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bank holiday sunday

27 Aug

london train to victoria from coulsdon south. 7.28pm 26.9C sunny sunday 2017

seeing a bit of outer london from the train. i seldom come this way as there was no reason to. the last time i came this way was to the same house party that i have just been. it was at night though so i did not see much of the scenery. this time the party is in the afternoon. from 3pm-7pm. the outside patio area was screened off from the neighbours so we could go outside and enjoy the sun whilst being naked. naked parties are quite a lot of fun. i have not been doing it for some time, i wonder if i should start going more often. or start going more often to the naked clubs. well it would be an incentive to go to the gym and the swimming to tone up my body. it will be a goal to aim for. though for me, it is not a toned body that attracts me. haha. but i know a lot are attracted to a nice body. 

 coming south to the southern most boundary of london is some new experience for me. i noticed the big difference here is that i can see the sun setting without any buildings getting in the way. this is a fast train after east croydon, non stop to victoria so the speed is a good one, and very quiet , and airconditioned too. 

earlier i was at the paddington library. it was just outside the condoned off area for the nottinghill festival so fortunate for me the bus 36 was not affected. but  we see lots of buses with numbers that never come here normally. all traffic is stopped from going into the area, not only buses.  they have been diverted from their normal route that runs through the nottinghill area…i wonder what happens if u are a resident inside that area and want to drive into it to get home. will you get a pass to enable you to do so? from what i see, every car is stopped from going in. they are real determined not to have a mad driver go in there to mow down the people.

i got chatting to a fellow bus customer at the bus stop on my way back, and she said the royal oak tube station nearby was  exit only, that is why she had to take the bus.its a lot of disruption to the people who live in the area. even though it was so early that there were no people coming into the area yet. this disruption will continue till tomorrow. so tough for those living there. 

london’s first naked restaurant

10 Jun

london 4.25pm 23.9C sunny friday 2016

read in today’s evening standard that the naked restaurant that i heard about is opening tomorrow at elephant and castle and called bunyadi. it is only open for 3months. so it is a pop up restaurant; which seems to be the rage nowadays… it is like trying to gauge the interest and whether it can be extended to a full restaurant if demand is proven to be there.

u cannot just go there though, but have to register and be put on their waiting list. currently the waiting list is 40,000 strong. costs £69 for a 5 course tasting menu there. and diners are separated by bamboo curtains round each table. maybe very private but does not sound interesting. sounds very commercial and business -like, and gimmicky.

can’t help thinking that there are allready lots of naked places here in london , they are called saunas… so if all you want is to relax in naked comfort, those places are better venues for it. and in terms of participating in a naked  social activity, the naked bike ride that takes place tomorrow in london might be better for it… 

i got a birthday treat of a free krispie kreme from the company. so i redeemed it and had my nutella filled krispie kreme with the free waitrose coffee, whilst sitting in victoria station. it is nice now and then to enjoy these snacks, especially when they are free.haha.


naked bike ride london 2013

9 Jun

We had the naked bike ride in London yesterday.
The one day in the year when u can be naked in the centre of London in public and not get arrested. Haha.

Again, we were lucky to get very good weather. The day before and today, it is dull and cloudy. But the day of the ride it dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way all day.

There was a breeze though, so it did feel chilly when we rode in shadow.

This year, there were many feeder routes and not just one, so it was not so big a crowd at the marble arch starting point. That is the most central of all the feeder starting points, so that was the one my friends from new Zealand and john and I joined.

As usual, the photographers were crowding us, but I guess that is par for the course. Haha.

There was a delay in starting as they did not heed any of the shouted instructions to clear the way. Of course, the cyclists colluded at the delay, in that they could just move their bikes forward and hit the photographers ,accidentally on purpose, and that would move them without even having to say anything. Haha.
Perhaps the organisers would use that tactic next time.

But so many of us really are in no hurry to move , we just like the excuse to hang around and naked.

The batch of riders I was with left so late that when we arrived at the strand, it was already 4.30pm, so I think that was why the decision was made to skip the st paul route and cut across to Lincoln inn fields.

I was surprised when they directed us up to it, but rather glad to skip the st paul’s route. It is a very long ride to go there and back.

It was fun because of that, and the loo stop in Lincoln inns field was welcomed and rather nice… there were kids and families sitting in the field in the middle of the square at Lincoln inn fields, and they must have been surprised at this influx of naked people invading their square.

Lots of cocks galore throughout the ride . haha.

I arrived at the Wellington arch at about 5.30pm. And it was still sunny so we were able to linger there for a bit. But it got chilly at about 6pm, so john and I decided to ride back, rather than wait for the others.

With such a large crowd it was difficult to meet up with the others, even if they have arrived at the arch.

I think it a lot of fun to join in this once a year. Not sure it would be that interesting if it were to take place more often.
Today, the ride is on in brighton, but I think they wont have such nice weather for it.

Many people will post pics of the event, this one is a video and i think shows a good take on it. 

naked party and its aftermath

20 Jan



the ear grips that my friend gave to me. i think he found them. they make good ear muffs but they made me lose my acrylic hat.

