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doughnut day

7 Jun

london 12.13pm 15C rain friday 2019

its doughnut day today, or so it seems. i only knew of it when i got an email from krispy kreme, giving me their free original doughnut if i say ‘i think the world is shaped like a doughnut’, haha. but i did not have to say it when i went to the victoria stall to redeem it. they just want to see the voucher code. it seems this day is to commemorate the salvation army using doughnuts as a fund raiser and not to celebrate the craze for doughnuts in this modern day and age. 

Digital StillCamera

i set nearby and ate it together with a thermos flask of coffee which i made earlier and brought with me. it is really very nice to have hot coffee with it. the sweetness of the doughnut complements the slight bitterness of the coffee. it was a rainy day outside, though you would not notice it inside the victoria station still plenty of light let in by the ceiling glass roof.

things are quiet in london, and in my life now.  the president of the usa have come and gone on his official visit. and the nation has been rather preoccupied celebrating D day and all that.

and this weekend is the naked bike ride, and eid festival in trafalgar square. it will be clashing with the naked cyclists when they pass through trafalgar square though it is possible that the eid festival would have ended at 5pm before the cyclists arrive there. earlier in the morning, there is the trooping of the colours, for the queens official birthday. so quite a busy saturday.

i used to join in the naked bike ride, with my friend john who would come down from bournemouth to stay with me over this time. but we seem to have lost interest in it and have not joined in for quite some years now. as it has gained in popularity and numbers , we seem to have become less inclined to join in. when it was small it was more fun now that it has grown so big, with so many people joining in it is not so much fun anymore. i think for me, it is just that my friends have lost interest and i tend to follow them in what they get up to. all those friends who like this kind of thing seem to have gone and i have lost touch with them. some may have died actually. that is what happens when u have old friends and are getting old too. 

i have noticed that with the pride march too. as it has got more organised i seem to have become less interested in joining in. this year there will be many floats taking part, and they have limited the numbers of people allowed to march. when it was only people marching in the past, it was more fun. ah well, that is progress i supposed. it will take place next month 6th july. there is a tendency to try to recreate old hits for eg, the tales of the city stories have been a huge hit in the 70s, and have been made into a tv series. now i hear they are recreating a new series, in netflix, supposedly as a continuation of the stories. so not exactly a remake of the series then. they will bring it up to date for a whole new generation or think they do. but they are using the same actors except they are older now… i am thinking they might be better going for new young actors and tell more stories with relevance to today’s gays , trans, and bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals…

to me, i will always think of it as a 70s thing. a time of innocence when being gay is not that popular, nor well known, and being trans is so rare, that it comes as a shock to find one prominent character is trans. and it is all a revelation to read what the gay characters, and straight characters get up to in the tales of the city stories. there was a joy to it all, like coming to a city to live and discovering all that is  new and exciting to  being gay or straight and anything goes in the city.

its hard to be naked when you feel cold.

13 Jun

london 12.40pm saturday 2015

does not look very promising for the naked bike ride today. it is cloudy, the forecast is dry… no rain which is a good thing.

 it seems the thunderstorms have missed my area, central london. john says he felt unwell this morning and have diarrhea. hope he feels better to do the naked bike ride this afternoon, but i have a feeling he does not feel up to it, what with the wind and the cold and no sun, the ride wont be so enjoyable. the weather really is crucial here, as you will feel the cold more when naked. so it looks like we will miss joining in this year. ah well, nevermind. haha.

like i said living in these northern areas of the world, the naked lifestyle is really optional. much as we would like to be naked all the time, the cold will stop that. and even though we can put up the heating, it just seems wasteful to heat up the whole house just to be able to be naked, when just putting on a sweater is enough to keep warm. and when you feel unwell, it really puts a damper on things because u just cannot withstand the cold that much. 

i was on the bus this morning and a bunch of tourists boarded it at victoria station.  they asked the bus driver but their accent was so terrible even i could not hear what exactly they are saying. you would have thought it is not difficult to catch the english destination they wanted… i mean how different can u pronounce the london stops, without it being at least recognisable. even if u mangle the pronounciation of trafalgar square, for eg, it would be possible to recognise it…or lets say u pronounce leicester square as ‘lay -chester’ it is still possible to guess what u mean.  but i could not understand at all what they were saying. i was thinking it must be hell to be a tourist here and not know english. in the end, they have to leave the bus, because no one could understand them.

even an old lady who tried to help them could not. those tourists are doubly handicapped, 1) not being able to pronounce the english words, and also 2), not being able to understand the answers said to them. it is one of the many reasons why i dont fancy travelling now. not understanding the locals, nor be able to read the signs makes for a very frustrating experience. some might like it, as it is a new thing, but to me who am used to this life in london where i understand everything said to me, and can make myself understood, it is intolerable. 

