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letting go

17 Jan


so much of the news is so saddening, isn’t it? i dont like to add to the sad mood by writing about loss, in fact i think i shall change my title into something else. i shall call it letting go instead. i went to a gay travel exhibition held at heaven, the night club in charing cross.

right from the start there was the loss of that old venue. it has been a long time since i went there, but i saw the main dance hall, now made into the exhibition space, and it looks so small.

i know its floor had been raised so that the vast big space that i used to know and had such many happy memories of dancing in, with the revolving ceiling lights that made it so enchanting then; has now become a small space, but in the bright lights there it brought back again to me how small that space was.

the gay travel exhibition is trying to get us interested in organised travel. so there was a gay cruise company showing there.

and a vienna competition to go there during the next eurosong contest. u have to pin a beard onto last year’s winner , conchitta, whilst being blindfolded. haha.

my effort was not too bad and i was entered into the draw. not that i am that keen on going to vienna. travel to me nowadays just means a lot of hassle. i know, i have lost the sense of wonder that travelling abroad used to fill me.

i shall consider it not as a loss, but as letting go of it. though it might not exactly console anyone if they love to travel and cannot do so now;  but to me it is easy to let that go, as i dont want to travel anymore.

on the way back on the bus, i switched on my mobile to find that it cannot find a signal, saying my sim registration cannot be found. oh dear, it looks like i have lost my mobile number, and it is such a good number too. it seems by not topping up, it must have run out of money and now it is gone, i cannot get back on again to top up. sigh, such a bother that i have lost that number, but i guess i shall have to let it go.

it is easy to buy another sim card, but the number may not be so easy to remember, not that people bother to remember their mobile numbers as it is easy to save the number when u call or text someone for them to save it on their phone.

it is my fault really, for not topping up when it ran low, just to keep that number. ah well, lesson learned haha. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

after the heaven visit, i went to chinatown, didnt find any bargains so was going to the bus stop in trafalgar square and passed this big hole in the ground surrounded by the shell facade of  portland stone, preserved as a front for what they will be building inside it.

the other side of this construction fronts leicester square. i suppose the city fathers must be aware that these old buildings dont suit modern requirements so gave planning permission to gut them whilst keeping the facade intact. it is a good compromise i suppose. there is the danger of preserving old buildings irregardless of how unsuitable they are for modern uses.

on another subject…something that is not lost. one thing that might cheer you up if u like nostalgia. it is this. i was looking at an advert for sofas, and was struck at how old fashioned it looked. ever thought about this strange anomaly? have a look at the website john lewis furniture.

john lewis is a modern store and yet those armchairs and sofas look so granny like. i suppose they must be comfortable and nothing for a 100 yrs have made modernity design more comfortable sofas.  that might explain why the design has been frozen in time.

there has been nothing  lost there, but maybe we could do with something more futuristic and cutting edge whilst still being comfortable.

maybe it is a lost wish, as our bodies have not changed at all so it is very unlikely we shall find a radical change of design… something else that will be more comfortable.

i think we can bet on it that this design for sofas and armchairs may still be around another 100 or 200 yrs away.

but perhaps i can find it in my heart to be a bit happier that this thing dont change. but somehow it does not really make me happier. here is one thing that i would like a more modern look, just so i can believe i am living in the 21st century.

somethings can still look familiar to someone from the past who time- travels to the future.