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what do british muslims think

14 Apr

london 7.50am 12C sunny with clouds thursday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

coffee in the morning is something i look forward to. and my coffee is not even brewed and so does not have that lovely aroma .it is only instant coffee and tesco’s basic at that, but it serves it purpose well enough for me anyway. haha. it is all psychological of course. now if they can produce the smell artificially, that would be perfect. because i like the smell of brewed coffee, but not the taste. 

i find this 100mg bottle was opened on 27.3.16 and it is allready close to finishing. so it did not even last me a month. and i like my coffee weak so i use only a teaspoon each time. i would imagine most coffee drinkers will buy the branded instant coffee and use up a lot more , maybe two of these bottles a month. and some of these branded instants can be £3 each. unlike my 50p instant. i used to drink nescafe instant, but they lost their aroma, which was the only reason i bought them. 

i did not use to drink that much coffee in the past, preferring tea, but it looks like i have got myself a habit now. still, it is a small habit and quite psychologically pleasing and enjoyable. so as habits go, it is a harmless one.

i still drink tea, during the rest of the day, as the way i drink it, the chinese way, weak without suger or milk, is a great way to drink water, as tap water , especially when boiled can be not only  be tasteless but does not taste nice. i think insipid is the word to describe it.

what do u think of last nights tv about what muslims think? about the survey of british muslim’s attitudes? i think it is a important survey and throws some light into why muslims as a religious group seem to be so willing to kill others because of their religious beliefs. 100,000 of british muslims sympathise with those who would kill others for their religious beliefs.

i get the impression, from the findings of what they believe in the survey, that islam is a religion which pervades a persons whole life. it is not something that they can take up on fridays only. in that way,it is very different from other religions. it is the only one that says if u are religious and a true believer, u will adhere and put to practise all the koran’s commands and injunctions without exception, nor can u pick and chose which u like . otherwise u are not a true believer.you are not a good muslim.  that practically stops all discussion and debate. if u dont follow the koran, u simply are not a true muslim. and so can be killed with impunity because u are an infidel. that is it. no wonder so many of them have no compunction in killing others who dont agree with them. it is self righteousness taken to its extreme level.

i know many muslims will say that is not how i interpret it, it is a good kind religion, and ask for tolerance of others. but the rest of us hear u, yet the koran do not say the same…no where can u find the koran  says turn the other cheek, love thy neighbour etc like the bible says… in fact it says the opposite.  so a ‘true muslim’, someone who thinks he is because he follows all the tenets of the  koran,  can turn round and say u are not a true muslim. you are not even a muslim because u dont follow all the koran asks of you. i think that is what makes a follower of islam dangerous. it takes only  100,000 followers like that to taint the whole religion and change society completely if u let them. 

i think the british will wake up from this survey to realise that just because in the past, refugees have integrated into the society and dont expect society to change to cater to them, that the islamic refugees will do the same too. but this survey shows it is not so. 

katie hopkins

31 Dec

london 2014 wednesday

I read this evening standard article about katie hopkins’ twit about the ebola nurse being investigated by police. i thought it was rather funny observation. and quite true in some ways, especially when the yes vote for independance has said they have a good scotland nhs and splitting from the england would make their scots nhs stand better. so why do they have to send that ebola nurse to england?? haha.

i have not heard of this katie holmes but she seems rather a funny lady , saying a lot of commonsense things in a very witty way . what she said about that fat woman who could not find a job blaming people for not employing her because she is fat. and not wanting to change herself. she made a very sensible observation.

 and what she said about M&S giving their muslim shop assistants the right not to serve customers who buy pork from the shop. i thought her comments were very sensible. if i were the other non muslims shop assistants i would resent these muslim assistants being given permission not to pull their own weight and getting me to do their job by taking over the till when a customer with pork comes up. they get the same pay and doing less work.

less than a year after the scottish independance vote and the oil price on which scots hope to get money to keep an independant scotland afloat has halved in price. an independant scotland would be in deep shit now if they had won the vote. 

more utubes of katie holmes here.