added. i wonder how come no one have invented a machine that when u speak into it, will translate it into any language and speak it outloud. that way u can conduct a conversation through the machine. it certainly cannot be beyond the minds of man to invent such a machine surely. whoever invents it will earn a fortune. and they can simplify it to a machine that just translates any language into english and vice versa. i bet it can be used to teach a person that language too.

google can translate into any language, so maybe as a first step, they can invent a machine that simply uses google to translate into words so the other person can read it. nowadays computers can type words from speech, so that is a way to get a person’s spoken word to be written up, and then google can translate it .

living in london pt 17

21 Jun

london saturday today is the longest day.summer solstice 16hrs 38min

now i am using a chromebook i have gone full circle with my internet journey. From early beginnings on a laptop with pay as you go usage internet connection to being constantly online.

in the past i write off line and then thriftily get online and post it, now I am online all the time with broadband. and surfing the net without regard to how long i am online. That to me is the one thing that makes me realise i am living in the future.  It is a small thing by itself but it opens up the world. 

I have just come back from grocery shopping. veg are very cheap now. In the past we have to go to lidl or aldi to get these 50p veg, or to brixton, for garlic, ginger, onions, chilli, but now the ordinary supermarkets are also offering 50p brocolli, and lettuce and cucumber too. lidl has done one better today by offering cucumber for 29p each. that is why i stopped by their branch in stockwell on my way to brixton. 

In brixton i bought garlic and ginger , both of which are still the lowest priced at 50p. tomatoes are also 50p but they are not the freshest. they are fine if u just want to cook them, but not suitable for salads for most people though i would use them for salads as i dont mind them being not so firm.

now i am eating a lot more salads, lettuce and cucumber ,  using up the salad cream that john bought when he came here.

usually i make a french salad (vinegar, olive oil , mustard) but the salad cream is just as nice. I discovered we still have a large bottle of tesco basic salad cream and it was just as nice. i dont think there is much difference in the basic range and the branded names.

It is not surprising that they say inflation has gone down due to these low priced vegetables.

THose who shop at  lidl and asda have always got  these veg at such prices. it is only now that  tesco and sainsburys have been forced to bring their price to match lidl’s and asda that people in the mainstream can benefit and the effect now appears in the inflation statistics as those statistics use tesco pricing to calculate the inflation.

I think in the past also there are so few lidl and asda or aldi branches, (especially in london as they first started up north as land is cheaper there; but now they are everywhere in london and the south).

I just read in a blog activenaturist.net that in new york they arrested two guys who were taking part in the naked bike ride there. They had theirs on june 13th friday…  and they start their ride at 6pm in the evening. i think it is late to start a ride. And even if you say the sun dont set till about 9pm, even then it is late. they got rainy weather too … who would have thought that it rains in new york at this time of year, when  we keep hearing of new york heat waves.

it is shocking to me that new york of all places is so intolerant of naked people. Is it because the organisers did not approach the authorities and got permission or new york just refuse to give permission for any ride no matter that it is  a protest ride? Maybe new york just refuse to allow demonstrations as it clogs up traffic and disrupts business. it is a small island and crowded with people. or is it just because the people were naked?

It occurs to me that it is not that strange that new york is so conservative. it has lost its crown, if it ever have it in the first place, as the most liberal place. more shocking is San francisco making nudity illegal. San francisco the most liberal city in all america, the home of the hippies  but that is in the past.

Digital StillCamera

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living in london pt 15

15 Jun


So another naked bike ride has come and gone. this year was the opposite of previous years in that we had a great orderly start, but a chaotic ending. 

The police escorted us out of the starting gate in north carriage drive, which is a private road in hyde park that feeds into the marble arch gyratory.

but after the south side of westminster bridge, everything went tits up .last year the organisers were criticised for waiting too long for everyone to catch up, so this time they went pelting off and left us all behind. haha. without a police escort we had to stop at red lights and that caused people to slip behind the lead.

it was no big deal as part of the thing is the anarchic nature of the event. it is a good excuse to wander all over naked as a  jaybird. 

I left the main group at the strand, as i took the short cut to lincoln inn fields, hoping to catch the others up when they get back from st paul’s , but there was no crowd at the loo stop in lincoln inn fields. (it is really a big rectangular garden surrounded by road and houses on all 4 sides.

last year it was a great loo stop and allow us to mingle before being fed in small groups through covent gdn and avoiding a jam there. but i lost the main group and so went through covent gdn with another guy who was also lost and we finally caught up with the main body in trafalgar square.

and there were so many photographers at the last crossing to wellington arch, they prevented the riders to cross the road junction to the wellington arch gardens, and so people started to leave the main body and go into the small overgrown grass land by the side of the road and finished there. taking photos and so on.

i called john who told me he was at the wellington arch, so i made my way across and there were no naked cyclists there at all.

a young white man was waiting there with his chinese looking girlfriend, and he asked us where the naked bikers were and we told him he had lost the chance as no one is ending at wellington arch. we asked him to join in next year if he wants to see them.

