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a visit to a naturist club

1 Dec


I was just reminded by a blog that it is soon going to be 2013. 20, 30 years ago would we have imagined what it would be like in 2013?Some who is 40 now or 50 now they would be just 10yrs/20yrs old, or 20/30yrs old then. Or if u are 60 now, you will be 30/40yrs old.

added 2.12.12 today is 20 yrs since the first text message was sent. they are allready saying social networking is taking over and making it obsolete. 

Somehow, the gap is bigger at 10yrs and 40yrs. Than at 30yrs and 60yrs.

Both are 30yrs between them, but don’t you think it is much more difficult to imagine what u will be like at 40yrs when you are 10yrs old whereas it is quite easy to imagine what u will be at 60yrs when u are 30yrs old.

Somehow I feel that a 10yr old will experience bigger changes in his life when he finally reaches 40yrs than a 30yr old when he reaches 60yrs.

Perhaps it is not surprising because when u are 10yrs old u are more or less at the mercy of other people, your parents for sure. And being a kid your personality is not formed at all and can change in any direction. Whilst I think by 30yrs old, u have more or less got the personality for life. And then the next big change in you will be after 60yrs old.

That is my theory anyway. Haha.

Today, I went to a naturist club in south London. it’s a lovely place. Must have started out as a big property with a large garden. Founded about 1933, and had a swimming pool built in 1934. Which when u consider in those days heated swimming pools must be quite rare in uk is quite a innovative thing to do. Esp an outdoor pool too when the british weather is so inclement. Maybe that is why they incorporated a temporary plastic roof that encloses the pool during winter and can be dismantled in summer.

Its sad that their membership is declining. But in a way, it is their fault for being afraid to offend their female membership by admitting more men. They say their female members will not like it. How true is that? Maybe that is an old fashioned view, that the men in that club still harbours, or the women of the previous generation still harbours. That men and women should not see each other naked, maybe that is the view of the older generation of women, whilst this generation of women may not believe that at all.

I don’t know. But whatever it is , it is preventing the club from admitting more men. So the men that are there are old. The women are old, and I wonder whether that gives the impression it is a geriatric home.

The place needs huge amounts of money to improve the facilities as it gets older. The trouble with buildings is that they age and need upgrading.

I know my block of flats, built in 1898 needs regular maintainance, which is taken care of in the lease which insists that it be done every 8-9yrs. So at least the fabric of the building is kept in good shape.

But when u own the house, and there is no lease that insists u do regular maintainance, the temptation is to let the work slide, and let benign neglect take over.

Until the roof leaks or something collapses.

Anyway, we had a lovely time enjoying the facillities. The swimming pool is just lovely to swim it, very deep which for those who know, makes for really great swimming as it makes the body more buoyant.

They are so laid back, I was swimming with my friend and suddenly realised that they have not asked me to pay the £5 , and my friend say oh it is a donation, and there is a pot on the table for people to put the money in.

I did not see the pot.

When we were about to leave, I mentioned to my friend what happened to this donation pot, and he pointed it out to me. It was sitting on the table where the two ladies were collecting the invitation and ticking off the names.

They are so sweet, not insisting on people putting in money . I wish them success in keeping their club thriving. And just hope that somehow they have a change of heart and realise that opening the club to new members and men will rejuvenate the place.

In the discussion in the sauna about this, someone said they don’t want to have more men, as it will change the dynamics. Excluding men, who form 50% of the population will lead to their downfall, and generally the downfall of all landed naturist clubs.

As it is so many of us do not see the landed clubs as being revelant to our naked lifestyle.
We don’t feel the need to hide ourselves as we don’t mind who sees us naked.

Can u imagine what it will be like 30yrs from now, to all these landed clubs and naked lifestyle? Will we have a situation when being naked is normal and there are places for it as it is not anything to remark on.

I find it hard to imagine it happening. don’t you?

We left at about 2pm, and my friend said he is in no hurry to return to Guildford where he lives and since his day ticket allows him free travel into London after 11am, he said he will wander around London and see the lights.

So I decided to join him, and it so happened the train we got was going to London bridge so that was where we went.

And we wandered into borough market. I have heard of this place, where u get gourmet food being sold. I thought it was near borough tube station, but it was very near the London bridge station.

my friend was tempted to buy the boar pie, reduced half price to £3. it was very heavy he said. so must be dense with meat. i am sure he would enjoy it. 

And coming out of the station we were surprised to see the base of the shard.

It was not very impressive close up, unlike when it was seen in the distance and when it is lit up.

That was surprising, the base was empty, no shops or lobby or anything.

And in contrast to it, we went into southwark cathedral and just marvelled at the vaulted ceilings and carved stone work. I think it must have been touched up and restored because everything look so new and sharply carved with some parts left  in their original state of broken looking and bits knocked off.

It was built about 1100s. So must have been built after the norman conquest. in 1066. First as a priory.

I have been seeing a tv program , the dark ages, and so I know this priory was not built during the dark ages. which is between 4AD and 1066. 

It was enjoyable looking at bits of London that I did not know about. Even though I have lived here so long. It is nice to investigate these with a friend.

And we ended up in costas, in old Compton street and my friend treated me to a capuchino there. Not a bad price, £2.25 for a medium cup which is really big. I cannot imagine what their big size must be. It would be the size of a soup bowl I think. Haha.

It was very frothy and I was eating it with the spoon. Haha.
Very nice indeed.