19.1.13 friday

My friend has just left. He enjoyed his stay in London. Managed to do research on his family tree in the british library, which he says he was able to join easily; and it seems anyone living in uk can join, no need to be a local resident.
You cannot borrow the books to take away, it seems. This library is the central one where it keeps copies of all the books , etc that is printed.

When it was time for him to leave for the coach back to bournemouth, he wanted to take the bus to the coach station in victoria. So I walked him to the bus stop to catch the bus to the coach station. But unfortunately when the bus came and he took out his card to place on the reader, his oyster card had ran out of money. He had to pay the cash fare which is £2.40 , £1 more than if he had used the oyster card.

He is rather careless about these things as he does not know where to go to find out how much balance he has left in the oyster card. He said he put £17 in at the start of his holiday.

At first I thought surely he could not have used up £17? But It is easy to use up that amount. He stayed 5days. The max fare u pay if u only use the buses is £4.20. And he is likely to use the tube.

I find people are rather careless about saving money. If I were in his shoes I will use only the buses or walk. I am so central all journeys will not take much time so there is really no need to use the tube. It might not seem a lot , paying £1 more, but it is £1 unnecessary to pay.

I am real glad I got freedom pass which enables me to get free transport on tube, trains and buses.

I think in future they will means test that freedom pass concession, as I cannot see how council can afford otherwise. It is free for us card holders to use, but council have to pay the fare for us. And if they cannot find the extra funds for it, our council tax will rise. I am in Westminster, and Westminster is rather a rich council. I hear we got the highest amount from traffic charges and penalties than any council in uk.
I think the mayor of London may contribute part of the costs, as after all he is the one to promise it in his election pledges and maybe that might explain why the transport fares have risen and forecast to keep rising every year.

I use mine to take the bus to my gym everyday. I go there to use their showers, which gives really nice hot water. And of course to exercise and use the weights. But also I like using their mats to do my stretch exercise. It is nicer to do these in the gym than at home. Esp when my flat is cold. Haha.

Actually the gym is rather cold too, which is ok with me, better than an overheated gym.

And u soon warm up when u exercise.

I am waiting now for 6.30pm, when I shall be going on the tube to a friend’s naked party in north London . I went there for the first time a few months ago and I am now on his guest list.

It is a nice house, full of furniture and bric a brac.

When I first went there for a naked party, my first thought on seeing all the paintings on the walls, and the nick nacks on the shelves was how do u keep it clean of dust.

Added. 19.1.13 at 11.30pm
Back from the naked party.

I enjoyed it very much, but then I do enjoy these things. I am popular there. Come to think of it , I am popular at all these naked orgies. Haha.

There were two other Chinese guys there. One from Taiwan, the other from south korea.

On the way back, on the train, I met the one from Taiwan.

We got chatting, and suddenly he asked me if I am happy. I said yes I am. And then he burst into tears.

I was surprised to say the least. He wont tell me why he was so unhappy.
I asked him how he knows of this party, he said a friend invited him. Not the hosts.

Now I had time to think about it, I wonder if his friend is really his boyfriend, and he finds the boyfriend going around having sex with the others in the party and it made him unhappy and want to break the relationship. He may not have realised it was that kind of party.

I think it one of the saddest fallacies that people tell each other is that they want or expect a partner to be faithful. The common fallacy is ‘If u love me u cannot want to have sex with others … isn’t that right? And if u do, it means u don’t love me anymore‘.

I don’t know whether that is the reason why he was so tearful. But he was not sad when I saw him at the party. It was only afterwards when I saw him in the tube train and he was alone in the train. He said he came with the friend. So it seems highly likely if he is returning alone and not with that friend that they have a quarrel and he left alone.

If that is the reason, than all I can say is it is silly.

But I guess no one wants to hear that… that is why I will never make a good relationship counsel.

I will tell them to get over it, it is no big deal, and firstly, have an open relationship, after all if u love him, u want him to enjoy himself, so let him go ahead and have fun; and u do the same too if u want; and stay together as long as each wants to, but that sooner or later we all part, death will part us if nothing else.

Going on the tube, I lost my acrylic what -do- u- call- it, that thing that u put on your head to keep it warm. Usually it is made of wool, but nowadays they are all made of acrylic. I would call it a hat, but it is not a hat really.

I found it, this one that I lost. I only feel put out by the loss because of the inconvenience of losing it when I need it to keep my head warm now. it is cold outdoors. It makes my head ache without the hat to protect it.

The reason I lost it is because my friend found a eargrip and I had been using it and putting it in the same pocket of my jacket with the hat, and that means that there was no room for the woolly/acrylic hat in the pocket and so it was easy for it to fall out without me noticing.

I thought the eargrips were ear muffs. But i see they have a pocket to insert the earphones.  But I discovered they make good ear muffs, protecting the ears from the cold.

Added.21.1.13 i found out by googling ear grips that they are actually ear muffs. and can be used to hide ear phones as well. though how that is done i dont know as the earphones i know get inserted into the ear. 

