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23 Sep

london 10.20am 9C raining sunday 2018 today is the autumn equinox

6:49 AM sunrise
6:59 PM sunset
Length of Day 12 h 10 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 55 seconds shorter
its not equal day and night.

these two days have been raining a lot in london. it is unusual. but it is not so heavy that it caused floods. so our life in london  is not much affected. i read in a blog that the heating is put on. its a bit early for that but some living in old houses will feel the cold.

in my case all this rain just means i go out later. but it still did not stop me from going out. and yesterday when i was on the bus to the marylebone library, it seems the whole world was also out , because there was a huge jam in the hydepark corner area , making the traffic blocked all the way back to victoria. it is hard to figure out why there should be so much traffic there.

(hmm, i just figured it out… the wet weather has made more people take their cars out, and drive into london instead of taking public transport. there is no congestion charge on the weekend. also this weekend is the open house, where u can walk into any of those buildings that normally are closed to casual visitors to have a gander.)

anyway, i decided to get off the bus and take the tube instead. the tube was full of people too… one wonders where they are going. they cant all be going to oxford circus , can they? and this is the weekend.

it occurred to me to wonder why london transport is not making money. with all these people using it why should it not be making tons of money. then i remembered the mayor khan had freezed fares for 3yrs… as a bribe to get elected. haha.  they must lose a lot of money with that freeze. even a 10p rise in fares can raise a huge amount of money due to the numbers of users and the number of journeys.

but it seems the main reason why it is not making more money is because fewer people are using the tube. the bus journeys are still ok, but tube journeys have gone down. i wonder why? they have even reduced the tube fare outside zone 1. but it did not seem to entice more people to travel by tube. perhaps the bus is better value… now that they have brought in free travel on the bus within an hour of boarding one, so u can make any amount of transfer inside that hour and still spend only £1.50.

price drop

28 Mar

london 9.45am 7C cloudy/bright easter monday 2016

Eggs have dropped to as little as 50p for half a dozen in a supermarket price war.

Sales are booming after experts gave them the all-clear over cholesterol and salmonella concerns.

Asda cut its Smartprice mixed-weight caged eggs from 80p to 50p for a box of six last month after Morrisons intially sold its M Saver ones for 52p, according to price specialists Brand View.

i read that this morning in the daily mail

i thought i am very savvy with prices, but this has caught me by surprise. i did not know. usually i buy the tesco basic eggs of 15 for £1.25, and never bother to look at theprices of their other eggs. in fact, i still think it is not necessary for me to keep up with their price reductions of other stuff, in the end, even after their reduction, it is still cheaper to buy the basic eggs.

 lately i have not been buying the 15 basic eggs, because simon has been buying lots of eggs and we got a glut of them.

a few days ago i got 2packs of basic 6 eggs for 18p each pack( that means it is only 3p an egg), even though we got a lot of eggs allready but it was too good to miss;(they were small size eggs which i did not mind, as i think the yolk is the same size whatever the size of the egg, it is only the amount of egg white that varies).

it was on a reduced price -end -of- day in tescos and so not typical of prices i think.

but it seems eggs have been coming down in price… i think prices are going down for other things too, and it must be that this time is a good time for us consumers. but admittedly for those of us who buy the basic range, these reductions are still not as low as the basic prices which are availalble allthe time.

someone else must be suffering this price drop… perhaps the farmers. i mean when milk can be bought for 10p for 1litre , (i bought them in waitrose of all places), someone must be losing money… or are they hoping that by doing this , it would entice people to come in and buy other more expensive stuff?

last night must have been stormy. simon tells me he got woken up by strong winds banging our window. i slept through it all. but the news this morning shows it has disrupted flights and brought down trees.

added 10.41am sunny 8.8C bright sun streaming into my flat through the windows.

took a break to have eggs for breakfast. talking of eggs just now made me realise i got loads of eggs.

but it is dark again now. there is a large rain cloud that is obscuring the sun. i like the sun, but i have to admit it is so bright it makes it difficult to see my laptop screen. good thing about london weather, the sun never stays up too long to make itself a nuisance. haha. its doing this thing peeping in and out of the clouds.

i can understand why computer nerds draw the curtains and live in semi darkness all the time. i dont do it because i like the sun shafting its light all over the flat… even though it does make seeing the laptop screen a chore . but what i do is just shift a little bit and get into the shadowed part of the sofa. i like nowadays that my chrome book is so light and have such a lot of battery charge that i can sit it on my lap anywhere without trailing a long line of charger leads.

its actually so sunny out there, i might go out and sit in the sun for a bit. 




12 Jul

london 11.37am sunday 2015 19.5C

i am in the library in paddington, and allready read the telegraph and the times. not a lot of interesting things there and i read them quickly.

there was a guy who was reading the sunday times before me, and when he returned the paper, i borrowed it and he saw me and on my way back to the seat, he asked me was i waiting for the sunday times and waiting for him to finish?

i said i come here to read all the papers, not just the sunday times. ( though even so i lie, i only read the telegraph and the sunday times, and ask for my library card back, ( you have to give them the card as a deposit, so they can  make sure u return the newspaper) .i just could not be bothered to ask for the independant or observer(which is the guardian on sunday). 

he said he is different from others who read the papers for a long time, he said he takes just 15mins to read it.

i agree with him that there are not that much to make us read it for a long time.

not like the old days.

but then so much of these modern days have changed. we can read all this online now and much of the writing is light weight. people maybe dont like reading the heavy analysis of news in the past. they like fluffy travel articles about countries overseas, or cities overseas.

even though the weather here in london is really very nice and it would be better to just stay in uk instead of travelling abroad. in fact there was an article in one of the papers of a guy who said just that. haha. but there is a caveat, it is not always sunny here in uk. take today for eg, to me it is very nice, but it is not sunny. it is warm enough, so i am wearing shorts and sandals now.

 so if u want the sun, u will have to go abroad. but if u are the kind of person who likes the sun, i think u will be the kind of person who wont like uk anyway.

i used to like hot weather, but i have realised it is silly. hot weather is very uncomfortable and breeds a lot of vermin like flies,mosquitos, cockroaches, rats and ants and bedbugs, that bite and sting.

i have reach a stage of my life where i find them horrible and dont want to tolerate them. so i welcome winter when they all get zapped and die. hahahaha. (oh there is a caveat too …. this only applies to households who dont have central heating, or who dont have heating at all; period. haha. if u have a heated house u will get lots of vermin breeding in your warm house. serves you right too.)

in malaysia we are used to them, so bear with them. well what can you do, you cannot eradicate them, so for your own sanity, u better get used to them…  until i come here and dont have them at all, and realise what a blissful life it is not to have them around.