London’s naked bike ride is getting very big , with people starting at many different areas and converging and trying to co ordinate them all must be a nightmare. This means that to the photographers, the best place to see the naked women is at the end, when they all come to wellington arch. and that explains why there was this frenzy of picture taking with the photographers refusing to budge to allow the riders through. well, the organisers wants publicity and so they got it. haha. but i think a lot of the photos will end up privately circulated in the internet. hehe.

there were a lot of other events happening that saturday. earlier in the day there was the trooping of the colours in horse guards parade, and there was also supposed to be the hare krisnha juggernaut parade but today, sunday, i got a call from john, who went to the quakers sunday meeting in st martins lane, and he said there was nothing going on in trafalgar square and ask me if i want to join him there and we can go for a walk in the park.

my lunch was just cooked and i told him i shall take it with me and eat it with him in trafalgar square.

when i arrived at trafalgar square i saw a lot of tents and free food handed out by the hare krishna people. so their festival had been postponed to today.

there was only a short queue to get the food, and it was two dollops of curried potatoes and tomatoes with rice, and a sweet dessert with yoghurt. rather nice if u are hungry but not that nice to go back for seconds. so just right as far as the festival people are concerned. they were giving out a nice lemony drink with herbs. There was a lady just in front of me, and i noticed the server woman gave her a tiny amount of rice, and i thought oh dear is that all? but luckily she knows men like us are hungry guys and she gave john and i huge portions. haha.

i asked why john told me on the phone there was nothing going on… ( i would not have bothered to bring any food wih me if i knew) . he said he did not see it… all those tents and people and john did not see them. i told him it is his fuxking soul, always wanting to make his life difficult. how can anyone not see this???

he said he came out of the quaker place and so approached the square on the north side, where he could not see the sunken south section. and he stayed on the raised side as there were street jugglers there. 

so i guess it was understandable that he did not see … but i prefer to think it is his fuxking soul. i said he should slap it and tell it to behave itself and not to make  his life difficult.

actually, i think he is getting old. he is losing is common sense and acting in a fuddled way. 

he told me when he was in gran canaria, he got robbed of15euros when he went to a sex club and left his bag in the lockers. they gave him a key to lock it and he said he then gave them back the key to keep. i asked why he did that as no one do it. you keep the key on your person. john says the key was so big and he was afraid it might get stolen. haha. that is his old age brain talking. you slip it in your sock and keep aware of it so that no one steals it. it usually comes with a elastic band which u can wrap round your ankle. 

what made him give the key to the attendant!!! a silly thing to do and practically asking them to rob him. someone obviously saw his key and asked for it and went into his locker and searched and just took the cash. at least he has the sense not to bring  alot of money there. 




naked bike ride london 2013

9 Jun

We had the naked bike ride in London yesterday.
The one day in the year when u can be naked in the centre of London in public and not get arrested. Haha.

Again, we were lucky to get very good weather. The day before and today, it is dull and cloudy. But the day of the ride it dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way all day.

There was a breeze though, so it did feel chilly when we rode in shadow.

This year, there were many feeder routes and not just one, so it was not so big a crowd at the marble arch starting point. That is the most central of all the feeder starting points, so that was the one my friends from new Zealand and john and I joined.

As usual, the photographers were crowding us, but I guess that is par for the course. Haha.

There was a delay in starting as they did not heed any of the shouted instructions to clear the way. Of course, the cyclists colluded at the delay, in that they could just move their bikes forward and hit the photographers ,accidentally on purpose, and that would move them without even having to say anything. Haha.
Perhaps the organisers would use that tactic next time.

But so many of us really are in no hurry to move , we just like the excuse to hang around and naked.

The batch of riders I was with left so late that when we arrived at the strand, it was already 4.30pm, so I think that was why the decision was made to skip the st paul route and cut across to Lincoln inn fields.

I was surprised when they directed us up to it, but rather glad to skip the st paul’s route. It is a very long ride to go there and back.

It was fun because of that, and the loo stop in Lincoln inns field was welcomed and rather nice… there were kids and families sitting in the field in the middle of the square at Lincoln inn fields, and they must have been surprised at this influx of naked people invading their square.

Lots of cocks galore throughout the ride . haha.

