dont mind if he takes histime about replying… that is the beauty of email. you can take your time to reply.

i got a microsoft notice of change of terms of contract. i havent quite read it all, but it seemed like the last one. wish they would tell us what has changed. but most if not all of us will continue to use it. i am using their hotmail. even though i keep being sent a lot of scam and spam. now they have a section ‘not spam’ but within it you get the phishing, and block section. i find it perverse of them to list it in the top as not spam. it should be headed spam.

but what i have noticed now is that they have not been sending me spam emails from my own address. that one is a real bummer because i could not report the phishing, or block the address. but now everything that is spam i will report as phishing, and then when it had been sent to the deleted folder, i would then block the address as well.

now it would be nice if their contract says we shall endeavour to stop all spam to your account and if we dont ,you have our permission to shoot us in the balls. and serves us right too.

now i see there is a new pop up telling me they are going to change the editor for wordpress blogs. i dont think this is microsoft related but more to do with wordpress. well they often fiddle with it, always claiming it is a new brilliant version but of course i just switch it off . i wonder how many people really bother to try it. what is nice is if they will capitalise the first letter at the beginning of a sentence, automatically. as it is all my sentences start with a small case. some might get irritated with it. but it is a bother to click on two keys to bring in the capital letter. i just feel too lazy, and so if u for some reason gets extremely cross at me doing it, starting sentences with a small case, then my apologies and just loosen up .




bits of news

26 Jul

london 9.29am 17.6C cloudy/rain wednesday 2017

an article that says windows is making too many personal computers obsolete

You may have noticed that PC sales have been declining for years. Know why? PCs last for years. I’m still running computers that are over a decade old.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Better still, don’t spend your IT money replacing it.

this one talk of social care. giving money to those who need it and let them buy it. better than the present system where council provides it and you have to take it and lump it. 

and here is another microsoft article about it stomping on its competitors by disabling the rival antivirus and installing its own when it upgrades to windows 10. that is why google is being fined so much by the EU … maybe the usa and uk might like to take a leaf out of the EU and be stricter with microsoft and google and all the other big guns .

 i still do not know why people dont just buy a chrome book and leave all this nonsense dealing with microsoft like upgrading, viruses, hardware, etc behind. i never have to worry about it anymore ever since i got my chromebook. i am into my 4th year of using chromebook. hope it can last 10yrs at least. haha. i hope they are not putting in planned obsolescence where it self destructs after 2 -3 yrs. like smartphones which seem to last about 2-4 yrs at most. my previous chrome book went kaput after 2yrs use. this one, given to me free to replace the other one that went kaput, is coming up to its 2nd year…lets see if it lasts me till my next birthday… in june 2018. but at £230 when i bought the original one, each year costs me £76 so far. and decreasing with each year that passes. 

added. here is another interesting article about the designers of the seat covers in the london underground trains. they are rather unusual and distinctive and made in such a way with patterns that hide the dirt very well indeed. they call it moquette

some dramatic pictures in the report on the wild fire in the med due to this hot weather they are having now. we are having a dull cloudy rainy day here in london i like it, but those who dont may take a look at what is happening over there from their hot weather and be grateful for our weather here. we dont know how good this weather is until u have something like that to compare.

outlook by microsoft

29 Oct

london 9.31am thursday 2015 cloudy 15C sunrise 6.48am GMT sunset 4.39pm GMT length of day 9hrs 51mins.

i read here in iwebguy blog that microsoft is adding sunrise calendar, which theybought earlier this year for $100million to its outlook app.

i dont use smartphones but this chrome book has apps, but frankly i have no idea what it is really. in chromebook, there is also something called extensions. no idea what the difference .

but reading it i just thought are they going to put the sunrise and sunset times on the email? i daresay it is not going to be just that, or even that, it may have nothing to do with the movement of the sun. i think sunrise and sunset times are only of interest to us who live in temperate latitudes. those near the equator couldnot careless as it is always more or less the same throughout the year for them.

but not for the first time that i am brought up short by these computer speak. they said microsoft bought the company sunrise, so that might be it, it is just a name. but so much money for a calendar?? weird! right? i suppose it acts like a reminder sending alerts to the phone when the time comes.

i used to have outlook express, but with all their changes they got rid of it because one day i could not use it anymore.  i dont know where it went.

now i just go into my two hotmail.com email addresses and get my mail. before with the outlook express it was very easy to shift between the two.

ah well, it does not matter because google chrome remembers my password and automatically adds it on. i can see i will get into trouble if anyone steals this chrome book, because than they can get into my emails without any need to know the password. ah well, all the more reason to really keep an eye on this chrome book, but then if someone mugs me for it, than it will be taken, and all my care will not be of much use. ( i am hoping even the thief will look with scorn on my chromebook, stealing it would be beneath his dignity)

i guess i must be a security nightmare, being so careless about guarding passwords.

