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why we do things

5 Sep

london 9.12am victoria station concourse 13C sunny thursday 2019

i was reading the free metro newspaper, and saw an advert by costa for their £1 filter coffee and thought hey that is relatively low priced for coffee shop coffee. of course it is only filter coffee, so dont really need any effort to make, as it is allready sitting there. unlike cappuccino, which does need time and effort and skill to make.

then right across from where i was sitting, i saw a costa ( location)  and there was a billboard in front of it saying get croissant, toast or porridge for £1. so it is still possible to get a cheap (relatively speaking) breakfast in a coffee shop in london, and in a train station too, which makes it all the more unbelievable. this costa is hidden in a corner , so not many would notice it. but irregardless that it costs so much cheaper than normal, i was not tempted, because i brought my own coffee in a thermos and i made a toast with peanut butter and apricot jam, before i came here. haha.

it is unusual that coffee shops offer such low priced coffee, because the price must reflect the time that people spend in the shop, to take into account that, that time must be paid for. that is why coffee shops are so overpriced.

but i have noticed that there are long queues to buy coffee in the stalls around here, and yet no one, ever eats their own food here. why they prefer to queue up and pay high prices  rather than make their own coffee…there are obviously a hidden motivation here, maybe unknown even to those people queueing for the coffee… but if u can figure it out, i think you will make your fortune.

except me of course, but i am the only one who does it.

even tramps and down and outs sitting here in the early morning, before it gets busy and sleeping here too, i noticed, dont make  their own food to eat here. so what is happening do u think. why no one make their own lunch. i saw only one family , buying spam from elsewhere to eat here. so even then, it is not food they make at home.

maybe the guards , (there must be some, though i have not noticed them… they are not obvious… unless they are all observing us via the cameras and i am being observed as i sit here. haha.)  have a unspoken policy againt people coming here to eat …and maybe i will have someone come to me to tell me to buzz off one day… who knows…  or maybe anyone who makes their own food wont hang around here, but be outdoors in the warmth and the sun, enjoying it in the park nearby. i would too if i dont have to charge my chromebook.

the motivations for why people do what they do is quite mysterious. but there is a logic to it, a good reason for it. i mean someone looking at me would wonder why i go to the station , but if they know that i use it to charge my chromebook, then all is clear. right?