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points for shopping

7 Dec

london 12.22pm 11.8C slight rain. thursday 2017

this mild weather continues today, but it will end early tomorrow. so might as well enjoy it while we can.

i just got 200 points given to me as a bonus by the nectar card people. now that my mail points are added to nectar i find i am accumulating points very quickly…also i have given simon a extra card so he can use it when he goes shopping at sainsburys, and he certainly has been using it. there is a sainsburys near us and he goes there often, because it is so convenient. so it looks like nectar joining up with the daily mail points system has brought in a lot more people into their nectar system. in that sense they are better than the tesco points . i got those too , but since the only way of getting points is to shop at tescos, it is quite limited. the tescos points is more generous in that each point is worth 1p, instead of the nectar where it is worth half of that. but nectar can jerk off more spending, by offering double points… a clever marketing ploy actually. somehow when they do that, there is more fun in playing along with it. they certainly know about human psychology…

and now they have a advent calendar. every day you answer a question and get into a draw for points … so really when you think of it, you dont get anything really, because how slim are the chances of winning that draw? but it is still fun to play… those guys really know how to push our buttons, and even though we can see them and know it, we still string along, haha. i find it a bit of fun. and i think plenty of nectar members think so too. and i bet many of us will shop at sainsburys , all else being equal…rather than at other stores. i find i do. so if it has affected how i shop, i can bet plenty of others are roped in too. haha. 

nectar card and the daily mail

19 Aug

london 5.27pm 20.4C cloudy bright. saturday 2017 forecast says it should be sunny now. not so.

saw this headline 

Nectar just teamed up with the Daily Mail and its members aren’t happy

it was an article in the pink news, and i thought it was saying the daily mail readers were unhappy about the daily mail changing its points system to the nectar system. because the value is decreased a lot , it now takes 16weeks to build up to 1000 nectar points, whereas before it took 8weeks  to get 2000 daily mail points. but it seems i was wrong,the unhappy members were the nectar members who said nectar should not have admitted daily mail to its stable of businesses linked to it. they accuse the daily mail of being homophobic , racist etc etc.

i read the daily mail, and i dont think they are all those things. they question the things that happen, and they have every right to… a case in point is the hoo haa about the labour spokesperson for  woman equality saying it should be brought up for debate that there are all those  muslim men who are guilty of child sex offenses , and her mentioning of muslim , made her a target for others to  accuse her  of being racist etc etc. and she was forced  to resign.  she got no support from the labour party.  

she was right to bring up this question, and those people shouting racists on anyone who questions  these men were wrong . it is precisely the fear of being called racists that make the authorities let them off and allow them to carry on to exploited the children for so long.

but coming back to these bunch of members saying they will destroy their cards as they object to the daily mail being included… they can do so, it is a free country but it also means they cannot stop us from joining or the nectar company from letting other companies that dont fulfil their idea of what they like to join and to not allow themselves to be dictated to by the likes of them. it is all very convoluted sentences i am afraid. haha. but i hope u get the gist of what i am saying. 

20.8.17 sunday added. this article in today’s mail on sunday has hit the nail on the head. it says the extreme wahabi version of islam has gained enormous influence, so that it has drowned out the more traditional view of a peaceful islam. i know in malaysia islam has always been taught as a peaceful religion but it has been changing, as more of the wahabi preachers were able to get into malaysia so that the wild strain of wahabism is rife in malaysia, and indonesia now;  and these preachers have spread into the west as well, with the saudi sponsored mosques and madrassi that saudi money have built, and with it come their preachers with their call for the compulsory hijab, and strict separation of men and women.