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27 Feb

london 7.29am sunny -3.6C (the lowest reading near me). most are around -1C or -2C. tuesday 2018

well, we are  supposed to be hit by the beast from the east, the cold winds from siberia.  but it is a sunny day and blue sky out there now. so might be london is not going to be so disrupted with snow that blocks the buses and tubes.

as usual, the tubes and trains have put out warnings as they are bound to do, and if there had been rain, which would turn to snow by the cold, they would be proved right. too bad for them that there is no rain. haha. whatever they do, they will get scolded for it.

so far i dont see a lot of rain heading to london. maybe on friday. there is a big bunch of rain then , and maybe we will see a nice dump of snow to give us a white snow landscape in london. the weather website says most parts of london is below zero C. but the downstairs must be having their heating on all night, because my flat felt warm. 18C according to the nhs thermometer that i have. so it is very pleasant inside. maybe that is why i am rather calm about it all, and just look on this cold weather  with pleasure, rather than dread.

perhaps not everyone get their heating from downstairs flat, so my situation may be unique. who knows really. for all i know, the top flat may be the ones getting all this heat from the flats below them. and that is only possible if they have insulated the loft first.

i have noticed heat gets through the ceiling of the flats below you. my floor is made of concrete, and being built in 1889, they dont seal the spaces very well, because a lot of heat goes up through the floor from the flat below. most people have wall to wall carpets and this can act as a good insulation layer, but my carpets are still the original laid down when i first bought the flat 25yrs ago, and they are not thick carpets. i like the colour that is why i did not bother to replace them. it is a lovely deep green colour that i could not find in the modern carpets they have nowadays.

before the upstairs flat got sold they have wooden floors and i can tell you my heat goes up to them real quick so that it was cold in my flat a lot even with the heating on full blast. but luckily they sold it, this is about 10yrs ago, and the new owner promptly laid down carpets, and suddenly my flat got warm even without me putting on the heating. and it had been so since. and an added bonus is that we dont hear her upstairs clipclopping on the floor in her high heels anymore. haha. or the occasional rattle of something hitting the floor … i suspect it is a cat playing with its rattling toys. ever since then, i dont get any bother from the neighbours. which from what i hear can be a real pain. noise from the neighbour above you seem to be more noticeable than the noise from the downstairs flat below you.

there have been a time when the flat above have been rented out by airbnb, but i think the noise they made (they were playing very loud music)have brought on a blanket ban on airbnb in the estate because i saw a notice pasted on our communal board saying no airbnb allowed. 

just musing

26 Jun


its a lovely sunny day out there, and i am staying indoors. i suppose i should go out, and maybe i shall ,maybe bring a book out to the little community garden and just sit in the sun. I thought of going to the google store in tottenham court road. 

I wrote the above earlier today and cancelled it. or thought i did, but wordpress has saved it. i decided to leave it in to show that i thought of doing all those things, but did not do them in the end.

I stayed in instead. and had a nap. haha. Well, now it is 6pm, and i am awake and wondering if i should go to a gay walk in regents park organised at 6.30pm. it is rather late to start of course but i have allready decided not to go.

part of the reason is the hay fever. at the moment i dont have any but going outdoors late in the evening to a park full of grass will/might set it off and i dont fancy it.

I guess what it all boils down to is that  i dont feel that eager to go.

it is a chance to meet other gay guys but the days when i would go out of my way to meet other gay guys are long gone. in those days we think of making sexual contacts that is what drove us to go out … at least it was for me. but nowadays i am rather happy to potter around and just do things i like.

Most things i do is solitary as i dont really like company when i do them. for eg, i would go to swim at the local swimming centre on my own. many sociable people will try to go with someone else, but when you are swimming, you cannot really stick with someone, because either their swimming ability is different from yours so they move to a faster or slower lane, or they dont want to linger at the edge just to chat when they actually go there to swim and exercise.

