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london was like south of france yesterday, malaysia today.

1 Jul

london 2.14pm wednesday 2015 33.8C

today felt like i was in malaysia. i was walking back from the library and the overcast cloudy sky and muggy air felt so much like i was in malaysia. isn’t it wonderful? to experience all these weather effects whilst still remaining in london. i felt like i have been on holiday allready. haha.

yesterday i felt like i was in the south of france. it was about 30C but the sun was shining and the sky was blue with not a cloud and it did not feel humid at all, even though according to my weather website yesterday’s humidity was the same as today’s. 66%.

today felt humid, which was what made me think of malaysia;  though not as humid as in malaysia, which makes it even nicer, because i can have all the feelings of being in malaysia without actually being in malaysia, if u know what i mean.

if i were in malaysia, it would be not as nice. in that the air would be muggier, and i would be sweating like a pig. and there would be more of the smell of drains. haha. as it is, i only had a whiff of drain smells when i passed the hilton hotel near victoria… hang on, the hotel did not smell, but there were some workmen working on a hole in the pavement, the entry to the sewers i think, if the smell coming from it is any indication. two ladies who were at the hotel entrance i overheard make a comment on it.

yesterday with its really cloudless blue sky is much nicer than today, even though today is much hotter. yesterday if there were bougainvilla hanging about i could really imagine i was in the south of france.

i have been chatting via a gay website with a guy in montpellier. he had advertised wanting to make chat with a guy here in london to practise his english on, as well as exchange hospitality with as he wanted to come visit london to improve his english for the weekend, in september and october. and that was what made me think of the south of france yesterday.

he told me he would cycle to the seaside , it was 20 kilometers round trip. we were conducting a chat via google translate, which he uses so sometimes the translation comes out all funny.

haha. a one way 10km trip would be how long? about 3miles? my trusty google say 6.3miles. how quickly can u cycle that length? it is too far to cycle i think. i would take the bus. 

 i have only been briefly to montpellier, it was the airport we fly into on our way to capdadge the naturist town. cant say i think much of it, it seems rather a modern town not many very historic buildings, and i remember it for the subway lunch we had bought, and not really getting a good selection as subway expects u to tell the servers what to put in it, and our french was non existent so we did not get anything worthwhile… mumbling oui at everything she said haha. and getting nothing much. ( she most probably asked if we want ketchup or mustard and our saying oui is not much help haha.)

i had asked him how long he takes to cycle to the sea. and how long it is to get there by bus or train, just to get some idea of how far montpellier is from the sea. have not received his reply yet.

some friends of mine i met at a naturist party recently told me they are going there to visit a friend who lives in sete. they are there now as i speak. but what surprised me was their comment that there are no naturist beaches around that area, the only one being in capdagde. they could walk along the beach to capdagde and avoid paying the entrance fee which you have to pay if u enter via the gates if u come from the road.

that is surprising, that u have to go all the way to capdagde to be naked. when there is all this vast stretch of beaches all the way up northwards to and beyond sete to marseille and toulon and on to Nice and the famous cote d’azur. and no naked beaches along the way. there is the naked island, il du levant, though. but dont u think it strange that there is no naked beach anywhere?

i used to like going to these naked holidays, but i seem to have lost interest nowadays. its getting more expensive to get to these places. more than £100 rtn. i am spoilt in the past when it used to be £30 rtn. 

added just now. i got a reply from him, my chap in montpellier. i copy it here and u can see his quaint english via google translate.

he says …. I make the trip quiet, so it takes me two hours to go to the beach.

I go to the “petit travers” is a range between Palavas and the Grande

Of course, there are many naturist beach beach …

the beach wher i go is not naturist but it is a gay beach.

By train, we must 20 minutes to go in September

google mangles the translation a lot doesn’t it? haha. and he said there are many naturist beaches, so my friends must be ignorant of their whereabouts; i guess u dont know where things are  if you are not french.  their friend in sete is english , one of the expats who have settled there, so he might be just as ignorant.

that is why it pays to have a local french guy to take u round and show u the secret places. haha. it helps if u know french too…because it seems not many french guys know english… unless my friend knows how to speak english and just needs practise to get fluent … 

i found this

By road : Take the beach road from the Antigone district leadership Carnon, La Grande Motte. Exit at Petit through about 12 kms from Montpellier. By Tram & Bus: T3 tram towards Pérols to the terminal (station Pond gold) then bus 131 to Palavas, then bus 132 to the beach Petit Travers

its no wonder he prefers to cycle there. but 2hrs is a long ride.