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good morning

22 Jun

london 9.50am 18C sunny monday 2020

this is my 3rd coffee in 3hrs.

its so nice here, sitting in the sun, on my 3rd cup of coffee since i woke at 7am . even though it is instant coffee and very weak coffee too, that simon called awful, haha. he likes his filtered coffee obviously. i think i dont mind drinking so much of it, because it is weak, and so i dont load up with caffeine everytime i drink a cup. its very quiet in the flat, and that is usual. and i like it.

and when i say quiet i also mean there is no one talking at all. and no radio or tv making noises. i wonder whether it is just me, who dont like background noise. and it crossed my mind that thank goodness i dont have kids. life is so peaceful without them. i think we have been brainwashed by society to think kids are great to have. i dont think so.

a lovely morning today

20 Feb

london 11.09am 12.7C ! sunny 2017 monday

such a lovely morning today. blue sky and sunshine. and such high temperature for feb. and it has not even peaked yet. 

 it was so nice i could not resist dashing out and taking some pictures of the daffodils that have bloomed a few days previously. its very early this year. 

3.53pm 15.6C but cloudy. i read a expat who blogs from penang, and he was saying he is going to move to chiangmai, being rather disillusioned by penang as a place to spend his expat years. and someone wrote in a comment saying is it possible he is bored , because she says  she can use herself as a example.  she mentioned her situation , that she and her husband lives in penang and are finding it very difficult to fill their days to stop getting bored. this is the first time i read of an expat willing to acknowledge that they are bored with it. everyone up to this point have never acknowledged the elephant in the room. that being an expat can be very boring. it seems rather ungrateful somehow, that you come to live in a country that have all this sunshine, and culture and festivities and smiling faces everywhere to admit that you are bored with it all. i can understand why not many will want to admit it to themselves, nevermind telling others. it is not often acknowledged that small town life , and life in small countries or developing countries can be very boring. people are too busy working to live, just to survive , to bother to provide entertainment for people like the expats who got lots of time and money on their hands always looking out for novel things to do or see or experience. and flitting from one swiftly to another not wanting to linger longer to savour that experience, but to move on to get their fix of the next one.

it makes me wonder if that is the biggest thing that being an expat have to deal with. boredom. after the intial excitement and novelty of their new place, it is all too easy to get to the end of things to do and see without it repeating the cycle. 

here in london, there are lots of things going on. so i doubt one can get bored.

even though it is easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over again, but there is so much variety of entertainment here in london, you can skip along to the next attraction and can go through a big long cycle of things to do before u need to come back to the starting point. and who knows along the way u find things that u are always interested in and so can latch onto it to keep boredom at bay. and there are many one offs, events that happen once only, or come round once a year, that gives some light relief. often times two events clash, and you have to decide. we are spoilt for choice in london.

well just as an example of a once a year event, yesterday i went to the olympia cruise show. i got given to me free entry tickets for two by the daily mail who are sponsoring the show.

i have been on a cruise before, a gay one, leaving from fort lauderdale and going round the islands in the caribbean, and find i am not really into them. these are full of gay men, and you would think i should like them, but even so, i dont, so i doubt ordinary cruises that cater to straights will be any better. well, seeing it is free entry i just thought it might be amusing to go see what they have to offer. 

waiting for the bus back i got chatting to an indian lady who had just left the venue. she was carrying a churchill bag, it is a company that specialise in protected retirement living. she said she was given it ,its quite a nice bag, and not really looking to join one. she told me she had been to quite a lot of cruises, mostly round the arabian coast. as she has the time now having retired.  i guess these cruises appeal to old people who have time on their hands and who like to have things organised and accommodation and food taken care of. i can see how that would appeal to many of them.



good morning

1 May

london 6.15am 7.3C sunny clear blue sky sunday 2016

i actually woke up this morning at 5.36am , and it was lovely to look out of the kitchen window and see the sky lit up with this ethereal light ,the sun has just risen at 5.31am.  and i could even hear birds chirping away, which surprised me, this is central london after all. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

added. 3pm 16.4C sunny all day, went to the paddington library and afterwards walked to little venice, the canal system where they are holding the boats carnival. its all very pleasant.