So most people would, if they want to socialise ,meet up at the coffee shop attached . but i am not really that keen on chatting after the swim as i want to go to the library or supermarket and get on with things.

I know all this make me sound like a loner. and i recognise that. i like my own company and dont really like to stick with other people for fear of being on my own.

it is one of the things i have noticed of social people, they seem they are afraid to be alone, always wanting to be with other people, even if they dont like those people. i am glad i dont have a fear of being on my own.

There is a gay meetup group that meets in soho every wednesday. I attend now and then, but not often. Even though sometimes the thought does occur to me to go there just to make some conversation with other gay guys.

They meet after 7pm which is another reason for me not going as i tend to like going in the daytime. But really it is just me not wanting to go as i realise the actual interactions are quite disastisfying. it is not the same as meeting up with close friends. People in the group come and go and as is usual when strangers meet for the first time or only occasionally there is a holding back and not wanting to confide or say too much about oneself.

Also,  i like to do it spontaneously, like just go to a coffee shop and see what turns up. in the past i did that, because there are the first gay coffeeshop (called firstout, rather appropriately) in soho and so we know we can meet other gay people there and they will be willing to chat.

now of course there are so many coffeeshops and they are all gay friendly, so there is no one place that concentrates all the gay people. haha. Also, many people who are in coffeeshops are busy looking down on their laptops and smartphones so you dont get anyone just looking around and catching other people’s eye and getting into conversation.

There was an article about london or uk being the loneliest place in that we have the lowest number of people saying they have someone they can rely on if they are in trouble. i think that is true because here in london even though we have neighbours all around us, we seldom meet them or even know them. some dont even know their neighbours enough to ask them to hold goods for them by the postman or courier. I think it is we want it that way.

I myself will take goods to keep for my neighbour across the landing in the flat opposite to mine;  and i did not wait to be asked, as i figured it is no trouble at all but i have to admit i dont know my neighbours at all. haha.

The wife once said to me oh u dont recognise me but u know my husband. haha. i cant help but think it is very true. i dont remember women, but also her husband is the one looking after their son and so i tend to see him more around the place.

even now i dont know his son’s name though i can see how much he has grown, and how fast it seems. from being a toddler in the pram, to a kid running around now. they do grow very fast, children I mean, and must make anyone observing them feel literally getting older. haha. 

my life is rather nice and worry free and since i am very contented with my present situation, i feel happy. There is not a lot of drama in my life. thank goodness.

I get my joy from eating my own cooking. there is a nice chicken curry cookng on the stove now made from malaysian curry powder and solid coconut cream which is real easy to make but taste just great. I dont know why people dont use curry powder instead of the bottled curry paste that is only enough for one dish. curry powder contains enough for maybe 6 or more meals. you only need 2 or 3 heaped spoonfuls. i use a bit, not a lot, of cardamon and aniseed to give it extra flavour. if u cook it yourself you can determine how much salt to add. i dont add any as i figure the curry powder allready will have some added.

simon knows that i dont have much salt in my dishes though this time he is not around to eat it as he is away in essex in his mother’s house for a few days off from his shift work. \

i am very glad i dont need to work. ONe of the greatest joys of life is not having to work.

I just read that bridesmaid pay for their outfit out of their own pocket. I have always thought the bride (or her parents)pays for it. what a strange  custom. so all those people with 6 or how ever many bridesmaid surrounding them got all of them for free. i thought u only need one bridesmaid, like pippa middleton acting as bridesmaid to her sister kate, during that royal wedding; and she is there to make sure the train is properly positioned and carried and to make sure her sister is looking fine. one bridesmaid is all that is needed so those with plenty i thought would pay for them. but it seems not so. That blog advised women to say no to being a bridesmaid if they cannot afford it. Well, if it were me, i would certainly say no to being a bridesmaid if i have to pay for the outfit myself. Not need to have someone give me that advise; but then i am a sensible gay man.