i guard my chromebook with a password, so no one can access it if it is completely shut down, but often i dont shut it down completely. i just close the lid, and it puts it to sleep. and it can awaken without a password if i open the lid.

i suppose i should shut it down completely everytime i finish with it. its easy to do, just press the start button for a longer time than usual.  but it is tiresome to type in the password everytime. i guess someone who is involved with security would scold me for being so lazy. 

i suppose people will say dont ask chrome to remember your passwords…( i dont do it for my internet banking of course) but it is just because i like the convenience that chrome can remember my passwords. sometimes because it is used automatically so often, almost like it is the default, so that i never have to remember it,  i forgot the password myself.

i have been wiping my stuff from my old windows laptop to give to my friend, and realise it is very heavy. now i am so used to my chrome, that old laptop seems to weigh a ton. and it is difficult to use. for one thing he has to install a up to date antivirus system as the AVG i use is 2014. i use to wonder why there are no old laptops that are refurbished and sold second hand and i can see why now. they are very cumbersome to use.

i think chromebooks would make good second hand laptops for those who just want to get emails and surf  the internet.

i would think this chrome book of mine wont really go wrong for ages and wont need to be replaced much. hope i can use it for at least 7yrs. (2021) the old laptops normally last me 5yrs.

 its interesting that hamleys, the 225yr old toyshop in regent st, has been sold for the same amount to a chinese women’s shoe retailer, C. banner international. something in the internet with no physical assets cost the same as one venerable old business that has existed for so long. Life is very topsy turvy isn’t it?

the end of internet explorer

18 Mar

london wednesday 2015

it seems microsoft is dropping the name and cooking up a new name for its web browser when it introduces the new windows operating system (the so called windows 10, skipping windows 9 haha) later this year. i suppose those of us who use internet explorer when we first used a computer will have some nostalgia for it, but i think we also have moved on , like me, and have left it behind. in my case i defected to chrome. haha.

i think the thought of moving on to windows 8 if i buy another windows lalptop did it for me.

now i am so used to starting up and closing down so quickly, with my chrome laptop, i cannot imagine putting up with the slowness of windows ever again. 

google chrome vs microsoft explorer

8 Jul


Yesterday, simon was so frustrated with his explorer browser that he downloaded google chrome, with some encouragement from me.

He had a laptop running microsoft and it wont start anymore. so he bought a windows 8 software program (costing £100)  and installed it. usually it would wipe out the existing windows and install the new one as if like new. but he told me even though he clicked the box which says this will delete all your files, he found that it did not. then i get him coming to me occasionally throughout the evening complaining of this thing or that thing which dont work. haha. I was real glad that i dont have to bother with microsoft explorer now i got my chromebook.

Anyway, after he installed google chrome, he began to learn how to use it. he found he had to download iplayer from google chrome to get it to work . before he was complaining to me that his iplayer did not work . he found out that when he deleted that (downloaded using explorer) and than reinstall with the download using google chrome, the iplayer used google chrome as the default ,instead of explorer,and so it worked.

Nowadays each system does its utmost to shut out the other… i have noticed that. in the past they allow others using a different system to access each other… i guess this was due to microsoft windows letting others access windows, because everyone was using windows. now windows is realising that their free access is allowing google chrome to steal business and customers from them.

I have noticed that google chrome do not let explorer users (and i presume other browsers too ) full use of their system. you are forced to get google chrome. That is why simon could not run his iplayer downloaded using explorer, to play on his google chrome browser; it is google stopping it from accessing google chrome.

That might explain why so many have switched to google chrome. AS well as the fact that google chrome is much easier to use and u dont have to bother with upgrades and virus attacks like you have to when you are using explorer windows.

I can say this, their strategy is working because even i have switched and i am very resistant to change my browser.

Google chrome have so attracted me that when i have to buy a new laptop, i was sure i dont want a laptop with windows 8 on it.  The ideal would be a windows 7 explorer with google chrome in it.  That way u get the easy use of windows for saving stuff and copy and paste things, with the quick response of google chrome in opening web pages. But windows 8 destroyed this easy marriage.

Or rather, i should correct myself and say people just got confused using two systems, and google chrome being the easier to understand, people just shut off explorer instead.

simon has a windows 8 and he was able to download and use googlechrome, so i guess he will get the best of the two systems. But i noticed his laptop is v heavy, now that i can compare it with my chromebook. somehow when something is so heavy u feel very reluctant to carry it about. certainly i noticed i carry my chromebook out and about now whereas when i got my laptop  i never carry it outside.