this carnival is held at this time every year. some of those canal boats are very long and narrow. there are no taps supplying water at all in that area, so i wonder how those boat owners get water.  do they have to buy bottled water? and what about bathing? i dont remember if there is a shower attached when i last went in one of these boats. there must be one,but i dont remember it.

a lovely morning

13 Apr

london7.17am 9.5C sunny wednesday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

lovely blue sky this morning.

the thought occurs to me that now the trees are pruned in spring, this summer we shall get more light as there wont be this mass of leaves blocking the sunlight.

in spain etc, summer shade is welcomed because their summer heat can be fierce but that is not so in uk.

unless just our luck this summer turns out to be the hottest for decades. haha. (we should be so lucky!)even then, hottest in uk is 31C;  and most probably only for a few days, nothing really to countries that experience 35C heat for months.

it always amuse me when the headlines scream london is having a heat wave!! to find it has shot up to 15C…! today’s forecast high is 17C, so i guess we shall be hearing of a heat wave in tomorrow’s headlines haha. 

added. 7.52am, i just got an email about the petition to stop 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, to inform me it will be debated in parliament. it got more than 100,000 signatures in a short time, which means parliament have to debate it. 

Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Stop spending a fixed 0.7 per cent slice of our national wealth on Foreign Aid”.


The debate is scheduled for 13 June 2016.

Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

You’re receiving this email because you signed this petition.

hope they debate to get rid of that .


good morning from london

3 Mar


such a beautiful morning outside.

i am looking out of my bedroom window, whilst sitting up in bed.

the window is large and lies low to the floor. and i can see the blue sky with some clouds on it.

it is not sunny, usually the rising sun is reflected off the windows of the luxury flats across from me. it has white walls, and the penthouse is a  huge block of windows. i can see 6 rows of windows covering all the sides of it.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

it is quite far away from my window, i have to use max zoom to get those pics.

oh, just realised it is still early. it is 7.25am and the fact it is not sunny is because the sun has not risen much yet. now i can see the rosy tint that the rising sun is making on the white walls.

it’s lovely to live in london and to be able to see the sky from my bed. don’t laugh, u must be thinking how mad is that, to be glad to see the sky. but if u live in large cities, u will know not everyone can see the sky from their bed. haha.

in new york for eg, u have to be very rich to be able to see the sky with all those high rise buildings blocking it. so u have to be rich and can afford a apartment high up to get that glimpse of the sky from your bed.

here in london, thank goodness things are not that dire as we dont have many high rise… though that might change in the future.

i have been eating a lot of salads recently. i dont know why, but i got a craving for it. and since aldi are selling salad veg , lettuce, beetroot very cheap at 39p each, i can indulge in it.

i use a hellman mayonnaise jar in the fridge. simon must have bought it, because usually if i get any at all i will buy the basic brand mayonaise. the hellman one is easier to spread, as for difference in taste, i have to admit it is nicer than the basic mayonnaise i would normally buy.

added 18.6.15 thursday, 6.02pm i have been using the tesco basic mayonnaise ever since writing the above, and i must say it is very nice indeed. it is more vinegarish than the hellman’s, which is sweeter. i like the vinegar as i like my mayonnaise more acidic. i think traditionally mayonnaise is vinegarish, but whatever it is, i like it vinegarish. the hellman’s is too sweet for me.

i think beetroot is just so delicious. and aldi is selling 500mg packs for 39p as part of their week’s 6 veg a day promotion.

wow, the sun is getting stronger and it is really bright reflected off those walls. 

added 4.3.15 wed. just read in the standard online about this hail storm at lunch time yesterday. funny really, because i live just by the tate britain, and never saw any of it.

quite possibly it did hail outside my flat, but often i dont know about it once i am in my flat. i dont often look out much when i am in my flat.

people moan about it but i find it really lovely, to get this kind of variety in the weather just 1 mile or so apart.