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nectar points and uefa cup final

26 May

london 7.51pm 23.1C (high 26c). sunny saturday 2018

the finals of the uefa cup is tonight, and it is showing live via utube it seems. simon is seeing it on our big tv now. he is able to throw it onto the big tv screen rather than watch it on his laptop screen. i find it rather big of liverpool fc to be in the finals. they seem to be rather good at it, and have won a few times too. yet they dont seem to be that big in the FA cup. it is a big achievement to beat all those big clubs in europe to get to the finals. and they may win tonight too. added. pity , they lost 3-1. 

its really very nice weather here in london, and in most of the uk it seems. just big thunderstorms in cornwall and south west and northern ireland. but none in london so far. might be we in london will get the thunderstorms  tomorrow. i for one would like it, clears the air of pollen. added. sun 27.5.18. last night at about 11pm i heard a continuous noise like someone was setting off fireworks outside. it was thunder, with the sky lit by bright lightning, almost continuously. and pouring down with rain. quite exciting, first time i seen such a lot of lightning, and continuous thunder in london

from today, sainsburys is giving 10x nectar points on any purchase in the supermarket over the long weekend. so i am going there to buy some stuff… things like milk powder, sultanas, that can be bought in bulk, as they can keep. just to get the 10x points. haha. it is very tempting to buy from them when they give the points like that. just goes to show their incentives are  working. added. today sunday 27.5.18 i see in the website that they have given me 108points bonus. i dont know why because they dont tell you, but it is rather nice even so. 

added 28.5.18, monday bank holiday . 23.6C sunny. i realise it is the 10x points that they say they will give for any purchase this weekend. so for buying £12 worth , they give me 12points, plus 108points to make it total 120 pt. it is quick for them to give me the points. usually they wait till the month has passed before giving it. psychologically effective i think, as u can see the reward straight away.  

a nice life really

24 May

london 19.2C sunny (highest 23C) thursday 2018

it’s quite a lovely time really, that i am having. nothing spectacular to write about  that is why i did not feel like writing about it. after all, it just seems rather tame to be saying it is a nice life i am having, but nothing that i can point to to show why it is nice. haha. it is more a state of mind, in that there is nothing bad happening in my life, and so to me that is a nice life.

i suppose for something to write about, some people might welcome lots of things happening to them, usually bad things, because those things always outweigh the good things dont they? but to me, i rather not have those bad things, just to fill out my blog. haha.

actually, a small good thing happened. yesterday i found that the microwave did not work, and we even changed the fuse hoping that is the cause but it still did not work. today, simon said we did not use the correct plug, so that when he disconnected the microwave, to throw it away, he found that yesterday he did not use the right plug for it. and when he changed the fuse today, the microwave worked. so the good thing is that we dont have to buy a new microwave. that is good news. 

and also another good news. i was at the sainsburys today and wanted to use the human cashier, because i wanted her to use the machine  to pay with my nectar card… and when i put my things on the trackway, the guy who was ahead of me, asked me if i have a nectar card and i can have his nectar points . so i got his points. and i got my shopping paid for by my nectar points. £7.50 worth using 1500 points . and i still got a balance of 2400 points for future buying.

there must be high pollen today, because for the first time, when i was out and about, i can feel my throat getting itchy. so even though you cannot see the pollen, it must be a lot of it in the air. fortunately the airconditioned bus is quite good in keeping the pollen out, and the supermarket of course is indoors and have conditioned air. so too with the library. it is one of the paradox of summer, such nice weather outside but full of pollen, so for us hay fever people we cant really sit out in it to enjoy it , but have to hide indoors. haha . that is life, i guess. you cant have everything. 


house guest

3 Jan

london 4.57pm 10.2C night wednesday 2017 2018

its been extra mild these few days. just as well, for my friend, because i dont have the heating , and i dont have hot water bottles ever since the last one sprung a leak and i could not find any hot water bottles on sale cheap anymore. there seem to be a built in leakage design in hot water bottles. they dont seem to last long. i dont suppose anyone will design a leak proof hot water bottle as they wont be in business for long if they do. but it has been so mild i dont feel the need to have one so that is good. 

my friend had gone back now. he left at about 1pm, to catch his bus at 2pm. he was not well the whole time he was here. so he stayed in and just rested which i think is best for him because he got better at the end of his stay. he told me he is glad to be able to rest here, because he is going back to lots of things to do, appointments and what not, but i think a lot of it is just his own doing. he is not working and survives on benefit, so i dont quite see what is there for him to be busy about. and this is not being sarcastic or anything. i think the other side of the coin to being on benefits which a lot of people dont talk about is that you dont really have work stress. you just have to learn how to manage the money you get from the govt. 

but when i see his spending i can see why people keep saying they dont have any money… he buys a lot of rubbish and very expensive rubbish at that… mainly sweet things, and processed foods. fizzy drinks too. but i guess that is how he wants to live his life. of course i dont tell him not to do it, it is not my place to tell him how to live his life. he is gone now so i can get back to my routine. lovely.

