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morello cherry pie

5 Jun

london 7.47am 13C sunny wednesday 2019

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this morello cherry pie was reduced yesterday from £1.25 to 31p. it serves for my breakfast this morning. rather nice too, it has a distinctive flavour, i wonder if they put liquor in it. usually they have rhubarb pie reduced in price, and i dont buy it even at the reduced price because  it is not as nice as this.

there were doughnuts on reduced price too. 5 for 20p, (from 75p) filled with custard. i was debating whether to buy them but the cherry pie won. haha. partly because i suspect the doughnuts with custard will be very sweet. 

the book it is on is called the second worst restaurant in france, by alexander mccall smith. i have finished it allready, and is a pleasant romp that cleverly evokes the british view of what they think french people are like. i wonder what french people really think of it, but perhaps they dont read his books. but for us here in uk, it is a fun easy read and trigger off a romantic idea of what we think french village life is like.