Anyway, I have another woolly hat. Or rather acrylic hats.

I am glad I find these things, rather than buy them; so when I lose them I don’t feel the loss. Easy come easy go as they say. Haha. I spent nothing getting them, and so when I lose them I lost no money. It is just inconvenient that is all.

Now u know why I pick up discarded woolly hats, and gloves and scarves whenever I find them. I got quite a collection.

I find so many gloves, always one of the pair because no one loses both pairs at once. I don’t mind using gloves of two different colours and type .

All very useful to keep out the cold. And the gloves can get holes in them. I have one glove that developed holes and have to be thrown away. So they don’t last.

I am always happy. that is why when i saw the chinese guy in tears,  I wish others would be too, because it takes very little to be happy.

added.20.1.11 my friend who hosted the party told me that he came without his boyfriend, it seems they were having difficulties in the relationship and had quarrelled. 

The only time when I am sad is when someone I love is ill , or dead. That is really sad. But I console myself that if they are ill, than death is a release for them. At least they don’t suffer any more.

And if they die from a accident, it is really sad. Because u don’t have time to prepare for it. The only consolation I can offer is to say their souls wants to go and to respect the wish of the soul. And to know that we are all one, and one day when I die, I shall return to the one soul that is what all of us are and we shall all be together.

This is the neale walsch concept that he writes about in his conversation with god books. I find it a great consolation and explanation of why we die and that it is not the end.

What is harder to bear is that u will miss their presence. When they are alive, u know they will come back so that even if they go away to visit people or go on holiday etc and are not around u are ok, because you know they will come back, but when they die, u know they will never come back and be around again, and that is very saddening.

The danger is that u think u are betraying the memory of them if u get on with your own life, meet others , have another boyfriend, or be happy. U may feel u are not supposed to be happy after they are dead. That is the fallacy that so many bereaved fall into. Tell yourself that they wont want u to mop and be sad always… certainly if I die, I wont want anyone surviving me to stop their life and be sad. I shall tell them stop being a fool, go on and be happy and do things that u want to do now that u are free to do so.

We all know that being with someone can be restrictive. In that u might want to uproot and go live in another place or country but cannot because your loved one cannot or do not want to join you.

There are disadvantages to being too close to someone. They can take over your life.
Of course u might have a boyfriend who is not so demanding, or needy and would allow u to pursue your own interests. That is a good bf to have. Haha.
And of course there are people who like having a close relationship with another, shutting all others and live for each other only and prefer it, so never feel they want to go off on their own.

naked exhibition

4 Jan


3.1.12 thursday
First naked event of this new year that I have attended came today, at the opening of an art exhibition of naked art, and we were naked as well. There was wine, and snacks, and socialising.

One performance art was happening which I did not realise was until later on . I saw a pile of bricks in the middle of the room, and some people were looking at it. I moved on to the next room thinking nothing of it.

Much later, I went into that room and I could see toes peeping out of the bricks. My first thought was that those are real realistic toes, and was reminded of this man who make giant figures of people using a substance that was very life like. The effect of the bricks and feet makes it appear there was a model underneath it. Suddenly I noticed the bricks in the middle of the pile were moving up and down and I thought they have an inflatable model under there.

And I exclaimed ‘it looks so real‘. I thought it was a cock that was inflated and deflated to appear erect that caused the bricks to move up and down.

They told me it was a real person underneath those bricks, and when I looked I saw a pair of dark eyes looking out at the top end, and blinking. It was a real naked woman underneath those bricks and her breathing moved the bricks.

Wow, this is real dedication. To suffer for art, because the floor was cold, and the bricks must be cold and weigh a ton.

And the poor girl was under there for the whole duration of the viewing. And for all I know beyond the 2hrs for the event, because I left just before it ended at 8pm.

It was fun being naked and looking at the naked art. Though there were not many male nudes paintings unfortunately. Lots of naked female nudes. But the guests at that function made up for it as majority of us naked there were males.

The art exhibition continues tomorrow with another after hours gathering presumably for the clothed guests. As an exercise to get people to come and buy the art, I think it was unsuccessful, as most of us were there because we just liked being naked rather than interested as buyers of artwork.

U might think being naked and liking to be naked, we collectively would be a strong market for those wanting to sell naked art. But you will be wrong. it is not so. We like the doing of naked, not the buying of it.

We don’t want to own anything. At least that is how I see it.

Being naked is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest pastime u can indulge in. no clothes to buy, and only heating to pay and even then, most of us sidestep that one too.

I met this guy who remembered me and said we met at the naked walk in the thames estuary last year. He was the guy who told me that he don’t put the heating on in winter. I told him that I still have not need to put my heating on so far, and I have good hopes not ever.

He said he lives outside London so it was colder.

And I met the guy who first let me know of this event, by posting it to the naked bike ride yahoo group. He goes to the naked bike rides.

And I came back and read an email from a friend who said he is having a naked party on 19jan. So that is another naked event to look forward to.