 today i went to meet up with a bunch of ex chinese and western guys , who were ex members of a defunct club we belonged to for gay east -west people. most of them seem to have holidays booked. haha. i dont envy them, as i like living in london. but some of them are going to singapore/malaysia, thailand, south cyprus. others have comeback from their holidays. so lots of that going on in the group. travel is a big thing to while the time away for so many people. 

after the meetup, i decided to go to the sainsbury to redeem my nectar points. i got 5000points and i shall use up 2000 , because if you dont use them up after a year, they take it away. haha. so 2000 points equals £10. i got a huge pack of shoulder pork, 2.3kg, as well as milk powder, asam loose tea125mg for £1.50 (they expire in nov 2018 that is why. used to be the normal price was £1.50, but now the price has been increased to £1.75). my usual darjeeling tea is now £1.75. i shall try this asam, and see if i like it. but it takes me quite a long time to finish this loose tea pack. 8months i think. added. i looked up the expense account, and find that it is actually 15months. so this pack that is now finishing has lasted me that long a time. it is amazing that it lasts so long. but i have my tea very weak and i like it. so that means i use only one small teaspoon of tea everytime i make a pot. and even then i have a refill of the whole pot again before the tea loses its strength. i find very strong tea is not delicious. the acidity in it is too pronounced and the subtle flavour of it is lost. i would even go to say that a real tea drinker who appreciates tea will not drink very strong tea.

and definitely will not add milk or suger to it. and now i shall be pedantic and say anyone who adds milk and suger to the tea is not a serious tea drinker. haha. (hides behind a wall as pots and pans come crashing towards me from irate tea drinkers.hehe.)

i got a spare pack of that darjeeling tea  but unfortunately simon got to it, and he uses a lot of tea… so much so that when i went looking for it, i find he has used up the whole pack. that is why i am buying a new pack today… 


`sunny day

22 May

london 1.35pm 25.3C, (this temperature is a surprise. and it went up to 27C for a brief bit.) sunny blue sky monday 2017

such a beautiful day today. sometimes a day can start very beautiful and then cloud over but not today. i decided to go to the sainsburys to enter the points that simon collected when he bought stuff there yesterday, he bought £65 worth but got 55points, because they dont count alcoholic drinks. they are selective in what they wont allow. beer they allow, but not hard liquor and cigarettes/tobacco. so far i got about 1100 points. not quite enough for 3 coffees, haha. i would prefer if they give me it in cash, but they only allow me to redeem it in cash if i shop online, which would necessitate paying for delivery, which kind of cancels it all out.

so far i have been using other people to accumulate points on my nectar card. my friend from usa used to shop with them and he and simon tend to buy heavily… the nectar people were right to exclude liquor because both of them drummed up a lot more spending on liquor but it was not counted because of that rule.

i got advanced noticed recently from my mail (the daily mail points system) of a change they want to make.  they do a points system where u collect points each day by putting in the numbers that u see at the back of the daily paper. i have been doing it, and get £5 every 2months. free money really. but they say they are changing the system come this autumn. instead of giving u a voucher to the value of £5 for 2000 points, to spend in the supermarket of your choice, they are linking it to the nectar points system. 2 of their points to 1 nectar point. so it wont be so good as before because i cannot redeem the nectar points for cash. ah well, the daily mail have been doing it since 2011, (though i only got into it about 2-3yrs ago) so it has been a good run while it lasted. haha.

on the way to the sainsburys, i was on the bus and saw a man come out of his white van and carrying a tray of packed sandwiches in their triangular plastic containers, and threw them all into the roadside litter bin near the bus stop.  i assumed they must be over their sell -by date, but my first reaction was ‘what a waste’. so that is why they have been talking of how much we throw away foodstuff. it is the businesses doing it, these are corner shops and convenience stores and it is too few and too random to donate to charity and get a charity to come and  collect it on a regular basis. there must be thousands of such small stores, doing this…

when i saw them being thrown away, right after my thought  that it is such a waste, my next thought was that these prepacked sandwiches are not really that healthy. they are full of suger and salt and really should not be eaten too regularly… so it is rather mixed feelings that i see them being tipped into the bin. haha.

its a paradoxical situation. here are people paying good money to buy these sandwiches and it is making them fat or giving them too much suger and salt. and if u give all these leftover sandwiches to charity, you are giving these unhealthy meals to all those homeless people they give to. giving them to eat these, makes them used to salty , sugery foods, and that makes them even less likely to reduce the salt and suger if they ever were to cook food themselves.

i dont have an answer to this… just as well that i am not in charge of the world.

i think i have an inkling of how a god must feel, you want them to have free will etc, yet if they do something u know will lead to bad things in the future do u want to warn them of it, or not? it would mean u have to micromanage all of them… if i were god,  i would think , they all have souls, so let their souls decide and whatever they decide is allright with me.