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thoughts on a warm day

5 Jul

london 5.36am 18C sunny but clouds, thursday 2018

yesterday i was hoping for rain, because it was forecast, but it never did get any and i was hanging out in chelsea,(for my circuit training) and westminster. it was cooler, and cloudy but no rain. this morning i see an article that says wimbledon tennis was interrupted by rain. it never ceased to amaze me that the rain in london is so selective. i would have welcomed rain yesterday, but then that is life, when u want rain it never comes, and it will fall on areas where it is not welcomed. nevertheless, yesterday was very pleasant because it was cooler.

also, in the same article, they were talking of flying ants. none of that where i live so i am not aware of this invasion.  so it looks like that is selective invasion happening again in london.

i think they are termites, because they go through a life cycle where they fly to mate. in malaysia we get to see it, they pair up and fall to the ground, where they shed their wings and the pair would scuttle off into the undergrowth, or across the living room floor, to wherever they go to enjoy married bliss. haha. and produce lots of babies. during that time, we will get to walk about with flying insects getting into our eyes, and then seeing their wings littering the ground. they dont bite, thank goodness. but it is interesting that a tropical phenomenon like flying ants, should come to london.

and i have heard of people saying they have mosquitos biting them. how odd, dont you think? to see mosquitos in london. i know it happens, because i saw mosquito larvae breeding in stagnant water in a garden in tooting broadway, in the garden of a house where a charity used to cook food for HIV people.  i was one of those who distributes the food to them. that system of bringing food to them in their homes has been replaced by another system, where they have to go to a place to eat communally with others, and so at a stroke they got rid of volunteers like us as we are not needed anymore. it was not efficient, using a lot of cars to drive to everyone’s home to give them one meal each time. so it was not surprising that they changed their method of operation.

i can still remember that time when i saw the mosquito larvae rising up to breathe  and falling back into the depths , and wondering why i did not turn the containers upside down and get rid of the water trapped in them, and their larvae. i never thought of that. at that time, all i could think of was wishing i got oil to spread over the surface, like they do in malaysia , with kerosene.

i wonder if that practise is still used nowadays… you have a man with a kerosene tank on his back and he would operate a pump to spray it on vegetation and any place where stagnant water can collect. most especially on the bananas trees.  these men were quite a common sight when i was growing up.

looking around

17 Jul

london 6.27pm 26C sunny monday 2017

i was lookng around my flat this morning and later this afternoon and not a single fly in sight and i thought how come? this good weather we have been having should produce a crop of them. but just now i saw one flying about and pestering me. haha. so that was the first fly of the year. at least where i am concerned. it has been rather unusual for so few flies. even the lack of them. only one so far.

i read in a blog i follow that penang is fogging the area, where this blogger lives. i think they do it regularly, or when there is a risk of dengue. it is meant to kill off the mosquitos that carry the dengue fever. it used to be malaria, but now it is dengue.

i read in another blog that they can catch and test mosquitos for plasmodium, which is the main cause of malaria. and so can start fogging the area before it infects people. it takes 7 days it seems when they are infectious, for the symptoms to get serious enough for these infected people to present themselves in the hospital. by which time it is too late to prevent the disease. it is time intensive to catch and test the mosquitos and only then, to test them for malaria… but i was thinking maybe do what the penang govt is doing, just fog the area regularly… that way if that fogging is as effective in killing mosquito as they say, u just kill off the mosquitos whether they are infected or not. i dont think there are anyone going to try to save the mosquitos. haha. maybe fogging is not effective in open areas where the wind can just disperse it. it might work in penang which is an island, and so not so easy for the mainland mosquitos to come in over the water.

how safe for humans are those chemicals used in the fogging? i wonder. must be quite safe or they wont be doing it right? and if they are doing it outdoors, maybe u can close the windows and keep the fog out. but on the other hand, u might want to fog the inside of your place to get rid of any that has crept in.

how common is window screens? in my family home in pj, allthe windows have mosquito screens. but it does limit the wind that comes in, and the room can get very stuffy without a breeze coming through easily. means that the fan must be on all the time. or the aircond, though it can make the room get too cold.

 i am glad flies dont carry disease. nor do they bite us. as pest they are the most minor of pests. 

added , it seems the fog is quite safe, and they even ask people to open their windows whilst it is going on , to let the fog into the house.

when i was a kid, a man/woman with a tank on his/her back would spray oil on anything that collects water. even inside plants. it is a effective way of killing off the larvae, which needs to come up to the surface to breathe, and then have its breathing pores clogged by the oil and it drowns. but i i think they use a chemical and it was found to cause cancer and so it was banned. and so they stop all this spraying… but i think they should bring it back and use kerosene instead. 

i saw my first fly of the year

18 May

london 8.28am monday 2015

a couple of days ago i saw the first fly of the year in my living room. it was trying to get out so i opened the window and it flew out. it is a sash window and the top was open, but the fly did not know it, and was at the bottom, knocking its head against the glass;  it was the only fly i saw, since then there have been no sightings. perhaps i should amend that heading and add ‘and only’. haha.

it is quite rare to see a fly in my flat. i dont think i saw one the whole of  last year. it does not mean there are no flies last year, it just means they are not so numerous that they come into my flat.

as for ants, i have not seen one in my flat ever since i lived in this flat and that was 1991. isn’t it wonderful not to see an ant? such bliss. those of u who have never lived in the tropics wont know that joy haha. to get that joy u have to suffer ants coming whenever you leave any sweet thing lying around. then u will  really appreciate what it is to be ant free.

another thing to be happy about in london is no mosquitos. i have never seen one in london ever since i came to live in london ages ago. 

Added. 3.38pm got today’s off road frm the daily mail.

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there is a house floating down the thames today. a publicity stunt by airbnb to celebrate the new law brought in to allow londoners to rent out their houses for less than 3months. i should think most londoners will be letting out a spare room. the hotels may be hit by this, as they can undercut the hotels. even so called budget hotels like travellodge, are charging £100 a night now, (in May)

All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors | Hiking the beautiful American Pacific Northwest wilderness 2011-13

17 Mar

All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors | Hiking the beautiful American Pacific Northwest wilderness 2011-13.

i found this blog via her comment on garfieldhug.

this is a lovely account of a hike , to a remote spot and makes u feel like you are there, but thankfully without the mosquitos. haha.  it reminds me that a lot of these wilderness is plagued with mosquitos or midges or biting insects. do u know why those reindeers are always on the move? heading towards the winds, it is to escape the biting insects that plague the area in summer. and this is the scenario everywhere. the tundra is a mass of biting insects in summer. i wonder why no one have advocated culling them. people want to cull grey squirrels, and lots of other animals to balance the ecology, so no one animal dominates, except us humans of course. haha. so why not kill the biting midges, mosquitos etc?? when u see the poor animals twitching and shuddering trying to avoid being bitten,(unlike the camera man, who is slapping and cursing too haha) u must admit it makes sense.

added. those insects are blood suckers too. #shudder# those insects dont bite you just for fun, you know. have you wondered why animals dont do things for fun? except dogs, but dogs are honorary humans anyway. haha.

i can only think that it is cost that stops the cull of these blood suckers. no profit in it haha.