I arrived at the Wellington arch at about 5.30pm. And it was still sunny so we were able to linger there for a bit. But it got chilly at about 6pm, so john and I decided to ride back, rather than wait for the others.

With such a large crowd it was difficult to meet up with the others, even if they have arrived at the arch.

I think it a lot of fun to join in this once a year. Not sure it would be that interesting if it were to take place more often.
Today, the ride is on in brighton, but I think they wont have such nice weather for it.

Many people will post pics of the event, this one is a video and i think shows a good take on it. 

how to get rid of back pain and other thoughts

28 Nov

It is really difficult to interest people in things that interest me.
Take for eg this event, organised by the brighton naked bike ride people as a fund raiser.
They have arranged with a naturist club near London to host it. It is a naked 10am-2pm event. Suggested donation for entry is £5, and tea, coffee, biscuits, juice are provided. Bring your own lunch.

What attract me to it is that this naturist club is near a train station in zone 6 so can use the oyster card, and so easy to get to and from London victoria station.

All the naturist clubs I know of are miles away from the stations which itself is miles away from London.

And it is a chance to meet other naked bikers.

I don’t go to brighton to take part in their naked bike ride, as there was no incentive to join them since London is so much bigger and near me as I live here. And it is such a hassle to bring the bike on the train to brighton that I just don’t bother.

So why am I going to this one off fund raising event?

Because I want to try a naturist club. That is why. Usually these naturist clubs don’t welcome single men, which I think is a serious failing on their part and might explain why so many of them have falling membership.

These naturist clubs are so paranoid about single men. That is why this naturist club is rather unusual to even agree to host this event. There will be many men there as the majority of naked bike riders are men. I am hoping that they are wanting members and don’t care if they are men or not. Rather to have men joining and paying the money rather than stick to a family club and no family joining in and seeing the members all dying off.

By rights, to have a place to go to where u can be naked all the time , both indoors and outdoors and to meet and chat with so many others of like mind, must be such a wonderful idea, that it is a wonder why these places are not full. Most of us join a gym and those places are not even a place where u can hang out naked all day every day.

The idea of a club where u can be naked all year round both indoors and outdoors and meet others of like mind is a good one. By rights these clubs should be busy. They are not, and very secretive almost like they are ashamed of it.

I would like to see them go for a different type of membership, go for people who don’t mind who sees them naked, so that there is no need to hide behind high fences.

Added.today 27.11.12 . I wrote the above some time ago, and had no one wanting to join me and despairing of getting anyone to join me. And thinking just as well I don’t mind and will go even if I go on my own. After all, there will be lots of other naked male bikers there for me to befriend. But now I have 3 people joining me.

On another note, I have found a way to get rid of my back ache. I had a muscle at the back on the left side which I had sprained on a yacht long ago, and it acts up now and then.

Recently it was painful, and I found that if I stretch it and hold the stretch it gets better. People used to think the way to treat back pain is to go to bed and don’t move. But I think that is dangerous because it makes it worse.

At first it is painful to stretch the muscle, and you will think you are making it worse, but persevere, and u will find that gradually the pain goes.

There are many poses that stretch that muscle and its companion on the other side. Interestingly, stretching the other muscle on the other side also stretches the muscle on this side.

Bending from the waist, both sideways and forwards, and touching your toes,or attempting to, and rocking back and forth and sideways on your back also stretches the muscles. As well as lying on the back and twisting the body by bending the knee to the right whilst stretching the arm to the left and looking towards the left. And repeat with the other way.

Bending , twisting, even stretching the leg out whilst seating on the floor and touching the toes will all do some stretching of those side muscles at the back.

I have been going to the gym everyday and doing those exercises and it works.

That is my tip for anyone who suffers back pain.
The worst thing u can do is to take a pain medicine.

I read this article in vanity fair, about truman capote and his answered prayers … a book that destroyed his friendship with the rich socialites in new york. It made me realise my troubles with my friend when I wrote about him, are as nothing to his troubles when he wrote about his friends.

It never occurred to him why they should object, he said he is a journalist, that is what he does, report on whatever he sees around him and his friends are no exception. but I have read answered prayers, those excepts that have been published, (many other chapters have been lost, or destroyed by him). Reading his bitchy words about them, it is amusing to us but must be devastating to those referred to. I guess sometimes we don’t realise how such personal details can upset others. His attempt to disguise them is so thinly veiled, any one can identify who he based his characters on.

I guess he should have waited for them to all die first before publishing it.

Here is an article about a contraption for brewing tea, like nespresso. Using tea pods.

don’t laugh, I did when I saw the nespresso machine with their expensive pods of coffee, and see how successful it is now.

Just remember u can have good coffee and tea just by brewing them in a pot.
Simon makes coffee using a pyrex measuring jug.